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    Case for a 6186

    A couple of years ago Streetsounds had an Ebay ad for a new Gretsch branded factory case for a thin Gretsch hollowbody, particularly a '61 Clipper. Does anyone know who would stock this particular model case today? In Canada, maybe? It had the contoured top and Gretsch logo, like a 6120 case...
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    Worst day ever! :( Would appreciate input

    Now That's what I call service! Joe Carducci is a great guy! Flaminl '61 6186 '06 6120
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    Gretsch factory

    Is that vid Japan or Korea? I'm thinking it was Japan - correct?
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    6186 Clipper Case

    I've got a '61 6186 Clipper. Does anyone know what the correct hardshell case model # is for it? Suppliers?
  5. Gallien Krueger 400RB MkIV

    Gallien Krueger 400RB MkIV

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    fender amp weight,

    The Hot Rod Deville is loud at 60 watts, but carries the weight of two 12" speakers. The Hot Rod Deluxe is also loud at 40 watts and only carries the weight of a single 12" speaker. I have owned both, but the smaller one is easy to move around with its size and weight. They both have basically...
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    looking for new cables, how many of you have tried these?

    For me, it's durability and flexibility - I don't like cheap, fussy, connectors, however, gold is as useful here as it is on your guitar's tuners. I also don't like cables with "attitude" - I like them to be limp and lie flat on the floor. OK, "lecture hat on" (don't read this, if you're easily...
  8. C3 & 122

    C3 & 122

  9. '56 C3

    '56 C3

  10. Two 125's

    Two 125's

  11. Nord C1

    Nord C1

  12. Open 145

    Open 145

  13. G-DEC 30

    G-DEC 30

  14. Yorkville XS400

    Yorkville XS400

  15. B-DEC


  16. Cube Bass 100

    Cube Bass 100

  17. Deluxe Reiverb Reissue

    Deluxe Reiverb Reissue

  18. Hot Rod DeVille

    Hot Rod DeVille

  19. Hot Rod Deluxe

    Hot Rod Deluxe

  20. Deluxe Reverb Reissue

    Deluxe Reverb Reissue

  21. Vibro-King


  22. Twin Reverb Reissue

    Twin Reverb Reissue

  23. 62 American Vintage Custom

    62 American Vintage Custom

  24. Classic Vibe Custom

    Classic Vibe Custom