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    Dodgy deals

    And I’ve never seen a set of strings come from the factory like that with ends not clipped.
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    Dodgy deals

    I enjoy looking at the various selling sites and I’m both amazed and disappointed at the amount of outright lies in some ads. Like this one, no box but brand new and never played. Buyer beware.
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    Household wild life…

    I get this guy and put it outside every week. Now it doesn’t run away, like it enjoys it. I’m sure it comes straight back in by the morning.
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    RIP Tina Turner

    RIP Tina. She always seemed such a nice woman. It was heartwarming to see she’d had 40yrs of happy marriage “to the love of my life” after Ike. If anyone deserved it it’s her.
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    Jim Dunlop celluloid in tortoiseshell. I love these, only downside is trying to find them when you drop them.
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    G2420 or 5120?

    The 2420 has parallel bracing, the only 6120 that has parallel bracing is the Eddie Cochran model. 5120 and 5420 are trestle bracing I think. Put a dynasonic and a P90 in your 2420 and you might not be far off what you’re looking for. Not sure how the nato neck, laurel fingerboard and smaller f...
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    Didn't Know They Played Gretsch

    The guy playing with Robert Palmer.
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    Guitar teacher stories

    My first teacher was around the corner from me, I was 14yo and he looked like Carlos Santana. Lovely guy and I enjoyed going there. He had a battered old blonde telecaster and was always patient and calm, never got flustered with my attempts at chords and stuff. Thing was in my hour lesson he’d...
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    Pickguard logo?

    I had the same problem. The best I could do was buy a Gretsch headstock sticker off Redbubble and get a big size and cut it out. Like you I couldn’t find anything online. Mines a bit smaller but is passable, I’ll get the next size one day.
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    Tell me something weird about you ....

    I was a staff photographer at one of the biggest selling mens magazines for 8yrs before the internet killed the magazine industry.
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    Gary Larson comic

    I slapped one of my guitar teachers across the face. Worst teacher ever. Only been there 3 lessons. I had no idea about lap steel guitar and he was really impatient and rude. He was teaching me something and I just couldn’t get it and he said “You’re not the brightest are you, have you always...
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    Your First Amp

    A 4w Barclay, 60s Australian brand. It sounded great. I gave it away after selling a 50s Gretsch that I still wish I never sold.
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    Puzzling build differences

    My 2420 and 5420 are both great, well built guitars. As soon as you pick it up you can tell the quality of the 5420 is better. The finish on both are flawless, binding perfect though I prefer the sunburst 2420. I’d say the difference (besides the electrics) is in the fretboard. Both rosewood...
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    Old or silly things you keep around?

    My old Roman coin. 69-81AD.
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    Guitars of your past.

    About 1991 I reckon. 1972 and 1958 Streamliner. Sold the 72 to my guitar teacher, the 58 got stolen by some parasites that broke into the house. I read only a few were made with spruce top.
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    Here we go! New Electromatics 2023

    A natural finish or dark green 5220 would’ve been nice. Same in a 5420.
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    Your First Guitar

    I had a 3/4 size early 70s Yamaha acoustic. The neck was like an oar and I reckon the strings were 5mm from the frets. I don’t know how I didn’t give playing guitar up cause of it.
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    A kind of NGD G5220

    Got this and thought I’d let my old guitar teacher have it for a bit as he’s always going on about George Harrison’s black Duo Jet and how he’d love to try one. I told him to “wear it in”. He didn’t hold back either, gave it the “light relic” treatment of a few dings, dust, scratches and chips...
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    Gretsch Sam Goody Songbird Model

    That’s one of the most lopsided Bigsbys I’ve seen. Nice guitar, the G cutouts are cool, oughta reissue that model.
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    1963 White Falcon Restoration Thread

    Wow, that poly finish is so thick. I wonder what it’d sound like without it? You’re doing a great job.
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    Billy Zooms 6121 1957 - such a beauty

    That’s got to be one of the most beautiful Gretschs made.
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    Certificate of Authenticity

    I think you’d be hopeful asking for a Streamliner case candy.
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    Certificate of Authenticity

    I wonder if they’d do it for an Electromatic? Worth a shot I guess. Thanks for the post.
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    Yamaha buys Guild

    Great company, you can’t go wrong with a Yamaha. A bit off topic but I’ve owned a few and currently own 2 Yamaha outboards. Bit of trivia. The company's musical beginnings are represented by the tuning forks logo.

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