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  1. JLD4133

    Jerry Lee

    So glad that you and Jerry Lee rescued each other. Love him and he will come around, and will love you both too!
  2. JLD4133

    RIP Otto

    Oh Doc, I'm so sorry! Losing a beloved family member is terribly painful. Here's hoping your fond memories provide some consolation.
  3. JLD4133

    For Sale Mesa boogie subway rocket 20

    Nick, I have one of these except mine is the ltd edition green tolex with tan grill. This Amp is an absolute Princeton Reverb killer, and a fantastic home studio amp and an equally excellent grab and go club amp. They are astonishingly undervalued, and I presume that he reason is that they...
  4. JLD4133

    SOLD Gretsch G6136TBK Black Falcon Player Edition w/ case (JT 2019) Mint! price reduced: $2,750. plus ship in CONUS

    I am selling my 2019 Player Edition Black Falcon. It is the hollowbody, string through Bigsby model, with its original hard case, and all the case candy/documentation. I purchased this guitar new from Rocky at Street Sounds, and after receiving it, essentially put it away in its case and i...
  5. JLD4133

    My son died unexpectedly yesterday

    Terribly sorry for this tragic loss. I sincerely hope that fond memories of your dear son provide some small measure of consolation and healing as time passes.
  6. JLD4133

    Now, when you sell a used guitar...

    I sense something of a "sky is falling" reaction to the >$600 rule. The only real change here is that Reverb and Ebay and similar clearinghouses are now going to issue 1099's. If you are only an occasional seller, ie, a small number of transaction like one or two a year, the odds of an audit...
  7. JLD4133

    Know Any Child Who Can't Afford an Electric Guitar? - CLAIMED

    That's a great gesture, Jim! I recently donated a guitar to the local Milwaukee High School of the Arts. It's a wonderful school with great fine and performing arts programs. So I applaud your donation to a program for young people to develop their musical talents. As we know, music is...
  8. JLD4133

    Best home amp for Gretsch 6122 59

    Consider the Victoria Vicky Verb. The circuit is similar to a Champ type circuit, but juiced up a bit to about 12 or 14 watts. And it has reverb and a 12" speaker. Just an excellent amp.
  9. JLD4133

    Hairline Crack at Nut on G5427tg

    Picture is pretty fuzzy, but it appears that what you see is a seam between 2 pieces of binding. No crack, and nothing to worry about.
  10. JLD4133

    For Sale First-batch 1953 Gretsch 6130 Roundup. Seven knots

    What a stunningly gorgeous guitar! Best wishes for a quick sale.
  11. JLD4133

    NGD Gretsch Brian Setzer SSL

    Hey, Cycler (Emilio): I'm so glad you love the Setzer SSL. It was a pleasure doing business with you too. This forum has an excellent group of people to share knowledge, technical advice, and practical know-how. I think you are going to like it here! John
  12. JLD4133

    SOLD Gretsch Setzer FM SSL $2,300 shipped CONUS

    Thanks to all the "Likers" and "Bumpers." And thanks to newer member, CYCLER, for buying this beautiful guitar. I wanted it to go to someone who will love it, and I know he will appreciate it. John
  13. JLD4133

    Rick Nelson; Behind the Music

    I'm really glad to have seen this thread. I will definitely watch the YouTube feature on Rick Nelson. He and his band are the reason I started playing the guitar.
  14. JLD4133

    SOLD Gretsch Setzer FM SSL $2,300 shipped CONUS

    That's fine with me. PayPal friend/family please.
  15. JLD4133

    New guitar day!

    That's a nice guitar, but the double bass behind it really knocks me out! Looks like you have put an "Anniversary" paint scheme on it. Very Cool!
  16. JLD4133

    SOLD Gretsch Setzer FM SSL $2,300 shipped CONUS

    This Setzer Signature is virtually as new. Maybe played several hours, and has lived in her case. Please let me know if you have any questions. John
  17. JLD4133

    Your Gear of the Year

    Gear of the Year = very guilty pleasure: Grez Folsom made in Petaluma, CA from reclaimed redwood. It's really a piece of art....
  18. JLD4133

    How fake is my Setzer ?

    It is so obviously a counterfeit, that the "auction house" which advertised and sold it as a Gretsch should never be trusted or relied upon for any opinion or representation of the authenticity of anything.
  19. JLD4133

    Got the letter from Reverb....

    Clearly, the IRS would like to see these sales identified. Presumably, they would expect that they be reported by the seller, and that net profits of a business engaged in buying and selling instruments be taxed; and for those who have occasional sales of instruments (i.e., not engaged in the...
  20. JLD4133

    This Crazy Guitar Market

    Reverb does offer sales history if there is enough data available to it. This tells you the amount actually sold for.
  21. JLD4133

    NGD: Admitting Addiction

    That's a beautiful guitar! How much does she weigh?
  22. JLD4133

    Extensive Physio...and New Guitars

    Best wishes for your wife's continued progress and full recovery!

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