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  1. Mark 6120

    New Old Amp Day - Magnatone Go here and scroll down. There are two copies of the schematic, a gif and a pdf. That one looks simple compared to some other Maggies. Edit: I hope one of them matches your amp. Be careful with those mystery...
  2. Mark 6120

    Brown Bassman Question

    For the folks like a brown Bassman for guitar, which channel do you use? Normal or bass?
  3. Mark 6120

    NAD Cave Valley Amps Spooktator (GT/GDP Built)

    That amp would look REALLY good in orange...
  4. Mark 6120

    Speaker Guidance Needed for 5w Champ

    IIRC, the Weber won't fit. They have different models. It may be the signature model that is too big, but they are clear about it on their website. I may also be thinking of the 8" models.
  5. Mark 6120

    Brown face Black face inbetweener ??

    A clarification - your Tremolux has output tube bias vary trem, so it affects both channels. The Twin, Bandmaster, and Super have harmonic tremolo on only one channel.
  6. Mark 6120

    Your favourite Strat pickup?

    I want something like this but with only 2 pickups. There need to be Gretsch style knobs, but with "F" instead of "G." Blasphemy, I know...
  7. Mark 6120

    Your favourite Strat pickup?

    I have an 87 American Standard Stratocaster with the original pickups and that is my best sounding strat by far. I can't figure out why people don't like that pickup set. I am not sure Fender still has a version of these.
  8. Mark 6120

    Brownface Amps - What Am I Missing?

    @LesB3, a brown Deluxe, if that is truly what this amp is under the hood, has the single knob tone controls. This type of circuit is very different than the familiar bass-treble or bass-mid-treble of the higher power browns and blonds, which is different still compared to ab763 tone controls...
  9. Mark 6120

    Newcomb Tube Radio Amp Project

    If you are ditching the AM section again, you could repurpose the 6SK7 as a gain stage, either triode connected or as a proper pentode. Someone over a TDPRI (Shock Bros. sub forum) is doing the former. If part of my current project doesn't work out, I may do the latter.
  10. Mark 6120

    Newcomb Tube Radio Amp Project

    That Caddy speaker might be perfect. I have a little 6AQ5 SE sort of Champ with a Radio Shack 6x9. It had a whizzer cone that I removed. It has an interesting ratty sound - sort of "You Really Got Me."
  11. Mark 6120

    Desert Island Live Album

    The Who, Live at Leeds. (According to Roger Daltrey, the show recorded at Hull about a week later is much better. I haven't heard that one. 'Leeds has overdubbed backing vocals by Townshend and Entwistle, apparently.)
  12. Mark 6120

    Everyone Needs An Orange Grestch

    A messy photo of mine with an adversary.
  13. Mark 6120

    Replacing Hilotrons with Filtertrons in a 1966 Tennessean

    I tried to do this to my 67 Tennessean back in the 90's using the only available Filtertrons at the time, the ceramic ones. The bridge unit fit after removing some wood. The neck pickup never went in - it would have required serious routing to make it fit. After a few months (and after finding a...
  14. Mark 6120

    Thoughts on early 90s Gretsch 6120s? Especially pickups...

    I don't have one handy, unfortunately. I need to take good pictures of my guitars...
  15. Mark 6120

    Which TV Jones neck pickup for my first Gretsch G5420T?

    The cavity magnetron is a high-power vacuum tube used in early radar systems and currently in microwave ovens and linear particle accelerators (from Wikipedia).
  16. Mark 6120

    Thoughts on early 90s Gretsch 6120s? Especially pickups...

    I have a 94 6120W. The pickups have more upper midrange than someting like a Strat single coil and less low end than a PAF type pickup. They really like overdrive and are great with a BF/SF Fender amp. I keep thinking of putting TVJones pickups in it, but I can't bring myself to. That is...
  17. Mark 6120

    Do You Have A Viking Funeral Gretsch?

    I, too, thought of my 60's Tennessean. Not my number 1 (more like number 5), but because it is in pretty bad shape. They should probably sell the hardware first, though...
  18. Mark 6120

    Amp sounds like a punctured balloon

    Don't pull them with the power on. Turn off the amp between removals. And have a towel or oven mitt handy for when things are hot. The towel is easier to use. If you pull them with the power on, you could shock yourself. More likely, it will cause a loud pop that could wreck the speaker - or...
  19. Mark 6120

    Amp sounds like a punctured balloon

    Reseating the tubes is a great place to start. This type of problem is most likely one of the preamp or reverb tubes - the 12A_7's.
  20. Mark 6120

    Cherry Vibro Champ cabinet

    Post a picture in 6 months after it has darkened. That will really increase the already significant drool factor. Very nice work. I like the dovetail joints you used instead of the usual finger joints.
  21. Mark 6120

    5E3 Rat Rod build

    A 10A150 was called a P10N. The P10Q turned into the 10A125. I have a P10N that was reconed with a cone from the P10Q since it was too dark in my 5F11 thing. The recone helped. Those speakers really like amps with both bass and treble controls. And a mid cut.
  22. Mark 6120

    Talk Me In or Out of Silverface Bandmaster Reverb

    I have had one for years - sort of. A Bandmaster Reverb is a Super Reverb head with a smaller output transformer like a Pro Reverb or Vibrolux Reverb. It will want a 2x10" or 2x12" cab. You cannot run it with a single output tube - the output Transformer isn't made for that. You MIGHT be able to...
  23. Mark 6120

    At home amps

    1. A higher than normal power Tweed Vibrolux clone (should really be #3 but isn't). A little dark with the 6120. 2. Tweed Bandmaster home made clone with SF Bassman output. The best amp I made. 3. 5E3 clone homebrew. The other best amp I made. 4. Bandmaster Reverb head and a 4x10" cabinet - a...
  24. Mark 6120

    If There Were No Gretsch; What Would You Play

    A Stratocaster. I can get anything I want out of one - as long as the bridge pickup has a tone control.
  25. Mark 6120

    What year is my Gretsch White Falcon?

    The sticker is just like the one on my 6120W - which is also a 93. First two digits of the serial number are the year in that era, at least it seems so to me.