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  1. CaliforniaSlim

    My G5410 pups vs G5420T FT-5E Filter'Tron

    That silver is -Wow.... Looks fantastic. I haven't heard those new pickups, so can't be much help. Pick-up swaps are easy if you dig everything else about the guitar.
  2. CaliforniaSlim

    What age did your body start to fall apart

    I have been primarily keto for many years. It has definitely help the joint pain. I was getting regular steroid injections in my knees, but since keto, the pain is down to a dull ache. I just feel better and more energetic.
  3. CaliforniaSlim

    Gretsch G6136-55 Falcon replacement bridge suggestions

    I second the bar bridge. Before/After below.
  4. CaliforniaSlim

    What age did your body start to fall apart

    By mid 40s, it was clear to me why all professional athletes are retired by then. Then in the 50s, the component parts started being problematic- knees, hips, shoulders.
  5. CaliforniaSlim

    Kid Congo Autobiography- some new kind of kick

    I just finished Some New Kind of Kick- Kid Congo Power's Autobiography. Really enjoyable. I would highly recommend it to those of us that were shaped by the Cramps, Gun Club, or Bad Seeds. I don't think it is going to win any prizes for great literature, but it is a fantastic story of an...
  6. CaliforniaSlim

    For those who have played a Falcon……

    I have a HotRod and a Falcon (with Dynas) both are fantastic guitars. I too can feel the difference between the Hot Rod and my 5420. The Falcon feels similar in its build quality. Nothing exceptionally different in quality feel of the instrument, but the flash- the binding and inlays- are...
  7. CaliforniaSlim

    Considering a Delta King 12, or do i save for a Princeton reissue?

    I have a supro Delta King 12 and really love it. It takes pedals well. As was stated, it is heavy on the mids. It may break up too early for you if you want a cranked clean tone, but definitely try to play through one - it just might be for you.
  8. CaliforniaSlim

    About to buy a Jet - where to even begin when it comes to adding a Bigsby?

    Here is another example- It was not hard to do. ard to do. Here is
  9. CaliforniaSlim


    Damn!! Nice. That is a beauty and I am sure a tone monster also.
  10. CaliforniaSlim

    Bring Back the DeArmond 2000s

    I love those DeArmond 2000s. Just last night, I pulled out my 5127 which had been sitting for too long- I was again struck at how clear the tone of those pickups are.
  11. CaliforniaSlim

    New GFS Filtertron-style Humbuckers in my G2622

    I have had the GFS Nashville and Memphis pickups. I really like them. They do great at a very reasonable price!
  12. CaliforniaSlim

    Any Hi-Lo Love Around Here?

    I put TV Jones HiLos in my 5420. Have enjoyed them immensely. They grab that woody vintage tone I don't get from much else.
  13. CaliforniaSlim

    Finally doing it after 4 or 5 years!!

    I should have never let my Epi 295 go- had many good times and tones with that guitar. With flats, you will open a whole new sonic world. Enjoy!
  14. CaliforniaSlim

    Do you tune your guitar on every session?

    I don't play well enough to also be out of tune. I tune up before I start playing - every time.
  15. CaliforniaSlim

    Pricing - Seriously, wth?

    How much for two? That will be $18 How much for one? That is $14 OK. I'll just take the other one.
  16. CaliforniaSlim

    Gold and Chrome hardware on a G5420TG-59! Why?

    I wasn't sure about it at first, but have grown to really like the mix n match hardware. Kept it when I put in TV HiLoTrons and the compton bridge
  17. CaliforniaSlim

    Hi, this is my new gretsch

    Beautiful! Welcome
  18. CaliforniaSlim

    What's your favorite Dyna-equipped Gretsch?

    My favorite Dyna equipped guitar
  19. CaliforniaSlim

    6120 style

    Always amazed by your work Brian. Another stunner!
  20. CaliforniaSlim

    Major pentatonic solos

    Check out some Allman Brothers. Major Pentatonic was part of their solo sounds.
  21. CaliforniaSlim

    Electromatic 5435 Ltd Edition Fairlane Blue

    Hey KLB, Welcome. Not sure how many were produced, but I have one too. I don't think it was super limited. It seemed to be available for a good chunk of time. It's a great guitar, particularly for the money-you won't be sorry.
  22. CaliforniaSlim

    First Concert

    Kiss was my first concert too. In '79- likely same tour. I was in Vancouver back then.
  23. CaliforniaSlim

    1st String Change

    Try using a capo as a third hand to hold the string taught so it doesn't pop off the bigsby while you mess with the tuner end.

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