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  1. Daktari9

    Favorite Horn Riffs

    Paul McCartney ‘Letting Go’ (Live from Grand Central Station, New York) - YouTube
  2. Daktari9

    Show us your Relics!

  3. Daktari9

    Is anyone else done buying guitars?

    Im done but Im not finished
  4. Daktari9

    Check this out

    players condition
  5. Daktari9

    What is the most beautiful song to you?

    Love this song
  6. Daktari9

    Paqui Ghost Pepper chips?

    A cold beer and side guacamole dip
  7. Daktari9

    New guitar strap.

    Ive got a black one.Great strap and well made
  8. Daktari9

    New vs Old Sparkle Jet - Advice please!

    The Gretsch web by Daktari9 posted Dec 18, 2010 at 12:30 PM 96 will be a lot heavier
  9. Daktari9

    Consistent Artists

    Midnight Oil. Nick Cave. The Church. The Clash
  10. Daktari9

    RIP Bones Hillman

  11. Daktari9

    Uh oh, Joe B is at it again

    first bass riff sounds good
  12. Daktari9

    What DAW are you using?

    Been using Cubase for about 10 years now with version 10 ur44 interface.Even Cubase Artist is great if you don't want to spend the money does it all.
  13. Daktari9

    If you ran Gretsch..

    Get some new Gretsch Amp line hand wired models going and new pro Sparkle jets in new colours with ray butts and block inlays
  14. Daktari9

    Favorite Women Groups?

    Saw them once at the big day out Sydney very raw.She gave the drum kit away to the audience. Try getting the kick drum out the front gates.
  15. Daktari9

    If you could only have 1 what would it be?

    My Custom shop Penguin and a Fender super reverb
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