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  1. mbkri

    Guitars of your past.

    The Powerjet, the Roundup, the 6120 all came and went The Fenders came and went, got replaced and then went again Even the Penguin that Id dreamed of came and went And my first Silver Falcon Teles have been coming and going over the years, more than just these three. I thought the...
  2. mbkri

    NTD (New Tele Day)

    Heavens thats tasty. Congratulations. Is that a model from the current fender lineup?
  3. mbkri

    Double Cut differences: Pro vs Electromatic: G5232T vs G6131T (or G6129T)

    Wow. That is the guitar that set me off on a Gretsch buying frenzy 12 years ago. I missed out on one and spent thousands trying to scratch the itch. Congratulations
  4. mbkri

    Prodigal Guitar Returns

    Wonderful. AND a new job! Way to go!
  5. mbkri

    Is two better than one?

  6. mbkri

    NGD: Back in the Gretsch family

    Enjoyed that. Thanks for posting!
  7. mbkri

    Is it worth it having a 'Holy Grail'??

    Speaking as the proud and happy owner of my holy grail guitar i would say the following: its much much better to have your holy grail guitar than to NOT have your holy grail guitar.
  8. mbkri

    Elliott Easton - White Tiki

    T The fixed bridge with no base. Dont think ive seen that on a Penguin before. Nor the fixed bar tailpiece in the second photo…. Ive never seen that on any proline Gretsch
  9. mbkri

    Falcons Scale length

    Wowza! And welcome to the forum @92Esquire . Not a bad first post!
  10. mbkri

    For Sale Ubangi Stomp V2 for sale Australia only PRICE DROP $AUD 299

    In a funny kind of way I shall be sad when this thread comes to an end and @audept finally sells this. But happy for you, Wynn of course
  11. mbkri

    NGD! 2012 Smoke Green Anniversary G6118T 💚

    Congrats. Hope you get back to good health to play the living daylights out of it soon. I love mine. And mine for sure has more life and responsiveness than my old 5420 had despite all its upgrades. The annie has a lot more brightness and livliness.
  12. mbkri

    Has anyone heard from Wabash Slim ?

    Its great to know that we are known and that we care for each other here. Thanks @thunder58 for picking up on this. Best wishes for health for Lou C and @wabash slim .
  13. mbkri

    How many guitars do you need

    I thought 8 was it @Pete66 but it turned out to be a wee bit shy. 9 didnt do it either. Its 10
  14. mbkri


    I have been looking at Nashville teles on Reverb…. Ive had 5 or 6 and i love them. But I dont need one and i have a Nash Tele which is awesome and I really really really dont need another guitar. AND then id have to buy another strap!
  15. mbkri


    New Strap Day. So in support of Caleb @Cryin_Caleb_Aaron I am NOT buying any guitars in 2023 (or maybe ever again as I have my 10 keepers). So I have to celebrate the little things. I have 7 of these Franklin ball glove leather vintage straps. My strap of choice. And i got a pack of rubber...
  16. mbkri

    Talk me down or help me out!

    I just noticed the title… “talk me down” LOL. Not gonna happen on this forum
  17. mbkri

    Talk me down or help me out!

    If you really cant try a falcon first then its a gamble. BUT, what are you prepared to lose? If you buy it and hate it you will sell it in pristine condition and lose maybe $500 but if you like it then youve gained something significant to add to your toolbelt of sounds. If you arent a gambler...
  18. mbkri

    NPD: Strymon Cloudburst

    Or sell that Ubangi Stomp pedal!
  19. mbkri

    NPD: Strymon Cloudburst

    Blimey! I dont know about playing guitar this weekend, i reckon you’d better start knowcking on doors seeing if your neighbours have any odd jobs need doing to earn a bob or two!
  20. mbkri

    NPD: Strymon Cloudburst

    Youve had quite the week! New guitar and a new pedal. Its going to be a fun weekend. Dont forget the dogs need to go out for a walk every now and then.
  21. mbkri

    1955 DuoJet converted to White Penguin

    Apart from the uncharacteristically judgemental tone that threatened to derail the thread and send the OP running for the hills with a bad taste in their mouth, this has been a really interesting thread. Im learning a lot about what extensive modding/ converting can be done and how common it...
  22. mbkri

    For Sale 2018 Gretsch Chet Atkins G6120T '59 Vintage Select

    I so badly wish i needed another guitar.
  23. mbkri

    1955 DuoJet converted to White Penguin

    I’m with you on that. I sold my penguin for a Gibson archtop too. Sometimes ya got to do what ya got to do.
  24. mbkri

    The Rolling Stones are reportedly working with the surviving Beatles for an upcoming album

    The Kidney Stones But all kidding aside, if im still able to do what i love doing when im at that age then i shall still be doing it too. My hat is off to them. Even if the album is crap.
  25. mbkri

    1955 DuoJet converted to White Penguin

    The truss rod cover looks a bit floaty not set against the nut. Seems odd.