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  1. 64ChevSS

    New Gretsch day! G5222

    Excellent addition to an excellent collection. I'm no detective, but it seems that a black Tele is missing from the collection.
  2. 64ChevSS

    What wire to use to rewire 6118

    If the RG179 is too pricey - RG174 AU wou;d work too.
  3. 64ChevSS

    What wire to use to rewire 6118

    TV Jones sells the stuff you need. If it is good enough for him to use in his pre-made harnesses it will work! RG179 PE coaxial shielded cable will work great too - kinda pricey.
  4. 64ChevSS

    Got a favorite cheesy movie?

    Two Lane Blacktop. James Taylor, Dennis Wilson and Laurie Bird. Warren Oates is in it too. The '55 was redone and became Harrison Ford's ride in American Graffiti.
  5. 64ChevSS

    PSA: Filtertron Pole Pieces

    I have tried adjusting my Gretschbuckers and I am convinced that the wax is holding them in place. They don't seem to raise or lower and little bits of wax come out when you turn them.
  6. 64ChevSS

    New old amp day!

    Cool find. It just looks loud as heck.
  7. 64ChevSS

    100 Rockabilly Licks - Darrel Higham

    You picked a great teacher - that dude rocks.
  8. 64ChevSS

    I'm Dan, and I'm a Gretschaholic

    Welcome Dan from another Jet Club player.
  9. 64ChevSS


    Nice score. Can't go to far wrong for $10. Have fun cleaning it - I'd take it down to the car wash and run it through.
  10. 64ChevSS

    New Cheap Strat / Office Guitar

    Picked this up last week to keep at the office so I can practice at lunch time and during breaks. I really need more practice time. I got it pretty cheap and only a 10 minute drive away. It is a 2020 out of one of those starter packs - mint shape, low action, everything works 100% and new...
  11. 64ChevSS

    Blacktop Filtertron Bridge with Super HiLo'Tron Neck

    Thanks for the replies. I will grab them after work on Monday.
  12. 64ChevSS

    Blacktop Filtertron Bridge with Super HiLo'Tron Neck

    TV Jones is out of my price range for pickups.
  13. 64ChevSS

    Blacktop Filtertron Bridge with Super HiLo'Tron Neck

    Looking to get rid of the Gretschbuckers in my Jet Club. The DIY Guitar store around the corner has a Blacktop bridge and a Super Hilo neck in stock for very good prices. They are not stocking the Super HiLo bridge anymore and waiting on more Blacktop necks. Would the Blacktop bridge / Super...
  14. 64ChevSS

    Ever build a pedal?

    Very KQQL!!
  15. 64ChevSS

    My Vox is finally here!

    Very cool amp - the can get louder than they look. Have fun. I dig mine. I will try my reverb pedal through it tomorrow.
  16. 64ChevSS

    Your First Amp

    My first amp was a Vox Pathfinder 10. Haven't used it much since I got my Traynors - 3 of them for $220 total.
  17. 64ChevSS

    How many guitars do you need

    This guy is smarter than all of us put together - GO WITH THE SCIENCE.
  18. 64ChevSS

    New guitar stand day

    I have two of the Hercules stands. I am very happy with them and will stick with the brand.
  19. 64ChevSS

    OAHU Project - Thank you @Powdog :)

    @hcsterg I really dig how you add reverb to your amp build. I am thinking of doing so to one of my Traynor amps. How do you get a 9 volt supply to the pedal? Do you insert the reverb in between the pre-amp and power amp sections; this would be easy for me on my TS-15 - it is solid state.
  20. 64ChevSS

    Don't tell Dad

    I check out the Hot Rod Deluxe first and thought that is a pretty good deal - they are $1400 new up here. Then I thought to click the check 'other listings' link and the Tele deal potted up - a new '52 Re-issue is over $2500 here. Dad is going to be pissed when he finds out!
  21. 64ChevSS

    Don't tell Dad

    I was checking out the local gear ads at lunch today and came across what appear to be some very good deals. Prices are in Canadian dollars - multiply be 0.75 for US prices.
  22. 64ChevSS

    NGD Gretsch Panther - My First Gretsch!!

    WOW - that is a beauty. Congrats and have fun with it.
  23. 64ChevSS

    Hello from Ontario Canada

    G'Day and Welcome Hoser.
  24. 64ChevSS

    Playing your electrics unplugged...

    I have been playing plugged in at low volume - high input, guitar volume 100% and low gain - amp has no master volume. I am working on my right hand dynamics and evening out my picking. I really need the brutal honesty of a clean, chimey amp to accentuate how bad I really am. It has definitely...
  25. 64ChevSS

    I finished the 50’s Esquire build

    Beautiful work Radd!!

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