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  1. Tricone

    55 Firebird pick up spacers

    Which begs the question, who has one for sale (other than on Reverb or the one at Gary’s)? 😬
  2. Tricone

    55 Firebird pick up spacers

    Question for the OP . . . very curious about the weight of your '55 Jet. I am mildly looking for the same era Jet Firebird, and am curious what they may weigh, or if they may be all over the map in terms of weight.
  3. Tricone

    Solodallas pickups

    Hey there. Did you ever receive any feedback (or end up pulling the trigger) in regards to these pickups?
  4. Tricone

    What Pickups Are These?

    Might anyone be able to enlighten me as to what (Filter'tron) pick-ups came stock with my 2004 MIJ Gretsch Jet Firebird? Any differences between this era Filters and current day ones? After a lengthy hiatus, getting back into electric guitar and was considering trying other pickups.
  5. Tricone

    Chet Atkins - My Town Cover

    Very nice!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Tricone

    Another Newbie

    I’ll say! And welcome! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Tricone

    Eddie Cochran 6120 Demo by MyTwangyGuitar

    Late to the game, but just happened to see this video today. Was interested, but ultimately never pulled the trigger on an EC. Wish I could come close to playing like Sam!
  8. Tricone

    What are you favorite songs to play on you Gretsch?

    One of my faves to play on my Gretsch.
  9. Tricone

    finally got a gretsch!

    Congrats. Finally!
  10. Tricone

    NGGD ( New Gretsch Guitar Day)

    Was said before . . . that's a pretty one! Congrats.
  11. Tricone

    NGD G6128T-TVP Power Jet on it's way!

    Congrats on the Jet!
  12. Tricone

    NGD #3 for 2018

  13. Tricone

    NVGD: "V" is for . .

    Apparently, the seller shipped it in a proper box. The re-boxing was done by Customs. Not sure why they would discard the original shipping box!
  14. Tricone

    NVGD: "V" is for . .

    You nailed it! Exactly my description!
  15. Tricone

    NVGD: "V" is for . .

    Thanks everyone! This one is definitely a keeper! Although it’s only separated by three years from my ‘59, it feels quite different . . . simply fantastic in my hands. Can’t put it down.
  16. Tricone

    Grandpa's '39

    What a beaut, Largen! And welcome!
  17. Tricone

    NVGD: "V" is for . .

    I concur. After seeing it in person, I couldn't agree more! May have to update my avatar. :)
  18. Tricone

    NVGD: "V" is for . .

    You are probably right. In terms of vintage 6120s, been lucky twice so far. Batting .1000!
  19. Tricone

    NVGD: "V" is for . .

    Here she is: A 1956 6120 Chet Atkins
  20. Tricone

    NVGD: "V" is for . .

    1956 6120 with the rare breakaway Bigsby and nailhole headstock logo.
  21. Tricone

    NVGD: "V" is for . .

  22. Tricone

    NVGD: "V" is for . .

    The case is actually in decent shape. . . Time to open it.
  23. Tricone

    New to the Gretsch Fourm

    Hey welcome aruggeri!!
  24. MacGyver'd Guitar Box

    MacGyver'd Guitar Box

  25. Tricone

    NVGD: "V" is for . .

    Vintage. 1956. Hmmm . . . I guess finding a box that would fit the guitar case was just too difficult. :eek: Made its way across the Canadian border and then across country. Stay tuned . . . Macgyvered Guitar Box by Tricone posted Mar 13, 2018 at 10:18 PM