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  1. Teledriver

    What are you listing to ?

    This - Been messing around with this since the 90s...trying to get the timing right on the riffs... oh, who am I kidding? Crank it up to 8 and let 'er rip!!!!
  2. Teledriver

    Went to an AARP Meeting Disguised as a Concert

    "Went to an AARP Meeting Disguised as a Concert" Your thread title...that kinda describes every single time I play guitar....(I'm 55, and a member of AARP)....sigh.... ...sigh...
  3. Teledriver

    Preamps- what are they??

    Seems simple enough. I have 2- Nocturne Jr. Barnyard and the Wampler Plexi Drive Mini. But are they pre-amps? The Wampler is listed as an overdrive mimicking the Marshall sound (I think). The Jr. Barnyard Jr. is just great, so who cares (sorry, I'm partial to it). Really the Jr. Barnyard is a...
  4. Teledriver

    West Coast Ramble's Mini Biography Of Ray Butts

    Nice video, thanks for the link, I didn't know anything about him. That amp, because of the caliber of players that bought and used one, must have been killer! I'd love to be in the same room as the amp!
  5. Teledriver


    I watched twice, thinking the wife would enjoy it. She did!!
  6. Teledriver

    Songs So Good You Can't Stop Listening To One Time

    Crap...forgot about this one- To me this groove is hypnotic.
  7. Teledriver

    Songs So Good You Can't Stop Listening To One Time

    This thread is dangerously close to Ear Worms (the good kind). I'd have to say, IMHO honestly, anything by the Atlanta Rhythm Section or The Hollies. But what comes to mind the most, as a song I hit 'repeat' on is Starship Trooper by Yes, with the volume at around 9. ...epecially where it goes...
  8. Teledriver

    Am I easily swayed or what...NPD!

    I am a huge fan of any blend knob, but I also wanted the vibe/sound/feel of the original (Phase 90)- that is straight and in your face. The 95 gives me Script, Block and 45 options to mess with (but no blend, sadly). I played with it after my dirt and before my trem/delay/reverb, for about a...
  9. Teledriver

    Show us your pedalboard

    Got my Phase 95 this week, so I'm calling this board done. Not shown is my Neo Ventilator (the original, big gray one).
  10. Teledriver

    Sunny is up for Grabs!!

    The fact it's had at least three owners says something about its enjoyment as an instrument.
  11. Teledriver

    Final say on "Tone"?

    Yup, tomorrow it would all sound different. And, if there is alcohol involved, by either the player or the audience....... ....FREEBIRD!!! ...doesn't matter how good nor bad, nor how the tone sounds.....
  12. Teledriver

    Why do I forget everything when I play with others?

    ...made famous in "It's A Wonderful Life".
  13. Teledriver

    Am I easily swayed or what...NPD!

    My wife says to Gretsch-Talk: "Thanks alot!". Yes I suffer from a see-food diet, and thanks to this recent thread on phasers here I decided my BF-2 flanger was not up to a proper phasing task. Soooo, enter the MXR Phase 95. And the wife simply said "okay, what'd you buy this time?" "Just a...
  14. Teledriver

    Walk Don't Run (Conundrum)

    Great. I've been playing this song (I thought pretty good) and now I just listened to the Venture's version. I am way off! In my defense, I've been basing my version of it from Junior Brown's Surf Medley. I believe I am playing his version fairly well. I also prelude it with The Chantays'...
  15. Teledriver

    What is your #2 make/model?

    Number 2 is a Telecaster...because my number 1 is a Les Paul. My Number 3 is also a Telecaster, and my Number 4 is a Strat. The good news for this forum is that my 5120 is my Number 5😟😞.
  16. Teledriver


    @Bertotti Bad news- that whole little Wasserbahn/Maidrite area is closed. Google it, but there's more to the story that us locals know. Whatever convenience store is there now, or nearby, should actually still have some wine. If not a short trip from that same interchange northward will get...
  17. Teledriver

    Phaser... what do you have, what do you like?

    I have a Boss BF-2 Flanger, and recently wanted some modulation- I've been messing with it to get a phaser sound. It's there, not as good as a proper phaser, but I've had this pedal since the late 80s and don't want to spend money on a "I might like that" pedal (at the moment anyway). A...
  18. Teledriver


    There's always Dandelion wine. Never had it myself, but you can find it nearby at the Amana Colonies. They have Rhubarb Wine too. BTW, Keith named his first daughter Dandelion, born in 1968. Hey it was the 60's, man! She goes by Angela, her middle name.
  19. Teledriver

    Boss ACA - 9v or 12v?

    Good to know! I've handled 'warm' pedals before and it always spooked me a bit (fire hazzard) and that makes sense the voltage regulator would heat things up. BTW, I plugged the BF-2 in and the light is just as bright as any other non-LED pedals I have. I must be remembering the times I was...
  20. Teledriver

    Boss ACA - 9v or 12v?

    FWIW the light has always been dim, compared to my Boss DD-5 and BD-2
  21. Teledriver

    Boss ACA - 9v or 12v?

    Anyone have a green label BF-2 and could shed some light on this for me? I have a green-label, Made in Japan BF-2, and run it off the required ACA Boss adapter. -->It was just today, after owning the pedal since '89-ish, that I realized there are actually 2 ACA types, 9 volt and 12 volt. Some...
  22. Teledriver

    "Mona Lisa" By Carl Mann Which Guitar?

    I don't think it's PAF pickups....could very well be a Telecaster. Maybe a P90 Goldtop Les Paul??? I love this song. Reminds me a bit sound-wise of 'Heartbeat' by Buddy Holly, and that was on a Strat.
  23. Teledriver

    What's up with "Players" or "Professional" guitars

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again- one of the reasons I don't go into a guitar store and test-drive expensive guitars is because I may fall in love with them. My fleet does what I need it to, and my gas is bad enough (just ask the wife and her cans of Febreze). I fear I may 'fall in...
  24. Teledriver

    Uni-Vibe "stalemate"/Love but Annoying

    Just now stumbled on this-
  25. Teledriver

    Uni-Vibe "stalemate"/Love but Annoying

    I've wanted a Uni-Vibe for years, and never settled on one. Like you said, it's kind of a niche pedal. What I did get in the rotating-speaker train of thought was to go over-board. Yeah, really over-board, and talk about a's my most expensive pedal, having paid If I recall...

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