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  1. postbopordie

    Is it possible to turn a painted g to a Carved g on a Gretsch 6120?

    Sometimes it’s better to focus on practicing, ear training, technique, learning tunes.
  2. postbopordie

    Pick problems

    Practice for developing vocabulary and concept. Technique will follow. It does not work the other way around....that is why there are so many weak players. Learn to read music. Transcribe solos.
  3. postbopordie

    Why Key Changes In Middle of Song

    Key changes create drama...the point of it all.
  4. postbopordie

    Is it the pickups or the amp?

    There is so much that affects the tone...type of bridge, the speaker, the pickup, the amp, the strings, the wood of the guitar. It takes decades to learn it all....and it is a great ride. (And NO, the SD antiquities do NOT sound like real aged PAFs!). But finally...what affects tone most...
  5. postbopordie

    Loosen strings before shipping?

    Great topic and SOOO important in this era of buying a guitar at a distance. I am NOT with the 'expert' who says leave full tension on, at this time. (BTW - There are quite a few customers online talking about receiving Larrivee guitars with broken headstocks, shipped at full tension. ) Lately...
  6. postbopordie

    To restore or not to restore...

    An idea that has not been addressed that is crucial in these decisions: There are many levels of "restoration". From minor work and increasing playability to full-scale refin and COMPLETE restoration. If this were my guitar and I wanted to keep it and play it, I would probably spend the 2...
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    please call me RE vibrolux 401 419 0621

    please call me RE vibrolux 401 419 0621
  8. postbopordie

    desperately seeking Gretsch Variety Plus amp 6165

    HI! Trying to find a 62-64 Gretsch Variety Plus 2x12 amp model 6165. Any condition.
  9. postbopordie

    New member New Gretsch Amp

    Anyone wanting to sell a Gretsch Variety Plus 6165 please contact me...looking for 62-64. thanks! JIM