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  1. stiv

    I've decided to begin Machine Learning and go Guitar AI.. Tonex Pedal like

    Kemper is a different animal though. The last time I saw somebody using one on a stage was into a cab, not into a PA. For my limited experience, I found that any of those boxes (I've had a earlier version of a SansAmp when I was young, and I currently own a Tech 21 VT Driver, a Tech21 Blonde and...
  2. stiv

    Gretsch Model That Doesn't Exist

    For me a Rambler as well, but with fake F hole. With G tailpiece. In black. Pickups (or single pickup) don't matter, I love them all. :)
  3. stiv

    Adding a Bigsby to a 5220

    Of course yeah, the B3 + Towner (or custom plate) it’s by far the more practical and neat job, also the better for a correct angle. To be honest though, I’ve had the Towner and I didn’t like it that much. For those that use the palm a lot or that like to pick above the bridge pickup for more...
  4. stiv

    Can anyone identify these for me please?

    Only, Jay Farrar from Son Volt (at least live) always used Power Jets and recently Broadkasters. Very far away from those minihums. Btw, I quite like them. Not really Gretsch sounding, but not bad sounding. I like them better of Epi minihums if you ask me.
  5. stiv

    NGD - G5210T P90

    Best color of this batch so far if you ask me. Looks really rad. Too bad I already have a vintage white guitar with P90s that I love, but I’m really tempted. Like you I already have all the parts for a twangy make up (Dynas, Bigsby bridge wiith base, G tailpiece) so I’m gassing. Unfortunately my...
  6. stiv

    Do you have a preference? Hand-wired versus PCB amps YES = hand-wired, NO = PCB or Hand-wired

    I've experienced both with my Hiwatts. late '60s / early 70's (handwired) / early '80s. (pcb). To be honest, not a difference that it could be noticed (or I could notice). The 60s were less powerful (100w but pretty manageable), the 70s 100w beasts, the 80s (50w) a bit more gainy.
  7. stiv

    Here we go! New Electromatics 2023

    All I can say it’s that even instruments that cost 10 times an Electromatic (Gibson anyone?) need a setup after they’re out of the box. In today’s guitar biz, the only instruments that play great from the get go are custom shops, but they cost like a car or even a small apartment in the suburbs...
  8. stiv

    Here we go! New Electromatics 2023

    That's interesting. I'd love to have a Dyna equipped Gretsch without having to sell an arm and a kidney. Also, I already have a couple of Dynas , a G Tailpiece for Electromatics and a Sorkin Bowtie bridge on my drawer.... I don't really need a p90 guitar as my '64 SG Special could take care of...
  9. stiv

    Your First Amp

    This. With matching 2x15 cabinet.
  10. stiv

    Favourite Gretsch Tailpiece

    I’m the odd man out here but I love the G. Especially the 50s/60s long version (yes, even for a Jet. I love oversized tailpieces). Don’t get me wrong, I like Bigsby as well but I never used it that much. Add the tuning issues and the PITA string changing and you’d see the whole G Tailpiece love...
  11. stiv

    Your First Pedal

    Tube screamer in late 80s. The first one of many I bought back and forth during the years without loving any of them. I just thought that if everyone was loving it, then it was maybe me the wrong one. Never bonded though. I think I bought something like 4 of them 🙂
  12. stiv

    I've decided to begin Machine Learning and go Guitar AI.. Tonex Pedal like

    To be honest I don’t know many guitar players at an higher level than the local bar circuit that use amp-in-a-box solutions for their live gigging (if you play 1000+ capacity venues I don’t think you should have to worry that much about stage volumes) but… Paul Gray, current bass player of The...
  13. stiv

    Elliott Easton - White Tiki

    This is a Custom Shop before Custom Shop existed 🙂
  14. stiv

    Here we go! New Electromatics 2023

    strumentimusicali(dot)net Based on their ads, it appears the already have some models ready to be delivered. Still the barrel burst, broadway jade and cadillac green are not my thing. :)
  15. stiv

    Here we go! New Electromatics 2023

    I just gave a check on one of the most useful online shops in Italy that sells Gretsch and the new Electromatic Jets with 2 P90s are very, very sexy.... :) Not a great fan of the available colors now but that could change in the future.... and the fact they have a wraparound bridge is a game...
  16. stiv

    Mesa Mark V 25 goes pop...

    My Standel pops twice. When you switch it on/off and when the 120v-220v transformer switches off. :)
  17. stiv

    Has anyone heard from Wabash Slim ?

    So Wabash Slim is Larry Bird? 🙂 I truly hope he’s all right, he’s a very nice bloke.
  18. stiv

    Evertune anybody?

    Yeah. Seeing that deep slab the had to do on Sensible's SGs, I was feeling the pain. It's a big hole through the body. I wouldn't do that on a 1000 quids guitar, nevermind the tuning stability :)
  19. stiv

    Evertune anybody?

    I’ve been in tour with The Damned again last weekend (well, not with them but one of the band I produce got the supporting spot on the European tour so I went on the road with them) and I noticed that Captain Sensible had this strange thing on his bridge/TOM position of his SGs. I’ve asked his...
  20. stiv

    Seymour Duncan Psyclones

    I’ve had the humbucker sized Psyclones on my 5220. Can’t say nothing bad about them, they sounded pretty similar to original FT in a friend’s Duo Jet PE, especially if you turn the master volume a tiny bit down. They’re probably more hot compared to FT or TVJ, but that suited me as I could turn...
  21. stiv

    Recording In A 1950s Style Recording Studio

    I've had a similar experience in London while rcording one of my band's record, only in was all '60s BBC equipment. To me was a changing point in recording session... hear yourself and hear the other instruments in the room without the need of wearing headphones it's been a point of no return...
  22. stiv

    Recording In A 1950s Style Recording Studio

    Thanks a lot, that’s really interesting!
  23. stiv

    Adding a Bigsby to a 5220

    That's the easiest (and cleanest) way. Other ways are a B5 or a B7 (if it works for the PE Jets it should work for the Electromatic Jets as well), but removing the V stoptail and filling the holes to install them it would be too much of a hassle.
  24. stiv

    Gibson supposedly now selling certified vintage Gibsons.

    Well, in a world where there's a race for the production of luxury objects for rich people, guitars are no exception. Gibson's CEOs are no different from any other company. Their job is to increase business, and this is just one of the easiest way today: sell certified, unique things to the 1%...
  25. stiv

    1955 DuoJet converted to White Penguin

    That's what I tried to find in the last 3 years with no luck.... :) I have all the modern parts lined up for a Duo Jet with G Tailpiece conversion, but the beater never came up. It's not that easy to find them in EU, of course, but I have faith. ;) I'm a great fan of rescued vintage guitars.

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