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    Is it possible to turn a painted g to a Carved g on a Gretsch 6120?

    I guess I'm missing something on the branding process. The guitars are are mild arch tops. The branding iron is flat - planar. How does the branding iron manage to contact all areas of the intended graphic on the wood?
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    Is it possible to turn a painted g to a Carved g on a Gretsch 6120?

    My first suggestion was a pocket knife, but a sharpened spoon is safer for some folks, Hardee har har.
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    Is it possible to turn a painted g to a Carved g on a Gretsch 6120?

    If the bit is set too deeply, you will have a G hole rather than an F hole.
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    Is it possible to turn a painted g to a Carved g on a Gretsch 6120?

    Do you own a pocket knife, or a somewhat sharpened spoon, and a sharpie?
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    Gretsch 6169 Chet Atkins

    Thanks for the clarification. I’m sure Chet was an accomplished accordionist as well as guitarist.
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    Gretsch 6169 Chet Atkins

    I zoomed in on the amp pic, it has an ”ACCORDIAN” setting?
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    Beatles collection

    I don’t know what the intro blurb - “This is one of the most intentional collections one could imagine” means.
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    EH? Earring loss from loud amps

    Interesting, on the setting for “over 60” it states... “Boost All Frequencies”. Isn’t that just called... “Turning Up The Volume”? I think we’ll find that everyone approaching 70 yrs old will be losing sensitivity in the high end. And then some.
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    Something for free.....

    I’m not crazy about the relic one on the left.
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    Chet’s Streamliner Special 6120 replica?

    Sorry, but for $4,829.84 Canadian, plus who knows how much for shipping, I’d want it hand delivered by Chet Himself.
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    Terms that you often use ....

    Best Antique store name I’ve ever seen ... “Dead People’s Stuff”
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    Terms that drive you crazy

    Ya, Like THAT phrase has never been heard in a courtroom.
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    Terms that drive you crazy

    “Gibby” , Grow up fer gawd sakes.
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    Chinese steamed dumplings

    Those Taro Root balls are deep fried, not steamed
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    Chinese steamed dumplings

    Your picture is of Har Gow
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    Show Us Your Masks

    And extra Winner Points for having used the correct "you're".
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    Contacting James Burton?

    Wouldn’t this be a place to start?
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    What Else Do You Collect?

    I’m either the only guy who does it or the only guy who will admit it. I collect those black china panthers. The kind that your mother or grandmother had on the tv cabinet? My wife doesn’t want them displayed in our home, she considers them to be the height of kitsch. Which they are, of...
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    70’s Chet Super axe

    For what it is worth, I almost bought one 40 ish years ago. It was a silver big metalflakes body, which to my taste, made it even more distinctive. Played very well, and I liked the idea of the onboard processing. I had just bought a Country Gentleman the month before so you know, it was a...
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    Got Myself a Christmas Present

    Pretty, And it is the ambidextrous model, according to the photos !
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    Gretsch Fabric Top

    “ I had an extra streamliner I wasn’t using ...” Sheesh, some people ....... (it looks great)
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    The Candy apple red with gold base coat thread!

    Ya, well, like I’ve always said, “throwing cabbages to the deaf is like putting table salt on rubber”
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    Use a torch to shorten Reverend soft spring?

    While you are waiting for the new spring, re-temper the old one. Heat to cherry red - plunge into oil, or even water for that matter. I.E. - heat up/ slow cool = anneal....heat up / quick cool = temper
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    Use a torch to shorten Reverend soft spring?

    That is what I used, just be patient and play the torch over the entire spring while working your way to cherry red.
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    Use a torch to shorten Reverend soft spring?

    Capnhiho - I can't speak specifically to the Reverend soft spring, but for what this is worth, heating the spring I had to shorten it did work. I did it last week on one of my tailpieces. Now, I had a spare anyway so there was not much at stake if I messed it up. First - to see if annealing...