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  1. KreepyTeach

    Mastering On Spotify?

    Hey y'all, I been using SoundCloud as a way to get my Songs mastered, but I'm not sure. I feel like they always come out way too LOUD? It's actually cool to adjust the mastering intensity and style, but I feel like I may be better off skipping the step. Here are 2 versions of a track. One...
  2. KreepyTeach

    Combining my love of Skateboarding and Guitar (and bass and drums!)

    Maybe the next time I go recording? 🤔I always had fun with foot plants, and trying to do things a little different. Here is super old footy of myself when I still had long hair🥲
  3. KreepyTeach

    Combining my love of Skateboarding and Guitar (and bass and drums!)

    Those have such a unique size, I've never ridden one of those carving boards, I've seen people do some crazy slides on those! I just refinished my banana board and Longboard. Here's "the quiver" 🙄 Yes, the longboard has lights!
  4. KreepyTeach

    Combining my love of Skateboarding and Guitar (and bass and drums!)

    Over 15 years skating, no broken bones...unless you count teeth?! 😬
  5. KreepyTeach

    Combining my love of Skateboarding and Guitar (and bass and drums!)

    I love this, my taste in music developed early from watching videos from skating as a kid, so it was cool to do it myself! The first time I heard RHH's Can't Surf was in a skating video game!
  6. KreepyTeach

    Combining my love of Skateboarding and Guitar (and bass and drums!)

    Maybe I'll pick up some off-road wheels in Gretsch Orange?🤣
  7. KreepyTeach

    Combining my love of Skateboarding and Guitar (and bass and drums!)

    Picked up a guitar and skateboard around the same time as a kid. Glad to know I can still do both! I completed a teenage dream; Recorded some skate tricks, and then used my own song for the sound track. Classic skating needed a classic pair, DS-1 into a TS Where my NYC Fam at? Y'all check that...
  8. KreepyTeach

    NGD - G5410T Rat Rod

    I use a bad monkey with me electromatic too! That 2 band eq is great to use! I've had really good luck with a DS-1 with tone knob at like 7:00 and Dist by 3:00/4:00 into my bad monkey! It's classic and saturated. Make sure you don't stand in front of the driving speaker and you're perfect!
  9. KreepyTeach

    The Wonderful World of Echo

    I still love my Volante, tape and drum options sound great, but I love the included spring reverb. I love being able to choose which tapeheads to activate and even how much is sent back to be redelayed? I recently switched my stereo cab sim to head into the volante, and it sounds even better...
  10. KreepyTeach

    For Sale FUZZ Chug.. OK its time to open up my secret noize toyz closet, here's a "vintage" Big Muff Pi!

    These big boxes are awesome! They sound great with a hollow body too! Listen to Orange You Driving? by Birds Skip on #SoundCloud
  11. KreepyTeach

    considering replacing 5420t pickups, any alternatives besides tv jones?

    Look into the different types of TV jones. I chose a set of Magnetrons, it's like a strat pickup but no 60cycle hum, I also liked that the pole pieces are kind of set, no fiddling. I've been thinking of putting some zebra fluence open core pickups, but don't want to deal with a battery rolling...
  12. KreepyTeach

    Nervous changing hollowbody pickups

    All you need is Twine and Time. I used a wire coat hanger as a hook to push the input jack back to the edge of the bout, to put the nut back on. Make sure your guitar is grounded before you flip everything in, and make sure you have no cold joints. It might crack when they flex when you flip...
  13. KreepyTeach

    Your Essential Pedal(s)

    I just started using my MIJ DS-1! Orange guitars deserve orange pedals! It's great with tone knob all the way CCW/ or Anti-Clockwise if you speak in that manner! This pedal is a great OD, and I will never remove it!
  14. KreepyTeach

    ABY with a toggle?

    I would check out Saturn Effects, they definitely do custom work and might be able to use an arcade button to act as a foot switch? I have a great BUFFERED ABY and it has a phase switch. It's powered and it's perfect. Even has a cool bi led so one led mount could show the two different...
  15. KreepyTeach

    Has anyone removed a Bigsby shaft?

    Best of luck! Should work out alright for LUCKY Jim!
  16. KreepyTeach

    Hard Case size?

    Here's one on Reverb in stock and a little cheaper...
  17. KreepyTeach

    Hard Case size?

    I've heard Dreadnought Acoustic cases fit, but I purchased a deluxe Gretsch Case. I brought my guitar to a music store near me, and got to actually see which case was best. With the deluxe case I just have to spin the bigsby arm back so it's flat, but going in person was worth the extra peace...
  18. KreepyTeach

    Has anyone removed a Bigsby shaft?

    I pulled out the rails in a rush and butchered them, but I was also ready to use a drill press to convert my bar to a string through. If I couldn't get em back in. Wound up just buying a Callahan, and have not dealt with those little posts since. easy restrings for me now I heard some higher...
  19. KreepyTeach

    What's On The Bucket/Wish List?

    Just this until then, ill be Wondering how to strip a poly finished Gretsch in order to paint this color myself! I think it was called "Slimer Green" I guess it's a Green Falcon?
  20. KreepyTeach

    When you have some free time and some grille cloth left over…

    I've even managed to salvage a pair of ripped pajama pants to make a grill cloth! I think the pants pattern was originally supposed to look like a grill cloth anyway, one good brace to protect the cone, and it's been good for years!
  21. KreepyTeach

    Do You Use an EQ Pedal? Really?

    Putting an eq pedal in your amps FX loop is almost like getting a new channel. Especially if you have a few with gain and volume sliders. I had an eq in the front, but it was always influenced by amp eq. In the loop it can do it's own thing. I have a 10 band eq from mxr with 2 outputs, so I...
  22. KreepyTeach

    Boxcar Resonator and the 'Right' Strings

    I've always restrung my Roundneck Boxcar with Ernie Ball Earthwoods 12s, but since I'm a teacher in summer mode I'll be doing an experiment. I'm gonna put an electric set 9-46 (unwound g) on my Reso; I have a lace pickup and tonewood amp, so I should still get my volume with better playability?
  23. KreepyTeach

    Must-Try Medium Overdrives

    I tried Way Huge Red Llama mk2, put it through a small fender ,and it was tweed on tweed, brought it home for a Mesa, and it still works great. Has an insane amount of volume in them. Love it!
  24. KreepyTeach

    For Sale RainSong pulled from "for sale"--check out the Emerald X10 I just listed please!

    I love my tonewood amp. It is definitely an investment. It probably sounds so good with that fishman system!!!
  25. KreepyTeach

    Show us your pedalboard

    I love those small stone graphics! It's such a great design!