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  1. 1adam12

    Song Title Game

    My favorite Tennessean player ever Mr. Matt Piucci (Rain Parade)
  2. 1adam12

    NEW Reverend Horton Heat Album

    Deerfield Beach Fla. early 90's. Sadly the Rev only played to a half-dozen people....You would have thought he was in front of thousands standing up on top of that laid down acoustic double bass! Rev=Awesome, one of my favorite live shows I've ever attended!
  3. 1adam12

    Oh gee, I had a tumble

    Sending healing vibes, coulda been worse...could have had your Gretsch strapped on ! honk honk !
  4. 1adam12

    Do I want a Bigsby?

    Gretsch = Bigsby. Even if I was able to afford an original Penguin or Falcon with a Cadillac tailpiece I'd probably convert it!
  5. 1adam12

    I finished the 50’s Esquire build

    2nd that emotion! Mine's a lil janky, but I love it! (ahem, Especially after slicing the deep 50's V out of mine which I couldn't stand.)
  6. 1adam12

    Wow nice single cut.

    Holy backsplash batman-Pow!
  7. 1adam12

    New Members Posting Here Just to Sell

    In some instances I feel really comfortable after significant/poignant dialogue. If your really hot on something smoking-Even Facetime/Zoom could quell mystery. We can catch a drift really quickly if something is off, or someone doesn't know what they're talking about. Ha, with this 62' AVRI...
  8. 1adam12

    I'm Hesitant to Post This ...

    No Alex Chilton/Tom Verlaine-Television...even Chet? but Whitney? Please. Same HS popularity contest or TV ratings, unless there is outcry like the GoGo's. Ugh...I sometimes I think of creating "the Mastery of Rock Hall of Shame....(putting the others to Shame) because we're about 76% duped...
  9. 1adam12

    What are the essential amps?

    I have a lot of amps...most of the major tube configurations and speaker/cab sizes. They're all essential and all not... (my wife specifically reminds me..NOT) Essential for what is the question: It's nice to have a bunch when recording, just plugging into different things, flicking pickup...
  10. 1adam12

    Why is the Baldwin era so reviled?

    Piggybacking on the excellent points of AMF/Harley, Fender/Gibson CBS/Norlin...Maybe there is a feed to that "reviled" stigma with the simple resale value of the post 67' era of things $$$. Though Chris Cornell's Tenny seems to be one of the most expensive for sale at the moment. I agreez...
  11. 1adam12

    RIP Jeff Beck!

    RIP, a players player for sure! What more can you ask for as a player, being highly revered and sought after to decorate cakes! Master of tasty sweet icing design ! He constantly made other people's stuff better and more interesting too...and fearless w/ that Strat wang bar! Seemed like he...
  12. 1adam12

    Country Gentlemen 12 string

    Sounds like a personal finance question underneath it all. 🧐 . I find the CG 6122-12 to be a very niche' type of guitar. I suppose you can look at other models and see what happened after they closed out...is it worth the real estate it takes up in your house for a few hundred bux? Will it...
  13. 1adam12

    Newb, acquired beat up, disheveled historic series acoustic and want more info.

    If you have a vision....and glue, popsicle stix and a bit of time, El Kabong to Eh, ok! Here's Broken Arrow!....Welcome Adam!
  14. 1adam12

    Some BIG macro pictures of my Setzer Nashville.

    What was that cartoon/show?! where people shrunk...What a total Frank Lloyd Wright world that would be! ...and I'm even just talking about the city of Gretsch.
  15. 1adam12

    Only Love Can Break Your Heart Cover - Neil Young

    Well thanks! what a great thing to start my day to today! You were validated, definitely worthy of the oscilloscope to compare! hahha !
  16. 1adam12

    impulse buy: 1967 "6117" Double Anniversary. all original? serial# question.

    Ha! I get the picture, I had warm thoughts of Friedrich coming here from Germany a long time ago....and then Chet making his mark on the brand, and then you bringing that all back to Germany! what a wonderful world sometimes. So if I'm not mistaken, Chet did a lot of covers...probably more than...
  17. 1adam12

    impulse buy: 1967 "6117" Double Anniversary. all original? serial# question.

    KC Welcome! Your going to love it here! Excellent catch & not a bad impulse buy for sure! Looks pretty straight at face value. But it has had over 50 years of existence and several owners?! You sound like you are right down my alley with cosmetics...and accessorizing! Gotta have a bigsby...
  18. 1adam12

    Guitar hangar recommendations

    I don't know why, but this came to mind...I may have to owe you all 30 seconds of your life back!? LOL
  19. 1adam12

    Guitar hangar recommendations

    Another great post. I find that guitars are as unique as all of us are. Even two guitars alike off the same line in the same day with the computer cutting them out or whatever, are different. Wood is different, it is sometimes more porous or dense, sometimes lacquer/paint has different...
  20. 1adam12

    Monkees with add-ons

    Thanks! For some reason I like them on the upper bass bout like the Falcon & my sons' Tenny...but that's ok, just have to get used to it. hmmm, I'm not sure of the space control vs. the bar, I'll have to strum on that for a while. I enjoy our guitars' differences. Sometimes it makes me even...
  21. 1adam12

    Hello from NJ

    Nice! down here near Atlantic City! Yes. Welcome! Love it here! lotsa fun..such history, knowledge, insight and opinions etc. ! Have a blast!
  22. 1adam12

    Monkees with add-ons

    Hello mates! It's a Great Feeling with Gretsch Feelers out there! One can have some contacts who know you love these guitars and they give you a lead or a Craigslist listing. Both my son and friend sent a link the same day to a Monkees model sprayed black with no guards and the OHSC. There...
  23. 1adam12

    Is it possible to have ptsd from the guitar(s) that got away?

    Wow! That's it! Amazing! I bet it's glued to his belly or bolted to his belt buckle at this point ! LOLOL