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  1. L Robbins

    New Epiphone Day

    Interesting,capnhiho! I will keep that thought in mind for the future as I have longed for a Joe Pass Emperor for quite some time ! As for this guitar, I just found a set of used Gibson 490’s (490R and 490t) at a good price so I will be giving them a whirl :)
  2. L Robbins

    Hello from a new member!

    Welcome. This is the place!!
  3. L Robbins

    New to forum and new to Gretsch

    Welcome! Another New Yorker here just up North in Washington Co.
  4. L Robbins

    5420 Upgrades Finished At Last

    Hi Hickeroar, Great minds think a like!
  5. L Robbins

    Replacement Tuners for 5420

    Hi dswo, I used them although they did not drop right in. I had to ream the hole for the bushing ever so slightly. Also had to drill new holes for the mounting screws. Neither was a big deal. The tips of the mounting plates covered the old screw holes. Just barely but they covered. Love them.
  6. L Robbins

    New Epiphone Day

    Not sure about the pickups yet. Going to play as is a bit and see what I think after a while. Thanks for the specs on the Alnicos. Will check them out!
  7. L Robbins

    New Epiphone Day

    Replacing the stoptail and bridge as well. Tonepro locking bridge and stoptail.
  8. L Robbins

    New Epiphone Day

    My name is Larry and I now own an Epiphone Es-335. I am no longer a guitar snob!! Lol I see posts here were they are looked down upon but, i don't care what it says on the headstock. It plays well and sounds nice. Good bones if I decide to make some up grades in the future.
  9. L Robbins

    5420 Upgrades Finished At Last

    I like this combination a lot. I am mainly a fingerpicker and this gives me good note separation and volume with out getting muddy.
  10. L Robbins

    5420 Upgrades Finished At Last

    The Bigsby is the stock one it came with. I just changed out the arm. Works fine.
  11. L Robbins

    5420 Upgrades Finished At Last

    Ben upgrading slowly over the last couple of years. Chet arm, Rocking bar bridge, TV Jones Classic Plus in the bridge, TV Jones Duo-Tron in the neck and Grover Sta-Tite tuners. Love it!! :)
  12. L Robbins

    Replacement Tuners for 5420

    Sorry All, should have realized it had probably been discussed to death but could not find a definitive answer using the search feature. Ordered a set anyway. I’ll crawl back under my rock now 😊
  13. L Robbins

    Replacement Tuners for 5420

    Anyone ever use the Grover Sta- Tite V97-18GA to replace the stock tuners on a 5420? Look like they would fit.
  14. L Robbins

    Yamaha buys Guild

    One of my favorites. My 07 AEX 1500 designed by Martin Taylor. Bought it on a whim. Glad I did!
  15. L Robbins

    My son died unexpectedly yesterday

    My heart felt sympathies to you and yours.
  16. L Robbins

    Rocking Bar Bridge for G5420

    Actually, I put a very small piece of double sided tape under the feet of the base once I had placement zeroed in… so I guess its not floating :) but, the rocking bar works well enough for me. …. Full discloser; I am not as much of a player as I am a play at it. So YMMV :)
  17. L Robbins

    Rocking Bar Bridge for G5420

    Thats what I did. Works fine. A certain “ Mr. Atkins” seemed to do ok with one. ;)
  18. L Robbins

    R.I.P. Raquel Welch

    Such an icon… RIP
  19. L Robbins

    Gretsch G5230T Electromatic JET pick-ups

    I put T-Armonds in mine. Love them.
  20. L Robbins

    NGD Gretsch Panther - My First Gretsch!!

    Beautiful guitar. Congratulations!
  21. L Robbins

    New Gretsch Swag

    Close, it’s made from an old RCA Victor Dynagroove LP!😎
  22. L Robbins

    New Gretsch Swag

    Cool new Gretsch clock! Diggin it!
  23. L Robbins

    Do you play in a band, or alone?

    Got to love a Mullen!
  24. L Robbins

    The Christmas Song, Mel Torme 1945

    Beautiful rendition!
  25. L Robbins

    Some western swing :)

    Loved it. Thanks for posting!