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  1. DougCraft

    Why flats again?

    Well, Pyramids and Thomastic-Infelds are the best flats you can get, but I do not understand why muted tones are popular, even among jazz players. They lack good treble response - even with single coils or Filter'trons. You can always EQ out treble - but you can't add that in if you start out...
  2. DougCraft

    Things I like about Gretsch that sets it apart from the others

    The classic stylings from the 50s. They really are the coolest looking guitars. AND the treble response of the Filter'tron series humbuckers. No need for series-single-parallel switches or single coils. They Dynasonics are also very cool. A classier P90 with less "hair."
  3. DougCraft

    New Filter'trons FT-67 Filter’Tron™

    I think the FT 67 is a Gretsch product, rather than a TV Jones. To me, the High Sensitive Filter'tron (or the TV Jones Classic) is the benchmark for me. And thanks to all for the discussion!
  4. DougCraft

    New Filter'trons FT-67 Filter’Tron™

    Nobody bought a new Gretsch MIJ with the FT-67 pickups this Christmas?
  5. DougCraft

    New Filter'trons FT-67 Filter’Tron™

    Does anyone have any direct experience with the new FT-67 trons?
  6. DougCraft

    NGD: My first Gretsch

    Beauty! Congrats!
  7. DougCraft

    PSA: nice looking historic 3161 cat eye on ebay

    My 3156 Historic... Gretsch 3156-003 by DougCraft posted Apr 24, 2018 at 2:15 PMGretsch 3156-001 by DougCraft posted Apr 24, 2018 at 2:15 PMGretsch 3156-006 by DougCraft posted Apr 24, 2018 at 2:15 PM
  8. DougCraft

    What guitar player has been your biggest influence?

    Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Carlos Santana, Chet Atkins, Robert Fripp
  9. DougCraft

    Who's your favorite all-time Gretsch player?

    I would vote for Chet, Steve Stills, and Neil Young...
  10. DougCraft

    Gear of the Year & Gretsch of the Year

    I got 2 fantastic Gretsches this year. A G6118T ISV Anni and a G6228T '57 Duo Jet.
  11. DougCraft

    Why Are Guitar Players So Conservative?

    Guitar players and Harley Davidson riders are similar. Both are into devices that represent very mature technology. As others have noted - innovation is necessarily limited once you define the fundamentals. Steinberger and Parker were the first to challenge the basic design and construction...
  12. DougCraft

    Billy bo hollowbody

    Dig! Great job on the build!
  13. DougCraft

    NGD: G6121T Roundup (1999) - Is It "Not All That"?

    Congrats! Hope you end up loving it and make great music with it!
  14. DougCraft

    Anyone own a Reverend Guitar?

    I have a Warhawk 390, and it's a very well made guitar with great standard features... Korina body, locking tuners, bass contour, roller bridge, and low friction nut. Highly recommended and hard to find used...
  15. DougCraft

    NGD and I Love It!

    Congrats! My first electric was a 61 Gibson SG Special with P90s. I literally wore it out!
  16. DougCraft

    Profile information: a question

    I have no rank... sniff...
  17. DougCraft

    Duesenberg Gran Royale or 6120T-59?

    What @Highroller said ^^^ Now, you should get what you think will best meet your needs, but sounds like you might enjoy a thinner hollowbody G6118T - I love mine!
  18. DougCraft

    Garage art

    Cool man space, but it looks like you need more! We are insulating and dry walling our garage, so I will be setting up a tool project space - I like how you have decorated! I set up in my basement so the drums are muted for the neighbors.
  19. DougCraft

    Gretsch DC duo jet

    You should get what floats your boat, but I don't care for the double cutaway Jets. I like the single cuts. But zero fret - no worries unless you have fret buzz near the nut. And +1 on the violin rosin. I hope you bond with it and enjoy the hell out of playing it, whatever you end up getting...
  20. DougCraft


    Most excellent work! I love them!
  21. DougCraft


    Congrats, brother! Hope you play it a lot and make great music with it!
  22. DougCraft

    Proline Quality Questions

    Thanks! They are good looking guitars, that's fo' sure!
  23. DougCraft

    Ok, gotta ask...what is the issue with a tension bar Bigsby.

    I don't have problems with them, though it's true they have a steeper break angle across the bridge. I have several guitars with them - a Gretsch, 2 Gibsons, and a Reverend. They do not seem appreciably more prone to tuning problems and the stiffness varies among both types.
  24. DougCraft

    Proline Quality Questions

    MIJ Gretsches are very nicely built and appointed. They are comparable to Gibsons - they feature set necks and fine detail and finish. I have only one CS Gibson and my MIJ Gretsches are comparable, though they don't have 7-ply binding and carved solid maple top like my CS-356. I am lucky enough...
  25. DougCraft

    T-Armonds vs. Dynasonics

    I have Gretsch Dynasonics in a G3156 Streamliner Historic and TV Jones T-Armonds in my G6228T. They both sound very good, in very different guitars. I don't think one is "better" - they all have their own strengths and weaknesses.`