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    Gretsch Model That Doesn't Exist

    I guess this is what would you get from the Custom Shop question haha... For me a Matte Black Neil Young-esque Stereo or Dual Mono (Ric Style) Falcon w nickel hardware, Dynasonics
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    Any rumors of new 2023 lines, colors?

    It's def interesting considering Guild has a bunch of Dyna Gretsch style guitars at around $1500 USD priced between the Electromatic and ProLine Gretsch
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    Gretsch hard to play?

    Who is your luthier in Sydney? Am looking for someone to work on a couple guitars
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    Gretsch 6117 Cats Eye Sam Ash Model

    Beautiful - they need to bring back the single pick up red Tennessean too
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    Gretsch Sightings on TV

    Depeche Mode on Stephen Colbert
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    Why are Guitar Players So Conservative?

    Yeah that was one day of filming and I think a lot of instruments were being passed around between bands (and also Chromatics were in a few eps who use(d) a lot of Gretsch guitars) - I was thinking more of his music and his kinda avant garde surrealist sensibility and aesthetic as a person - I...
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    Why are Guitar Players So Conservative?

    David Lynch playing a Parker Fly with a cigarette makes perfect sense, much in the same way as Setzer and a Gretsch, or a cowboy hat and a tele I think
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    Why are Guitar Players So Conservative?

    I think guitarists are in general conservative (not in a political sense of course), probably because so many of us get into music because we love music and have certain sounds we like that we want to make, which makes us seek out the way those sounds were made (or an approximation thereof) - so...
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    Why Buy This Instead of a Jet w/ Dynas?

    yeah... i understand theyre all handmade but so does someone like Curtis Novak whose pickups are amazing so... yeah too rich for my blood!
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    Gretsch Jet or a Jazzmaster?

    I see it was probably a typo cos you have Jazzmaster twice but just to clarify for others Jazzmasters are 25.5 like a strat or tele etc, Jaguars are 24 Beautiful guitar on the left with the Descendant!
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    Ditching The Bigsby [?]

    You can always get a pedal like the Boss PS-6 or a Whammy which will be able to do Bigsby-esque jiggles, or perhaps more appropriately the Gamechanger Bigsby pedal if you want to get the Bigsby sounds on any guitar without having the vibrato installed
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    Any rumors of new 2023 lines, colors?

    I notice all the regular 6120s and the Country Gent 12 String are all gone off Gretsch's website in Aus at least
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    Gretsch Jet or a Jazzmaster?

    Not my pics but these are the two guitar (models) I have and I find Jazzmasters are a nice counterpoint to Gretsch while also being able to feel like they fit together as well. I think a Jet with Dynas and a bigsby or a Jazzmaster will cover a lot of the same ground tone wise and its really more...
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    New 6120 Day. It’s….alright

    I love those 6120s with the dusky orange color. Beautiful! ebony is endangered and is a slow growing tree, all guitar manufacturers are now using lighter bits of ebony or bits with grain. It's not really time spent or not doing the extra steps, it's availability (there's not enough ebony for...
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    Why Buy This Instead of a Jet w/ Dynas?

    They are Ron Ellis Ellisonics
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    Why Buy This Instead of a Jet w/ Dynas?

    Guitars are definitely cheap even at the high end compared to violins, pianos etc... but yeah - the JL guitar is obviously targeted at a niche high end clientele like most (all) Collings guitars - I guess their Waterloo acoustic line is more affordable
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    Surfs Up!

    5420 is great and I don't think value wise anyone would be upset about someone having added a bigsby, and it would certainly be surf capable. Otherwise a single coil Fender with a trem of some kind would work - Strat, Jazzmaster etc...
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    Sounds Incorporated "Time For You" New Music Express Poll Winners Concert 1965 and a Gretsch Tennessean(?) 12-string

    Of course you have Will Sergeant from Echo & The Bunnymen who is famous for the Tremolo diving 12 string twang on Killing Moon
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    Show and tell your Gretsch or Gretsch’s

    Bad at taking pics, so here is the shop I bought it from's pic of George the Rosewood Tenny
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    Gretsch production moving back to the US?

    I feel like it makes way more sense for bolt on solid bodies than Gretsch's and heading into probably a recession/being in more challenging financial times atm anyway, idk that making guitars more expensive and inaccessible is really a great idea. Glad I picked up my Gretsch when I had a chance...
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    Gretsch Players in Guitar Mags This Month

    Not in a magazine but Temples are back with a new album produced by Sean Ono Lennon, and James brought out the White Falcon this time.
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    Gibson ES-295 Alternatives

    Guild X-175 Manhattan worth a look
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    Blueburst 6120

    Sondre Lerche played a lovely one of these which Letterman complimented at the end of his performance
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    Blueburst 6120

    I would take a guess that 959 at the start is the info for date - 95 being 1995 and 9 being September, 120 being 6120 model) and 1354 potentially being color/appointments etc

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