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    Wiring harness help

    Sorry for the late reply . But thank you very much!
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    Wiring harness help

    Thank you for your reply. I know it is Belden wire. But what type? I know it is shielded wire. But what else is written on the wire. Thanks
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    Wiring harness help

    not to hijack this tread but... can someone tell me what kind of wire TV Jones uses for the wiring harness? It is printed on the outer sleeve but I can't read it on the posted pics. Thank you!
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    Race With The Devil - White Penguin

    Very nice playing. Gorgeous guitar.
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    Surfs Up!

    In what kind of gretsch do you have the Supertrons? I used them in my Silver Falcon and Silver Jet. Preferred them in the Falcon, at least the bridge pup. I also had T-armonds (filtertron size) in my Silver Jet. Can't remember that I liked it a lot. Maybe I should try it again. And maybe install...
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    Surfs Up!

    To the OP. Although I have a strat, and had a Jazzmaster, I prefer to play surf on my Gretsch guitars. The Gretsches give a bit of an edge to the sound that I like. So not really traditional surf but great sounding never the less. imho.
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    Surfs Up!

    Hi Synchro, Can you describe the difference in sound between the Supertrons and Duotrons please? I have a pair of Supertrons and find them a bit to round / jazzy sounding. (compared to classics) Thanks!
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    DIY -- 50s White Falcon Binding

    Impressive work!
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    Show me your motorcycles

    Fun on two wheels.
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    Hello everyone.

    Welcome to the forum!
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    NGD Eastman AR405E

    finally got a chance to listen to your music. i’m impressed, I really like your band!
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    NGD Eastman AR405E

    Congrats! Very nice looking guitar! I like your acoustic guitar as well. What brand / type is your acoustic guitar? Can you post more info about your main band? thx
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    NGD - First Gretsch!

    Hi Stax2112, Welcome to this forum! Feel free to post pictures of your new guitar. :)
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    For The Love Of Tremolo

    thanks, I will take a look.
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    For The Love Of Tremolo

    What plate reverb do you use?
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    Long-time GDP member finally crossing to the other side

    Welcome @Sea Devil . That Country Club is really nice!
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    New Source Audio True Spring Reverb Day

    Thank you for the nice review @Synchro . I have the True Spring and like it.
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    Last 2022 buy

    Hi all, On december 30th I bought this great guitar. It's a 2021 Eastman E8D. Solid Sitka Spruce top, Solid Rosewood back and sides. What a sound! I tested this one against a Eastman E20D with an Adirondack top. The E8D Sitka was warmer and louder sounding to my ears. I know that Adi tops take...
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    Ray Butts Filtertrons

    Yesterday I received a set of Tv Jones RB pups. Now I need some time to install them in my Silver Falcon. 🥳
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    NPD: Surfy Industries Blossom Point Pedal

    Because of this tread I bought the Blossom point. I really like it. It feels good to play trough. So thank you @Synchro .
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    ABM 2400 bridge

    ABM 2400 works great on my guitars. I also have Compton and True Arc bridges. The ABM has at least an equal amount of sustain. No buzzing. Slightly different sound than my stainless steel Compton / True Arc. ABM uses brass for the rollers I think. And at the moment I like the sound of the ABM a...
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    Pickup, mounting, and pot advice - Tele w/ TV Jones T-Armond

    That's a very nice looking guitar!