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  1. RatRod Gentleman

    Need PUP recommendations - HS/Classics/Setzer

    My 2 bobs worth. IMO “Spanky twang” is derived from my bridge pickup only and after trying a few (but not all the TVJs) I found a Setzer Bridge is the best for Twang from those I tested, however it’s one of the more PAF flavoured in the range. I also agree that a Tru Arc Serpentine Bridge is a...
  2. RatRod Gentleman

    5410 rat rod amp setting

    For the stuff I play (mainly cleanish): Vol - how big is the room/how tolerant are the neighbours. Treb - 4 Bass - 5 Verb - 5.5 Speed - 3.5 Intensity - 6 Perhaps these are kinda vanilla/obvious settings but works for everything from Chris Isaak to Steely Dan for us
  3. RatRod Gentleman

    New guy here and hooked on Gretsch!

    Welcome to the conservatory, we conserve things and drink sometimes. Not always in that order
  4. RatRod Gentleman

    Supro wants my money

    I’ve never had one but I’ve never heard a disappointed Supro owner and your possibly on the wrong forum if you’re hoping to find someone to talk you out of it 😀
  5. RatRod Gentleman

    Can someone decode World Cup soccer stats?

    USA are a genuine chance against the Dutch, USA were damn unlucky not to have beaten England in their pool match. Australia on the other hand are playing Argentina to advance. It’s like Finland taking on the USA in basketball..
  6. RatRod Gentleman

    Supro wants my money

    I can’t think of an amplifier manufacturer more deserving of your money, especially with those features. IMO 10” speakers suit traditional PAF style humbucker guitars but I’ve heard them sound great with filtertrons too. Don’t know what signal chain was involved though unfortunately
  7. RatRod Gentleman

    Can someone decode World Cup soccer stats?

    And yet the English are and we still don’t understand 🤣
  8. RatRod Gentleman

    What do you drink before looking over the Mic?

    Some beer prior to a show helps me calm any nerves and approach some songs with more authority, but gee it’s a balance. To much and .. well we’ve probably all been there
  9. RatRod Gentleman

    Can someone decode World Cup soccer stats?

    He’s heading to Newcastle?
  10. RatRod Gentleman

    What do you drink before looking over the Mic?

    Very interesting indeed, in my case milk appears to lube well but creates the afore mentioned throat snot which appears to rob me of half of my top octave… and invariably I only find out of the robbery when I need those notes, in front of patrons who aren’t nearly drunk enough at that stage.
  11. RatRod Gentleman

    What do you drink before looking over the Mic?

    Thanks for your advice, so far I’m kinda hooked on the above concept..
  12. RatRod Gentleman

    Can someone decode World Cup soccer stats?

    F and A are ‘goals For’ and ‘goals Against’. Yep France won their first 2 games so with 6 points prior to todays game they were already guaranteed a place in the top 2 of their pool (and now Australia is 2nd and going through too!!!!! 🤩)
  13. RatRod Gentleman

    What do you drink before looking over the Mic?

    Dear Vocalists What do you drink prior to a gig to free up vocal chords and dislodge phlegm? Drambiue, cough medicine, beer? Thanks, phlegm filled vocalist.
  14. RatRod Gentleman

    SOLD 2012 G6134B Black Penguin (Australia but will ship)

    Good luck with the sale mate. That’s a lots of guitar for the money.
  15. RatRod Gentleman

    Hello from Central California

    Welcome to the asylum. You’ll learn to like it here.
  16. RatRod Gentleman


    Beautiful looking piece of kit.
  17. RatRod Gentleman

    NGD - It’s PAEHNK!!!

    I do genuinely love the pink but I feel it takes a unique individual with more style/panache/gall/front/balls to play a pink guitar live. Hats off to those that do.
  18. RatRod Gentleman

    Hit a deer

    The Australian equivalent is probably the kangaroo. While it’s rather traumatic to imagine skippy being hit by a car, there are more fragile lumps of granite out there. I hit a roo in a ford a few years back near Inverell that hard it shunted the engine fan 10mm into the engine block. The roo...
  19. RatRod Gentleman

    Do Esquires and Teles have same body cutouts?

    13 pounds. I slipped a disk in my back just reading that. Swap that body out and melt it down for fishing sinkers.
  20. RatRod Gentleman

    Dark sounding Country Classic I Gent ...options?

    Left field and possibly expensive option - throw an alnico speaker in the Vox (if you happened to have one lying around). Might offer the right blend of refined treble boost and clarity without ruining the sound you like in the existing pickups. If it sounds ok through a fender maybe drop a WGS...
  21. RatRod Gentleman

    New here... of coarse

    Welcome to the nut house Goldie Doesn't appear to be a stock 5622T? is that a Tru arc serp bridge? and what pick ups are they?
  22. RatRod Gentleman

    Best Electromatic/Streamliner for slide, Joey Landreth-style

    + 1 for TVJ seltzers for slide. With slide though there kinda aren’t rules, or they should be bent. Theoretically a solid body should have superior sustain. High action makes it easier, thick strings adds tone and open tuning gives you better access to scales and chords.. I’m not Derek Trucks...
  23. RatRod Gentleman

    Epiphone Guitars

    Epis weren't always a smart alternative to expensive gibsons, Epi and Gibson were the main rivals when Epi himself was still on the tools between the wars. If I'm playing acoustic, this 38 is still my go to, has a sneaky LR Baggs peizo/mic combo hidding in there. No i Don't play it through the...
  24. RatRod Gentleman

    What's with the fake F-holes?

    No idea, perhaps when he went to drop D and was using boost, fuzz and overdrive at the same time. :)