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  1. Big Burly

    NGD Gretsch G3155 Historic DeArmond 2000's

    The 3140 is a thinline semi-hollow guitar with the Dearmond 2000 pickups. The plank down the 3140 touches both the top and back of the guitar. These are about 2" thick. The 3155 has a sound post, which is a braced top with a post that is at or just behind the bridge which touches the top and...
  2. Big Burly

    DD-3 for slapback...

    I love my DD-3!
  3. Big Burly

    I am done with tube amps

    Damn, Spooky! It sounds to me like you need a good amp tech! Maybe you need some kind of power conditioner, too. Plugging into various and sundry electrical sources will shorten an amp's life. I am not offended by you wanting an SS amp. You do what you have to do to keep you gigging.
  4. Big Burly

    Eric Clapton To Release New Album Inspired By Blues Music

    He's getting a little long in the tooth to rock. I'll take EC any way I can get him. Paying homage to the blues greats that influenced him? I'm in! Now, I will definitely say that he sounds best, to this day, with a Gibson in his hands. I've seen recent vids of him with a 335 and he...
  5. Big Burly

    Eric Clapton To Release New Album Inspired By Blues Music

    That article was hilarious! I am a huge EC fan. Love him! But I have a sense of humor, too.
  6. Big Burly

    My Pro Jet getting Sperzels installed!

    I got a set of nut slot files. No more nut problems now! I have Sperzel locking tuners on my ProJet, too. I really love them. I definitely can see why you would use them on all of your guitars, just for the fact that re-stringing and de-stringing is so much easier with them. Let alone what...
  7. Big Burly

    I did a Cap Job on my '63 Bassman

    Awesome read! I did a re-cap on my Epi Valve Jr head from a Frommel kit that I won on eBay. It made a very noticeable difference, and all of it was for the better. Tavo is just gold, isn't he?
  8. Big Burly

    Which Humbuckers can = DeArmond 2000

    Oh, did you mean humbucker-sized pickup that sounds like a Dearmond 2000? I agree that the Surf 90 will get you close enough.
  9. Big Burly

    Mark Bolan,underated guitarist

    I do believe it is Marc Bolan, for anyone wanting to research him further on the 'net.
  10. Big Burly

    Dwight Trash

    Dude, that IS a hollowbody electric guitar! Nearly all of them have some sort of sound post or trestle or something that gives the guitar top some strength and some resistance to feedback. The hollow electrics with sound posts tend to have better acoustic qualities than the ones with trestles...
  11. Big Burly

    Not a Gretsch but bought her today

    Never had an Esquire? You'll LOVE it! I had one, that had been a Tele but was converted, and man was it a killer rock and blues beast! It went into crunchville easily and sounded awesome!
  12. Big Burly

    Why wasn't I here earlier?

    Good to see you here, IPL. I first saw you on the Reverend forums, and then on the TDPRI. I post there also, same screen name.
  13. Big Burly

    "Gretschified" Reverend

    I believe that is a Les Trem.
  14. Big Burly

    Opinions Please: Which Jet

    If you were to buy the guitar at Shanghai or Street Sounds, you could always have them measure the radius of the fretboard.
  15. Big Burly

    Opinions Please: Which Jet

    What is the scale length on the Penguins? Is it the DuoJet 24.6" or the Falcon 25.5"?
  16. Big Burly

    Opinions Please: Which Jet

    I agree with Bob. If you have specifics that you need for radius and neck profile, you really need to play it first.
  17. Big Burly

    Lime Sparkle Hotrod in the hands of the Master Rockabilly

    Me wantee lime sparkle Hot Rod...
  18. Big Burly

    Pro Jet for U2/the Edge chime ?

    Edge uses so many effects that that really IS his "tone." His guitars don't matter so much. Its like using a fuzz-box. Use it with any guitar, and you sound like the fuzz-box.
  19. Big Burly

    Pro Jet for U2/the Edge chime ?

    Possibly. You need the right effects to help if the guitar can't get there by itself. For the mini-HBs in the ProJet, you can always adjust them by first raising the bridge pickup to where you want it, then adjust the bridge so it matches the bridge for volume when you switch between them. Then...
  20. Big Burly

    If You Could Play A Star's Guitar, Which Guitar Would It Be?

    Me too! That is my be-all and end-all for guitar wants/needs.
  21. Big Burly

    Dwight Trash

    So is it a hollow Casino or a semi-hollow 335? Either way, the red one is pretty darned cool!
  22. Big Burly

    Tru-Arc or Compton Bridge

    My 5120 was stock except for its aluminum Compton. The Compton made a big improvement to its acoustic volume, to its sustain, and to its string-to-string separation when chording. It added twang to the low strings, too, which was an awesome addition. I did not feel like I had to change the...
  23. Big Burly

    Strap screw goes round and round...

    I use Schaller strak-loks on all of my guitars. I love 'em. I keep the originals in the guitar's case storage area and put them back on if I sell/trade the guitar.
  24. Big Burly

    Biyang RV-10 Reverb Pedal: Opinions?

    They make the GFS pedals, I believe. They both have the same kind of enclosures. I have the GFS Pro Delay. When it works, it is a very nice pedal that got all of the slapback and other delay sounds that I need. ... When it works. It has a quirky line-out that will cut out at random times...
  25. Big Burly

    Underrated Guitar Makers

    If you want a Fender-style guitar, have Ron Kirn build ya one. He is on the TDPRI, and his work gets rave reviews. If you want something not-so-Fendery, Mugsy here on this forum has DeLisle, his company that makes guitars, amps, and effects pedals. He's a good guy that knows his stuff.