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  1. knavel

    Went to an AARP Meeting Disguised as a Concert

    Every concert I go to these days is a AARP meeting disguised as a concert. Thread title of the year.
  2. knavel

    NGD '57 Streamliner and pickup height revelation

    I concluded the same thing when I got my 56 Streamliner wreck and gigged it before I sent it in for repairs. Those repairs included a 6120-fication and the bridge pickup I decided didn't add a whole lot. A filtertron at the bridge would have been better. I had a nice sunburst Streamliner...
  3. knavel

    Fake Bono Falcon

    Yes - because the cosmetic surgery needed to try to make it look real is tres expensive.
  4. knavel

    Fake Bono Falcon

    No it's Bono...Sonny Bono.
  5. knavel

    Interesting article on reviving U.S. tube manufacturing

    In the very early 1990s the band was very active and we holed up in a military town with its attendant technology. My brother's foresight combined with hoarderism caused him to respond to offerings by then retired engineers who could not let tubes be thrown out from back in the days when the...
  6. knavel

    Gibson CEO JC Curleigh out Cesar in

    Both Roger Rossmeisl and Seth Lover were at Fender after 1965. Technically your statement is correct as neither would have been "CEO"; but a CEO was responsible for the decision to bring them in and I would argue that both did some visionary stuff for Fender. Gibson is now owned by KKR and this...
  7. knavel

    Slick '56 Town & Country

    I always joke that never has there been such a big guitar with such a little sound. However--and I've said this time and again here over the years--they record very well. They are also great live. There is a difference between how something sounds by itself and how something sits in a mix. I...
  8. knavel

    RIP Harry Belafonte

    I am constrained by the rules of this forum from giving the response I normally would provide because I make a living dealing in facts. As is popular to say today, I bring the receipts. I will say this: Anyone who supports a vile antisemite like Louis Farrakhan endorses Farrakhan's views...
  9. knavel

    Am I just not a Filtertron guy? '58 Single Anni Question

    It's possible you've come to the conclusion that you aren't a filtertron in the neck position lover. I am not the only one around here I believe who thinks that the best Gretsch pick up for the neck ever was the deArmond and for the bridge the Filtertron. TV Jones has all sorts of Filtertron...
  10. knavel

    I'm Rick and a Gretsch Drum Enthusiast

    ____ Smart thinking. There is software that trolls the internet with programed data of photos and when it finds a match the owner then hits you up for a license fee. There are some defenses to the copyright issue when its something like a label in a guitar. Also if the purported copyright...
  11. knavel

    I'm Rick and a Gretsch Drum Enthusiast

    Hi Rick Welcome! I'm living in the UK now. Thanks again for your input on that 18'' bass drum. It ended up at a jazz club in Portland, OR with the intention that it be part of the house kit. I was happy about that. I hope you find the samples you are looking for. I don't own any 70s Gretsches...
  12. knavel

    RIP Harry Belafonte

    I know many of his songs as my father was in the Navy and stationed in the Carribbean in the 50s. He brought home Calypso music. We have some great records. Sadly, Belafonte's great legacy was very much harmed by his disgusting and hateful politics.
  13. knavel

    Fender Bass VI, Now With Tremolo!

    Bass VI is the one area where out of the box Squier serves my needs. These things have a real use in instrumental music and are all over soundtracks in the 60s. I also really like mine for fuzz bass as it has clarity that I find gets lost if I go an octave lower with a regular bass.
  14. knavel

    Another cool 50's Gretsch on Reverb this week (Cherry Red '54 6120)

    If it is at Guitar Center that means he had to sell it to them. Meaning they paid $6k for it. He must have hit some hard times. I don't have a vulture instinct or I suppose I could have made a play to buy back my old 6120. Did you get something interesting from GC? Your claim to fame is that...
  15. knavel

    IRS $600 income tax on Reverb/Ebay sales

    OK now I see what's going on. What I expect happened is people started calling their bar band (and analogous undertaking in other sectors, knitting socks, what have you) and parking a heap of expenses into it and seeking a write off. Therefore it does seem that there is a way for Schedule C...
  16. knavel

    IRS $600 income tax on Reverb/Ebay sales

    Not likely. The earned income is its own compartment. The Schedule C or D is in addition to earned income unless--possibly--you itemize deductions on the 1040 but I'd have to do a deep dive to work through that scenario. I wouldn't know. It's not their business to make qualitative judgments...
  17. knavel

    IRS $600 income tax on Reverb/Ebay sales

    One more thing -- "if" you are doing buy / sell as a business, then you would use Schedule C. I don't know if there is any requisite revenue or time commitment, etc., to be able to call buy/sell a "business" (I know there are IRS provisions on "hobby" buy/sell) but if it is a business then you...
  18. knavel

    IRS $600 income tax on Reverb/Ebay sales

    In all instances I've not taken it any closer to that topic than you have seen. It's can be hard to discuss though because what tended to happen in the past is that if there was an inclination to talk about how to "fix" the issues posed by (in this case) the $600 threshold rule, well all roads...
  19. knavel

    IRS $600 income tax on Reverb/Ebay sales

    I've explained how this should work actually two or three times on another site but the thread keeps getting deleted because it invariably goes political! I disagree with what your HR Block guy is saying, with all due respect to him by the way. Losses or gains on gear are capital gains or...
  20. knavel

    No COA... Dealbreaker?

    It is worth asking FMIC for the COA.
  21. knavel

    Any source for Cadillac Green lacquer in the USA?

    Perhaps it could just be a request to piggyback onto the next CG paint project he has and then you can keep looking in the meantime. If you were in the UK I would rec at least two places who could do it. I never had any luck with luthiers aside from Curt in the USA so unfortunately I can't be...
  22. knavel

    SOLD Gretsch White Falcon & Broadkaster Jr FSR & Guild X160 Rockabilly

    The surprise tax bill is a great fear of mine even with all effort made to avoid it happening. I'm sorry you were stung. I'd love to buy your Guild. Not sure how, at least with the speed HMRC probably wants given I'm in London. Do you have the original black pickguard for it? By the way...
  23. knavel

    Any source for Cadillac Green lacquer in the USA?

    Curt talked about on the GDP how he put a fair bit of effort into creating a Cadillac Green paint formula. He operated a paint store before going full time into luthiery. Given that your screen name is where his workshop is, I would second the recommendation above and suggest you get in touch...
  24. knavel

    1955 DuoJet converted to White Penguin

    This indeed was discussed.
  25. knavel

    Gibson supposedly now selling certified vintage Gibsons.

    The new owners of Gibson are looking at ways to monetize things. They see the appraisals from Norms and Gruhns that are charged hundreds for; they see those dealers get a nice chunk of the proceeds from the sale of guitars they made and think they should be in on the action. I can certainly...

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