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  1. sgarnett

    Streamliner circuit measurements

    There are Broad’trons, BT-2S Broad’trons, Blacktop Broad’trons, and Blacktop Filter’trons. I don’t know which is in the 5220, and I’ve only owned the early (non-BT-2S) and Blacktop Broad’trons. In general, higher resistance pots will increase the treble and accentuate any resonant peaks...
  2. sgarnett

    Vintage "V" Shaped Neck Profile, how common?

    That was kind of the point I tried to make earlier. There’s not really a clear line between V necks and C necks (etc). The V neck of the Smoke is subtle enough that I might not have described it as a V if I hadn’t already known what it was. I am more sensitive to the shape than I used to be...
  3. sgarnett

    People are strange.

    On the theft topic: in November, my mother’s car was stolen. They broke into my car, which was luckily unlocked and undamaged, but the key to Mom’s car was in the console. While they probably did press a button to see what beeped, it didn’t stop them from smashing several windows. When it was...
  4. sgarnett

    Component values in stock Epi “IBG” ES-335 harness?

    Has anyone pulled the stock harness out of an Epiphone “Inspired by Gibson” ES-335? Those are the newer ones with the Gibson-like open-book peghead. If so, what were the components? I know the pots are supposed to be CTS. Are they full size or minis? What is the nominal resistance stamped on...
  5. sgarnett

    Vintage "V" Shaped Neck Profile, how common?

    The Smoke has a very subtle V. It’s supposed to be a copy of Setzer’s real 59/60 (I think he calls it a 59 but it’s really a 60, or so I’ve read. Really, design changes rarely line up exactly with calendar years, so who knows.
  6. sgarnett

    Any rumors of new 2023 lines, colors?

    I’d love to see something kind of like a 5622, but with a more-traditional neck angle, a B6 instead of a tension bar Bigs (with a hardtail option), and a red-orange finish. Oh wait, that’s basically a Flagstaff Sunset Panther! Yes, bring that back! However, a Panther with the chambered center...
  7. sgarnett

    Volume/tone pot upgrade questions

    Wouldn’t use oxide-finish screws for grounding though ….
  8. sgarnett

    New 2021 Tennessee Rose ET vs prior 2016 G6119T -- why did they change this model?

    The new Electrotone body doesn’t seem to have a control hatch on the back (unlike Gibson/Epiphone Lucille models, which also have a sealed top). Soooo, how do you service or modify the electronics? Am I missing something...
  9. sgarnett

    Should I, or would you…

    That has happened to me several times on road trips to check out a car. Still worth it. On road trips for other reasons (generally dropping off or picking up my daughter at college), I will still take major detours just to try a guitar (or whatever I happen to be looking for), but usually on...
  10. sgarnett

    Prices dropping fast?

    I just discovered the Gibson ES-333. I’d love to have one, especially with the satin nitro buffed up to semi-gloss. The rear control access hatch (like a Lucille) is how all 335s (and 5622s) should be made IMHO. Granted, I wish it had the thicker neck carve. However, the current asking price is...
  11. sgarnett

    Looking for Pescadero/Goldtop demo video ….

    Thanks, @nickurso!
  12. sgarnett

    Looking for Pescadero/Goldtop demo video ….

    A year or so ago, I watched an El Pescadero demo by someone playing (if I recall correctly) a P90 Goldtop Les Paul and just nailing those old Chess tones. My Search-Fu skills are generally on point. Maybe it’s just been a looong day, but I’m coming up dry. Anyone remember the vid I’m talking about?
  13. sgarnett

    Epiphone Limited Edition 1959 Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar - Aged Honey Burst Gloss Sweetwater Exclusive

    The Lemonburst looks great to me. I wish they would offer it in the gloss finish though. I tried many 50s, 59s, and 60s before picking a 50s cherry. I really wanted to like the 59 best. To me, the semi-gloss finish on the figured veneer top had a Formica vibe I just couldn’t shake, and the...
  14. sgarnett

    Wanted Gretsch Masterbuilt/ Custom Shop

    The last couple of times I tried to use the UPS Store, they wouldn’t insure the package unless I let them do the packing. I’m not doing that with a guitar - I pack ‘em to survive … almost anything.
  15. sgarnett

    Wanted Gretsch Masterbuilt/ Custom Shop

    Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of similar demand for Custom Shop instruments from Gretsch, Gibson, and Fender. It seems odd to me to want something from the Custom Shop without having something specific in mind. I think of the Custom Shop as a way to buy exactly what you want if it isn’t...
  16. sgarnett

    Songs About Real People

    Yeah, I couldn’t even count ‘em for Knopfler. There’s also Song for Sonny Liston, 5:15am, ….
  17. sgarnett

    Reverb hack?

    Well, at least I haven't seen the lingerie ads recently. Not that I have anything against a fetching lass wearing something skimpy, but it's not always appropriate on a family/workplace-friendly website. As long as it's guitars and soft-drinks ....
  18. sgarnett

    Aged finishes

    Color change with aging and UV exposure is VERY pigment specific (especially with the toxic options eliminated). In some cases, there are newer options from the automotive industry, such as the quinacridone reds, that hold up fairly well, but who knows whether the manufacturers are using them...
  19. sgarnett

    Post your unique control caps

    P … on the Electromatics and Prolines. Streamliners get low-budget knockoffs of Gibson speed knobs.
  20. sgarnett

    SOLD Tru-Arc Serpentune low-rider plain-G brass bridge (BR-120/SP-pg/LR)

    Is the duo jet this came from an electro Matic or pro line?
  21. sgarnett

    SOLD Tru-Arc Serpentune low-rider plain-G brass bridge (BR-120/SP-pg/LR)

    Is that for the Electromatic or Proline post spacing?
  22. sgarnett

    Joe B Epiphone ES 335

    I purposely did not pick up the real 335. I do have a real Gibson Lucille (early 80s, I think), but that is a different beast altogether.
  23. sgarnett

    Joe B Epiphone ES 335

    - I enjoyed the jangly, natural reverb of the Vibrola, but I don’t want it “on” all the time. - The wiring harness is definitely better on the Lazarus (meaning less unshielded wiring). - The JB case is nice on the inside, but I’m not crazy about all the pseudo-tour gold lettering on the outside...
  24. sgarnett

    Hit a deer

    Deer are fast and alert, but not that bright. They will sometimes run with the car beside the road before panicking and jumping in front of it (when they could have escaped danger by jumping the other way, or just stopping). They get especially stupid in Autumn, both because of mating season...
  25. sgarnett

    Joe B Epiphone ES 335

    Before autocorrect, that was mounting ring, not mountain green. :)