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  1. giffenf

    NGD. Yeah, again.

    Didn't need another guitar, probably shouldn't be buying one, and there were only two guitars I really wanted but don't have. This isn't either of those. Reverend has been teasing with their new finishes and new models for 2023, and when they showed the new Rick Vito model on Facebook, I...
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    Wildfire - Michael Martin Murphey cover video posted

    Great rendition, beatbyrd, and great to hear from you, it's been a long time. Loved the video, too. The Country band I play in recently started doing this song, and I play the piano intro on my guitar synth, and then switch to guitar for the bulk of the song, and back to the piano for the...
  3. giffenf

    RIP David Lindley

    I met Mr. Dave when he was touring with Jackson Browne. He came up to Oxnard to play a gig with Terry Reid, whose drummer was a friend of mine, and a couple friends and I enlisted to be roadies for the show. This was about 1977. We hauled sound gear stenciled with Jackson Browne’s name on it...
  4. giffenf

    What's that? You're looking for something different? Come on in....

    And who could blame you? I became smitten with Talmans since about the time I bought my first Gretsch. I've had about 12 of them and am now down to 2. They're the perfect offset guitar IMHO and if you look at Reverend guitars, you can see that Joe Naylor seems to like them, too.
  5. giffenf

    Good thing I like winter.

    OK, I'm going to stop whining about all the rain we're getting here today. That said, a large part of Southern California is under a blizzard warning, and I don't recall ever seeing that before. Hoping the road north to tomorrow's gig stays open.
  6. giffenf

    A rare Gretsch.

    I haven't been to the semiannual guitar shows they have out here for a couple years, but when I'd go, there was always a Bikini for sale in one of the booths. It struck me as an albatross that one seller managed to trick another into buying, but it was always the same Bikini, and it always got...
  7. giffenf

    I Don't Need to Get Rid of Anything

    I’m getting to the age where I need to think about what to do with all of my gear. I’ve sold the ones I never played and am down to the ones I can’t part with just yet. So my approach now is to see who I can give my guitars to. I have designated recipients for two of them, which leaves about...
  8. giffenf

    How’s your weather, today?

    It was 87F in L.A. this afternoon as we were driving home from a relative’s house. Too warm to wear the new flannel I got for. Christmas. The struggle is real.
  9. giffenf

    NGD incoming, reverb ambush

    Oh, now that's cool! Congrats!
  10. giffenf

    What's the dumbest thing you did on stage?

    Come to think of it, despite the large number of candidates, I think this month’s, and maybe this year’s, most embarrassing moment happened a couple weeks ago. I’ve played lots of different styles of guitar, but for the last I-don’t-know-how-many years, I’ve wanted to be a jazz guitarist. I...
  11. giffenf

    What's the dumbest thing you did on stage?

    A lot of impressive feats mentioned here, I’d offer mine, but I tend to create a new one at every show, so it’s hard to choose just one “most” embarrassing moment. I second the request for the confetti-cannon video, BTW.
  12. giffenf

    Federal Jury Duty

    I’ve served on a federal jury and a couple of County jury trials. The federal one was the best because they bought us lunch during deliberations. I came expecting to be excused and was dressed for work, back when we had to wear suits to work. That backfired on me because not only did I get...
  13. giffenf

    NAD: Gretsch Playboy (by Victoria)

    No, I don't, sadly (Ric12String is only one I know who has two Executives), I sold it and don't even remember what I bought with the proceeds, but I do remember selling it to a GDP member and delivering it to him in Corona. Anyway, the one I have now I just bought from our friend Don in...
  14. giffenf


    Newly Inherited Guitar Day I have a friend whom I've known since we were Juniors in high school, which puts it at about 48 years. He now lives a long ways away, so I don't see him often. But this week, we flew up and hung out with him and some other friends. He's just as addicted to guitars...
  15. giffenf

    NAD: Gretsch Playboy (by Victoria)

    Congrats! I recently acquired an Executive, and it's everything it's cracked up to be. Enjoy your Playboy.
  16. giffenf

    NGD G5232T in Tahiti Red

    Congrats! I had one of those, a great guitar, especially for the price.
  17. giffenf


    A few weeks ago I re-shared a memory on Facebook in which I had a picture of the Gretsch Executive I used to have, and mentioned how I regretted selling that amp. Pursuant to that, I got a message from my friend and long-time GDPer/Gretsch-Talker @dbirchett, who said if I was really interested...
  18. giffenf

    For Sale PSA - Rosewood Tenny (6119TG-62W-LTD) on FB Marketplace

    I really like that model, and that’s a great price, but I just bought an amp yesterday (NAD post forthcoming), so my gear budget is shot for the year.
  19. giffenf

    G3110 Historic Series?

    I have a 3156 I found used at a GC, I think I paid around $900 with original case, sometime last year. I modded the living daylights out of it (hence all the extra knobs and switches). For the record, that mother-of-toilet-seat pickguard came with the guitar, and the consensus here when I first...
  20. giffenf

    For Sale Alameda Guitars Off KilterTron Bridge pickup - Price Drop.

    Yes, that Mel. He's a man of many talents. Wishing I had a guitar to drop that Off-Kilter'tron into, or I'd be all over it.
  21. giffenf

    Gibson ES-295 Alternatives

    I've had a hankering for an ES-295 for a while, and have tried different alternatives. I bought an Eastman AR-372, their take on the ES-175, and put Railhammer Cleancut 90s in place of the humbucker, then added a B6 Bigsby. With its 1.75" nut, it should have been my dream 295. But it was...
  22. giffenf

    The idea of a number 1 escapes me

    I have a #1 for the country bands I play in (Reverend Eastsider S prototype #3), a #1 for the jazz band (Gretsch G6120CGP), but the rockabilly/swing/blues band sees an ever-changing array of guitars at gigs, several of them work very well, and finally, I haven’t found a guitar that works best...
  23. giffenf

    Do You Buy Toys When The Finances Say No?

    As a rule of thumb, then, no. But I think it depends upon your financial position, and what you're buying. It's OK if: 1. It's a holy-grail guitar, it's at a price you won't see again, and you can develop a strategy for paying it off without getting hammered by interest charges 2. Or, it...
  24. giffenf

    Your Thoughts On Guitar Shows

    They have them twice a year in L.A., once in the summer and once during the NAMM Show weekend. $10 to park, $20 to get in, and it’s rare you see something you want that’s priced reasonably. The guitars are usually price-tagged optimistically and you can usually haggle over that. But like...
  25. giffenf

    The California Gretsch Gold Rush Roundup Is Underway!

    It's good to know that Falcon went to someone who'll play the livin' daylights out of it. Really wish I could've been there, but next year looks pretty clear, so I'll be there then. Thanks for the reporting, @Ric12String !