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  1. Outlaw

    This might be my next guitar... D'Angelico Deluxe 59

    Sounds very nice. And its a tone post!
  2. Outlaw

    Neck reset question -- degree of optimal angle?

    I reset a neck on a Gretsch that had a floating bridge, I rested a straight edge along the fretboard and adjusted the bridge to about an inch in height and when the straight edge matched with neck and bridge that was my angle.
  3. Outlaw

    Brand new Electromatics

    Shame about the lack of a floating bridge and a b3 Bigsby!
  4. Outlaw

    R.I.P. Raquel Welch

  5. Outlaw


    I love HS Filtertrons! Great choice
  6. Outlaw

    New pickup(s) day

    Yeah HS Filters are excellent pups Good choice!
  7. Outlaw

    Jeff Beck has passed away

    RIP Jeff. Britain's finest
  8. Outlaw

    Any “Deathraycat” fans here?

    Xray cat trio are pretty cool with some good lessons on YouTube. They are from Leeds UK.
  9. Outlaw

    Bigsby parts source?

    I replaced that red washer with a white teflon one (less friction) and now it moves a bit smoother than it did. I got the teflon washer from ebay.
  10. Outlaw


    Have you tried using a power soak with your tube amps, you may find that you can hit the sweet spot at lower volume.
  11. Outlaw

    Speaker Guidance Needed for 5w Champ

    For the speaker I would go for an Eminence 620h, 20 Watts and a hemp cone, best 6" speaker I've heard in a champ. Get some decent valves/tubes aswell. Lots of mods you can do to a champ 600ri but those are where I would start.
  12. Outlaw

    Must-Try Medium Overdrives

    Give the mojomojo a try Great pedal, it goes from adding some vintage flavoured hair (Hmmm nice) and goes up to meaty (yummy) overdrive and everything inbetween. This thing delivers, oh and it's a low cost pedal. Win win!!
  13. Outlaw

    My New G5230T has come home!

    Nuffink like a green Gretsch! Lovely
  14. Outlaw

    Floating bridge conversion

    I'd go with a Compton aswell. Better tuning stability and tone. It's worth looking at the nut as poorly filed slots can be another place for strings to snag. Consider replacing it with a tusq xl.
  15. Outlaw

    Terry Hall of the Specials has left the building

    Being from Coventry I used to see the Specials quite a lot, when they were called the Automatics! Good days! RIP Terry
  16. Outlaw

    Your favourite Strat pickup?

  17. Outlaw

    Pickup, mounting, and pot advice - Tele w/ TV Jones T-Armond

    Now that looks like my kind of tele!
  18. Outlaw

    Anyone using a Modelling Amp?

    Need I say more?!?
  19. Outlaw

    Falcon-ish Schecter model

    That looks terrible!
  20. Outlaw

    Relic gone wrong, case number 1,352,806

    I've seen some really cool reliced guitars but this definitely isn't one of them!
  21. Outlaw


    Beautiful looking guitar! Just a shame about the B7 and fixed bridge.
  22. Outlaw

    Flatwounds on G5420

    I love TI jazz swing Flatwounds on my 5420 (with TV classics) a truly great sounding string, can't see me going back to roundwounds.
  23. Outlaw

    DANELECTRO c'est Trop !

    Keep the original grill cloth, it looks like it's still in one piece and the natural vintage look of it suits the amp.