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  1. Control67

    Strings that don't fit over Bigsby pins

    I shudder to think of how much I spent on strings when I was starting out on upright, from innovation rockabillys, eurosonic ultralights, spirocores, rotosounds, whackers, wound and plain guts until I settled on one carved top bass with plain guts and a laminate with flexocor solos for gigging...
  2. Control67

    Gauging the "Jet-Set"

    I play D’Addario 11s with a wound third on pretty much everything from Jaguar to Jazzmaster, sometimes using flatwounds (either Pyramid or Thomastik). The only exception is my Charvel with a Kahler which wears a set of 9s which feel like wet spaghetti to my bass playing fingers. On bass I have...
  3. Control67

    Help Me ID This Gretsch For Sale

    https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Gretsch-Guitars/G2210-Streamliner-JR-Jet-Club-Gold-Dust-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar-118062718.gc It looks like one of these just either in a natural finish or stripped. I’m not sure if it’s just the angle of the pic, but the edge radius between the top strap...
  4. Control67

    What should I do to this loosened truss rod screw?

    I really don’t know how anyone is diagnosing a stripped truss rod from such blurry photos. it looks like you undid the nut completely, have you tried threading it back on until it is in at least a little bit of tension? FWIW, unless you had backbow or other setious neck issues tweaking the...
  5. Control67

    Show us your pedalboard

    Here’s mine with a new addition of a TU-3W as of today. The board is a Ruach Foxy Lady, cab,es are Boss solderle and power supply is Donner. The signal chain is TU-3W>70s Jen super crybaby>orange squeezer clone>Fredric Super Unpleasant Companion>80s Pearl overdrive>70s Vorg (Pearl)...
  6. Control67

    SOLD Bigsby Duane Eddy Arms

    If you have one left and would be willing to ship to the UK I would love to give one a home, I’ve been searching for one for months now with no luck.
  7. Control67

    What first three pedals?

    Some sort of OD/distortion, delay, modulation, brands etc. would depend on budget. As your tastes seem towards the classic rock/new wave genres I would suggest trying the Boss SD1, BD2 and DS1 as well as a tubescreamer of some sort for the dirt. Delay would depend on if you want to have the...
  8. Control67

    I’ve cut down on my pedals but there’s something missing…

    Those Pearl ‘sound spice’ pedals are great, I have the compressor too and it’s a great little comp but the squeezer just gives that compressed boost thing that works so well with filtertrons and single coils. I used to have the flanger which was interesting but a little wild at the extreme ends...
  9. Control67

    I’ve cut down on my pedals but there’s something missing…

    One of the drawbacks of running a pedalboard that includes a lot of vintage kit is that sometimes something breaks. This prompted my recent overhaul of my board. My 80s Japanese Boss CE3 just stopped passing the clean signal and made the effected signal weak, I also found that my Nobels ODR-1...
  10. Control67

    White Rat Rod finish yellowing - anyone else?

    well, mines fairly heavily modded (TVJ Classice, TVJ harness, V-Cut B6, brass nut and Tru-Arc bridge) but the actual body and neck are really nice, it was good before the mods but now it’s a great, (and even with the mods) affordable guitar. FWIW in the UK even used MIJ Gretsch prices are...
  11. Control67

    1973 Roc Jet wiring diagram

    Interesting, I think it would be wired like the Tim Armstrong sig (and the ‘70s country club it’s based off) but no luck finding a schematic for either. My best guess would be a hybrid of Gretsch hot Rod and Gibson style wiring, wiring as per Gibson between pickups and switch, then the output...
  12. Control67

    White Rat Rod finish yellowing - anyone else?

    Yeah, I think I’m overthinking it a bit. The yellowing doesn’t bother me really, and let’s face it, it’s an older style of guitar so the ageing is in keeping, it’s not like it’s a PRS or some EMG loaded shredder, it has character!
  13. Control67

    White Rat Rod finish yellowing - anyone else?

    My 15 month old Rat Rod is showing some definite finish yellowing on the exposed paint. I noticed a little while ago on a string change that there was foisting of the v cut on my bigsby (added around June) and today when I unscrewed the pickguard to fill the screw holes that there was ghosting...
  14. Control67

    Which brand is this?

    you can see it has a bolt neck in the video, those pickups will most likely be smaller than strat sized single coils in a humbucker housing. I had a FGN made 61 SG standard style from the same era, also bolt neck, and it was twangy but would feedback like hell with the slightest bit of gain
  15. Control67

    Pup selector switch

    A bit of a left field suggestion, but do the volume controls work the right way around? It would potentially be easy for the quick connects for the pickups to be connected to the wrong pots
  16. Control67

    Vintage tube pulls

    The things you find in unexpected places… This is my little 2006 Champion 600, believe it or not it remained bone stock until this year. I was never that impressed with its tone before but it made for a good little practice amp. So far it remains internally stock but with a few mods. first off...
  17. Control67

    Getting your amp up off the floor

    My #1 amp is a ‘69 traynor YGM 3 I got for a steal from a pawn shop, at some point in its past it had fender grill cloth and a random badge (from an Italian plumbing company!) added. The only way I recognised it for what it was was the fact it had the kickstand on the rear of the combo. The...
  18. Control67

    How do you control your tone?

    It depends on the amp. My little modded Champion 600 has no tone controls so volume up full and roll back the master volume (w/treble bleed) and I get a nice spanky and responsive clean tone that darkens up nicely with the tone pot. for my vintage Traynor YGM 3 it’s guitar on full, bass at...
  19. Control67

    Jensen Speakers

    I’ve wired the little P6V in to the amp now, I ditched the cheesy moulded jack speaker cable that was stock, partly because after 15 years the spade terminals didn’t want to come off. Instead I used cloth covered wiring soldered directly to the terminals then twisted and soldered to a new jack...
  20. Control67

    Jensen Speakers

    I’ve just received a 4 ohm P6V AlNiCo to go in my little champion 600, I’ve also swapped the tubes for an old Sovtek 12ax7 and an RCA 6v6 and replaced the grill cloth so I should be able to get the best out of the little Jensen.
  21. Control67

    Hello all please advise

    That’s definitely a bridge BTFT, it all looks consistent with the ones I pulled from my rat rod (other than the insert on the RR being red). The bridge has a blue lead, the neck red and the quick connect is correct also. FWIW no ones going to be faking a blacktop when they are possibly the...
  22. Control67

    What compressor do you use?

    I use a home built orange squeezer type, it gives a nice boost to the signal with a good attack and plenty of pick dynamics. I also have an old Pearl comp with more flexibility but that’s firmly in the spare pedals box at the moment.
  23. Control67

    My 5410 Rat Rod project

    So, the (almost) finished product! the ‘283’ decal tore when I was applying the moneyes to the truss rod cover, another is on its way though, I also have a Clay Smith Cams Mr Horsepower decal coming for the bout above the bigsby to keep on with the Hot Rod/Rat Rod theme. Modded, it’s...
  24. Control67

    My 5410 Rat Rod project

    And today the Gretsch B6C arrived, I’ve swapped the hinge for the B60 hinge so no redrilling needed, it looks great, feels smoother and has a longer spring. I will post some pics later of the rat rod, but for now at least (until I can source a Duane Eddy arm) the project is complete!
  25. Control67

    My 5410 Rat Rod project

    Rights, long time no updates but that’s because as far as the guitar has gone all I’ve been doing over the last couple of months is playing the thing, that is until today. Today I have fitted a brass nut, it still needs a final tweak to the slots and then overall profiling and polishing but...