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  1. azrielle

    Gretsch Model That Doesn't Exist

    A "Mini Rat Rod", e.g. 2.25" thick, same body shape with the lower bout diameter reduced from 16" to 14". With a TUSQ XL nut, and a less string strainful headstock similar to a Breedlove. Or, simply reissue the Baldwin Era Blackhawk complete with a "tuning fork bridge", but with a 14" lower...
  2. azrielle

    Your First Amp

    Peavey Vyper VIP-1, which I found to be overly complicated, so I gave it to my Physical Therapist's 15 year old daughter/budding guitarist, after replacing it with 2 Vox's: A Mini 5 Rhythm, and a VT40X.
  3. azrielle

    Your First Pedal

    My first pedal was a Digitech Mosaic 12-string emulator.
  4. azrielle

    If you could only have one....

    My Korean-made satin black Rat Rod of course, with my Indonesian-made non-T G2655 as a runner-up. Both are stock, BTW.
  5. azrielle

    Black Guitars

    Group picture. Black Rat Rod far right; Black Luna Mandolin middle.
  6. azrielle

    Why is the Baldwin era so reviled?

    The Gretsch I fell for in 1967 was (obviously) a Baldwin-era Gretsch, that being a Blackhawk. Which is why I snapped up a flat black Rat Rod in 2020 as soon as I saw it on the Zzounds website, because it is a reasonable facsimile of my 50+ year old memory. I have not been disappointed!
  7. azrielle

    Vox tone in an alternative amp head?

    Vox AC4?
  8. azrielle

    Aqua-Puss vs Carbon Copy vs Echoplex

    DHS Milkman
  9. azrielle

    What are the essential amps?

    For those of us in the "NOT WELL_HEELED" crowd, where "good enough" is the rule of the day, my Vox VT40X does a remarkably credible job of emulating most of those mentioned, particularly the AC30TB and Dumble Clean. For a helluva lot less money.
  10. azrielle

    If you could only have one Gretsch guitar model...

    If Gretsch made a Rat Rod with the lower bout diameter of a G5655 or G2655 (13-1/2" to 14", instead of the Rat Rod's 16"), 2-1/4" thick, and fully hollowbody without a resonance robbing center block, that's what I'd pick. But since they don't I am contenting myself with an Epiphone Casino Coupe...
  11. azrielle

    NGD Rat Rod

    ACTUALLY, based on my own flat black Rat Rod, that oft-quoted '2.5"' figure is erroneous!! The ACTUAL thickness at the edge is 2.25", e.g. 2-1/4 ", NOT 2-1/2". Thus making the Rat Rod much more akin to a modernized reissue of the '67-72 Gretsch Blackhawk, which was a fully hollowbody 2" thick...
  12. azrielle

    How does the G2655T sound without an amp?

    I would think, though I have no personal experience with this, that the (rather more expensive) single cutaway 5655TG will be louder unamplified because there is one more hollow chamber available to "pump out" the sound. I did find that removal of the pickguard on my 2655 seemed to increase the...
  13. azrielle

    A New Yorker followed me home G9555

    I wonder what your custom lefty monkey on a stick pickup would sound like if you slid it down next to the bridge, instead of the default neck position (wondering because I have found that I prefer the sound from a bridge pickup to that from a neck pickup most of the time). My dad had an original...
  14. azrielle

    So what is your single favorite (non-overdrive) pedal?

    I like my Digitech Mosaic 12-string emulator.
  15. azrielle

    Best clean amps

    I haven't read the first 2 pages, so if it has already been mentioned, forgive. My Vox VT40X hybrid amplifier has 2 modeled amplifiers that deliver very nice clean tones. They are, in order, "User-A", and Vox AC30TB. The User-A setting, which is user-modifiable, by default from the factory...
  16. azrielle

    Should they make this 12-string model?

    I would like to see an Electromatic 12 and/or 6 string JR size full Hollowbody using the same thickness and construction as the G5410T, e.g. ~13-1/2"-14" lower bout diameter, 2-1/4" thick at the sides. THAT would be AWESOME !!! Could not care less what color it came in, I would buy it. Single or...
  17. azrielle

    Under-appreciated Gretsch Models

    radd said: The Rat Rods appeared to have a very intense but short life at the top. '67-ish Black Hawk 6100/6101, with the weird semi-functional "tuning fork bridge", which I fell in love with in a music store as a young teenager but was never able to convince my dad to acquire, other life...
  18. azrielle

    Does size of the hollowbody affect feedback?

    I'd give the 5410T (Rat Rod, etc.) a go INSTEAD of the 5420T--it is 1/2 inch THINNER with a bridge post (dowel) similar in concept to a bass violin; unamplified resonance is superb. I haven't played it with a really loud amplifier, but it seems similar to my PRS SE Standard Hollowbody, though...
  19. azrielle

    Best clean amps

    Vox VT40X Hybrid Modeling Amplifier, using either the "Vox AC30TB" setting, or the default "User-A" setting (which is equivalent to a Dumble Clean Amplifier sound).
  20. azrielle

    What do you consider your best sounding Gretsch?

    I own a G2655, and a G5410T. The Rat Rod is the best sounding.
  21. azrielle

    If you could buy any Gretsch

    1967 Blackhawk
  22. azrielle

    which model says “Gretsch” more than any other?

    For me, it was the '67 Blackhawk, or its more affordable modern re-imagining, the flat Black Rat Rod. I realize that is a bastardization of the conceptualizational history of the Rat Rod, so sue me! The Blackhawk was the first Gretsch I ever saw, and fell in love with. In January 2021 I made my...
  23. azrielle

    Gretsch players described

    Old, live at 6000 feet, probably cranky; I learned on my dad's 1940's Gibson archtop, played for 40 years off and on (mostly off) on a Conn nylon-stringed acoustic that was too wide for my small hands and which I eventually sold about 12 years ago for about what I paid for it originally. I've...
  24. azrielle

    Gretsch model numbers - is there any rhyme or reason?

    Those with the 3rd the last number being a 5 indicate a lower bout diameter of 13-1/2" to 14". Nearly all other Gretsch's are 16" or 17". Examples: 2655, 5655, 5657 (indicates a special run for some large music company), etc.
  25. azrielle

    What is the lightest Gretsch?

    My semi-hollowbody double-cutaway G2655 non-T with 13-1/2" lower bout diameter weighs about 6-1/3 lbs. I would think the very similar single cutaway G5655T would not be much more. My recently acquired flat black fully hollowbody G5410T Rat Rod is surprisingly lightweight as well, though I...