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  1. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Wilkinson's break angle answer to Towner and Bricks...

    I haven’t a clue how this works.
  2. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Youtube videos and being in tune

    It could be an intonation issue. Your strings may be tuned to pitch, but your notes could be sharp or flat on the fretboard.
  3. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Chair Recommendations

    Don’t overthink it. Just about any chair without armrests will do the job.
  4. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Song Title Game

  5. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    NTD (New Tele Day)

    Wow, that’s a hot guitar. I dig the good hardware.
  6. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Song Title Game

  7. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Song Title Game

  8. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Song Title Game

  9. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    New slapback on the way!

    It’s a great pedal. The boost section works great as a preamp too. It would make a great ONLY pedal for people who don’t want a board fulla stuff.
  10. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Song Title Game

  11. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Song Title Game

  12. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Song Title Game

  13. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Gretsch tone/volume control -puzzled !

    All ya need to use the pickup selector and the master volume with a 5420T. As far as those lower 3 knobs, most people just turn then up all the way, and leave them.
  14. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    New slapback on the way!

    This is a bummer to hear. This pedal looked like it could be a cool one. I’m all set with echo effects, but I kind of miss my JHS Milkman. It was redundant in my collection, but so cool. I’d get another one if the right circumstances presented themselves.
  15. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Song Title Game

  16. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    crackling noise while turning Gretsch White Falcon up and down

    Your volume pot is probably dirty. It can be cleaned with contact cleaner.
  17. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Your First Amp

    I had a late 90’s Peavey Delta Blues 1x15. Killer amp, but it was not cut out for a life with Caleb. If I so much as gave it a harsh look, one or all the tubes would rattle out of their seating and/or crack. It got to the point that just taking it from rehearsal to gig was a risk. After having...
  18. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Is it worth it having a 'Holy Grail'??

    I have holy grail Gretsch guitar that is just about perfect in every way. No, it’s not a vintage guitar, but it is definitely top o’ the line. So, why can’t I put away my dumb Supro? It’s a cheap chinese-made reissue guitar, but I only seem to put it in it’s case when I’m taking it somewhere. I...
  19. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Song Title Game

  20. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Your First Guitar

    My father’s first guitar was a Silvertone his parents bought for him in the early 60’s. When I was a boy he gave it to me and it became my first guitar. He had lost the amp/case long ago. (Picture from google) Sadly, in a moment of thirst and desperation, I sold it. I regretted the sale and I...
  21. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    Favourite Gretsch Tailpiece

    Bigsby B6 or B3 Regular or V cut.
  22. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    What are we looking at here Vol 2

    Looks like the real deal, but maybe some poor soul decided to do some very misguided modifications?
  23. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    New Video/Single (Country Club content)

    GOOD FOR YOU! Living on a farm would be a nightmare. Nonstop work, too much fresh air and toxic sunshine. Sounds like a living hell to me. However, it’s a great place to visit!
  24. Cryin_Caleb_Aaron

    New Video/Single (Country Club content)

    Beautiful song, and a great video. You two have a great thing going. Looks like a dreamy place to call home.