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  1. DannyB

    Fell off the wagon.

    Greetings! One can never have too many guitars or too.many Gretsches!.Cadillac Green is an awesome color! The main thing of course is how does it sound?
  2. DannyB

    And then one day I found my guitar voice.

    Welcome to Gretsch Talk and the wonderful world of Gretsch! Like you I played guitar for over 40 years before buying my first Gretsch, a 2622 Streamliner in 2017. Its also my first (semi) hollow body guitar. There is something unique about the sound of a Gretsch guitar and I can see from your...
  3. DannyB

    NGD - it's a Gretsh. A square one. Very square one.

    Well congrats again! You definitely have a piece of history there!
  4. DannyB

    NGD - Falcon Friday!

    Congratulations on your new purchase! A Gretsch Falcon is a thing of beauty and yes it is the Cadillac of guitars! Alas I only play a Chevy, aka a Gretsch Streamliner, but someday hopefully I my way up to your level. Enjoy your new guitar!
  5. DannyB

    My first Gretsch

    Congrats and welcome to Gretsch Talk.I have been playing guitar for 46 years but only bought my first Gretsch, a 2016 Gretsch Streamliner 2622 in 2017. Its been a fun 5 years playing it and has been a valuable addition to my guitar collection. I am sure you will enjoy playing your Gretsch also!
  6. DannyB

    NGD - it's a Gretsh. A square one. Very square one.

    Congratulations! Was this a special issue model.or custom shop? I always thought that the only person with this rectangular model was Bo Diddley himself! You definitely found a gem there.enjoy playing it!
  7. DannyB

    Noob, trying to sneak in

    Welcome to Gretsch Talk! Enjoy your guitar and hopefully it will be the first of many Gretsch models you own
  8. DannyB

    Another new (and rather happy) vintage 6120 owner...

    From the year I was born! I wonder if you could track down some of the people who have played this guitar over the last 61 years, there must have been someone famous! Good luck with your new purchase!
  9. DannyB

    Hello from Spain

    Hola!.Bienvenido a Gretsch Talk! A que ciudad desde usted?
  10. DannyB

    Worst Musical Advice Ever Received

    If that was the same guy, at least he redeemed himself by signing the Stones to Decca
  11. DannyB

    Worst Musical Advice Ever Received

    Was this the same guy who worked for Decca Records who turned down the Beatles in 1962, telling Brian Epstein that guitar bands were a thing of the past? I always wondered where that guy ended up!😄
  12. DannyB

    G7594 white falcon

    I am in love! Beautiful looking guitar with a real classic look! Hope you will enjoy playing it as much as you enjoy looking at it!
  13. DannyB

    Happy 4th July everyone!

    Thank you for the kind regards from the United Kingdom! We Americans appreciate the friendship and support from the UK, and all us musicians here love all the great music that has come out of the British Isles!
  14. DannyB

    Canadian embassy in Japan to reunite Randy Bachman with guitar stolen 46 years ago in private concert Thanks for posting, here is another story about Randy being reunited with his Tragedy with a great photo of him with his guitar. I am a big fan of both the Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive...
  15. DannyB

    Hello Eh!

    Hi, an interesting follow-up to my greeting post yesterday. It seems that Randy Bachman just yesterday wad reunited with a beloved Gretsch guitar that was stolen 45 years ago and on which he wrote several hit songs. Thought you'd find this interesting...
  16. DannyB

    NGD - Yes I did.

    OMG! absolutely gorgeous! Love the color and the shape and everything about this guitar! You made a wise investment. Here's to many years of enjoyment!
  17. DannyB

    Hello Eh!

    Welcome to the forum. I am practically a Canadian myself, as I live just across the river from Windsor in Detroit. You have a nice looking guitar. You join several other well known Canadian guitarists who occasionally used Gretsches, like Neil Young and Randy Bachman, two of my favorite guitar...
  18. DannyB

    Boy am l a complete newbie

    Beautiful looking guitar!
  19. DannyB

    Boy am l a complete newbie

    Welcome to Gretsch Talk! As a proud owner of a red Gretsch 2622 Streamliner (see below) I can say you picked a great guitar to go electric with. The Broad'tron pickups on the guitar really allow you to play all kinds of music from blues to jazz to rockabilly to hard rock to even metal! You will...
  20. DannyB

    GDP Refuge, too!

    Welcome, you are definitely a Gretsch fan! You will love this site, great people with great ideas and insights!
  21. DannyB

    I'm new to gretsch and ordered a white falcon

    Welkom bij Gretsch Talk! You will love the Gretsch Falcon! It's one of their top of the line guitars and an iconic guitar! You will have to show us pictures when you get it!
  22. DannyB

    Hi all!

    Welcome to Gretsch Talk. The Streamliners are great guitars, I own a 2622 see below. The new Gretsch guitars are as good as the old ones!
  23. DannyB

    Greetings and salutations

    welcome to Gretsch Talk
  24. DannyB

    Figure i oughtta say hello

    Welcome to Gretsch Talk! As someone who owns a Gretsch 2622 myself, I can tell you you will really enjoy this guitar. You can get a lot of Great tones out of the 2622. I love the Georgia Green cokor, unfortunately when I bought my left handed model in 2017, Gretsch only offered the left handed...
  25. DannyB

    Hi all

    Welcome to Gretsch Talk!