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  1. Drewgrass

    Being poorly.....

    Hope you soon make a full recovery. Not forgetting the, "ever-fragrant Mrs Bee". I'm sure she will be in need of some rest and relaxation herself after taking care of you. Just recovered from flu virus myself. Seemed like half the people in the county I live in had it. I was convinced I had...
  2. Drewgrass

    Hello Guys

    Welcome to the forum Johnny!
  3. Drewgrass

    Hi All

    Welcome to the forum wonder dog!
  4. Drewgrass

    Getting the Gretsch bug

    Welcome to the forum Ian!
  5. Drewgrass

    Hello from Inverness

    Welcome to the forum Elizabeth!
  6. Drewgrass

    Yo Dudes and Dudettes!

    Welcome to the forum Matt.
  7. Drewgrass

    Coolest couch in the world!

    And at the end of a long day......
  8. Drewgrass

    My daughter with the new G5022CE

    Nice song! Loved the vocal. These guitars sound great and the solid spruce top they should get better with time.
  9. Drewgrass

    Some good news

    Congratulations daan!
  10. Drewgrass


    Welcome to the forum soundpad.
  11. Drewgrass

    Greetings from Belgium

    Welcome to the forum Kevin!
  12. Drewgrass

    New to Gretsch

    Welcome to the forum Morris!
  13. Drewgrass

    Greetings from Ireland

    Welcome to the forum AlmightyDublin!
  14. Drewgrass

    Easy clarity mod

    Welcome to the forum inhaler! I was using the clarity adjustment method as described here. Came across this vid last year. Tried it out but I couldn't hear any real difference to the original Gretschbucker tone. Back to the old clarity adjustment.
  15. Drewgrass

    How much does the store matter to you?

    Easy! You have to get the guitar you like best.
  16. Drewgrass

    Greetings from Paris

    Welcome to the forum Karl.
  17. Drewgrass

    Greetings from Saint John , NB

    Welcome to the forum Newfiebro!
  18. Drewgrass

    Ebony, rosewood, or painted rosewood

    The lighter areas between the frets suggest that it's rosewood stained to look like ebony, (ebonised). Ebony doesn't usually get lighter with wear.
  19. Drewgrass

    Hi, Y'All

    Welcome to the forum Olivia Anne!
  20. Drewgrass

    5420 Newb

    Welcome to the forum GreatGretschky!
  21. Drewgrass

    Hello from TX

    Welcome to the forum Naquat.
  22. Drewgrass

    Played my first Gretsch last Saturday

    Welcome to the forum jwebsmall.
  23. Drewgrass

    New Member with a Duo Jet inbound

    Welcome to the forum iahawk36.
  24. Drewgrass

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum LA Miles!
  25. Drewgrass

    NGD!!! semi-hollow, p90 goodness.

    Nice find Calvin. The current Sheriton II comes with Alnico Classic Humbuckers. Earlier Sheraton had the mini humbuckers, not sure when they switched to the Classics.

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