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  1. skynyrd

    Need some opinions, please.

    Guitars are like old hotrods. Mod the heck out of it. It's not a matter of getting your money out of it. It's a matter of passion and love. If people only put money into their passion, that they thought they could recoup , then you could say goodbye to much of what we love. Everyone would drive...
  2. skynyrd

    Does Anyone Really Have Tuning Problems With Electromatics?

    I bought my first 5120 used, it would not stay tuned. It looked brand new, like someone got rid of it because of poor stability. Then I got to looking at how the strings were installed . A lot of people are just to stupid to string a guitar. I installed new strings making sure they were wound...
  3. skynyrd

    Newest addition to the herd....

    Wow! Beautiful
  4. skynyrd

    Flat wounds - Which guitar do you use them on?

    I have a set of 12 flats on my G3141 with DeArmond 2000 pups. Sounds great, plays great. I have a set of 10s round, on my g5420
  5. skynyrd

    Don't like the Beatles? Shut up. ;-)

    I was in England back in the early. 80s, I got to talking favorite bands . Of course I said in America the Beatles were still loved greatly , I listen to their music all the time. The young English people I was hanging out with were in disbelief. They were way over the Beatles , they told me. I...
  6. skynyrd

    A single coil gretsch 5120/5420?

    Say it ain't so
  7. skynyrd

    Help me expand musical knowledge

    I talked to Beni today, he is always very helpful, he started talking minors and 5th and. 7ths , 9ths that's when I told him I would come see him, he said to be sure and bring a pencil and paper. The man is amazing, 78 years old and has 100s of stories about all the Chet conventions he always...
  8. skynyrd

    Help me expand musical knowledge

    You guys are being very helpful. I will take the time to digest each reply. I never played with anyone else until this last year, I got together with one of my best friends; he plays bass guitar very well, he lets me drift around and jam whatever I stumble into, and that bass sure makes...
  9. skynyrd

    Help me expand musical knowledge

    Great feedback, I did try an instructor back in the 80's, all he did was scribble down tab for me to memorize a song. I like the idea that I may need to go through several instructors before I find the right one. I have a friend from a church I used to attend that is remarkable finger style...
  10. skynyrd

    Help me expand musical knowledge

    I've learned lots of scales already , but yea ... The theory is what I'm missing. I've got books on the blues that help . I've got the Rock Guitar Bible, the help a little here and there. I'm missing the Meat of theory. Any good ones out there? I mean... I can play the crap out of my axe now...
  11. skynyrd

    Help me expand musical knowledge

    I've been playing guitar for decades and always sounded bad. I have never had an ear for music but love it all the same. The 70s and 80s sucked for me and my guitar, but we loved each other even though times were hard for us. It always made me feel like a special needs person, when the latest...
  12. skynyrd

    Do you think they will ever make gretschs in the us again?

    When jobs leave, they normally don't come back. We should have never allowed them to leave in the first place. Our Greedy World doesn't give many second chances.
  13. skynyrd

    5120 valuation

    It is worth more with the upgrades. I think you will get 30 to 40 percent of your money back on the upgrades. Unless you trade it in at a stealership. Then they're not worth anymore until they go to sell it.
  14. skynyrd

    Rocky selling the new Electromatics!

    What; if anything, will this series do to the values of our Historics? I have a G3141 cat eye In black . Does anyone think the similar designs will up the Historic cat eye values? I hope so, and I ain't selling either way. Beautiful guitar by the way . I love how the 3 pups look. Nice color too.
  15. skynyrd

    Quality problems

    My orange 5420T was perfect the day I bought it... Brand new, I haven't even had bridge problems.
  16. skynyrd

    Gretsch Historic Series question, which ones are best?

    Come on Rcboals, don't tease us. How much for that Tabby?
  17. skynyrd

    Gretsch Historic Series question, which ones are best?

    I not only love the look, but I also love the feel of my 3141. It just feels better built. I often think about putting some TV pups in it , but then I hate to get rid of the Dearmond 2000. I like the sound of my Black Top Filtertrons better, and suspect I would like the TVs better. On the...
  18. skynyrd

    Gretsch Historic Series question, which ones are best?

    I thought I would bring my own thread back almost a year later. I still have my 3141 but I seldom play it. I always grab my 5420, but My 3141 still makes my heart pound when I do play it. Since I don't play in a band I don't worry about feedback, if I did I Would play my 3141.
  19. skynyrd

    Strap Locks

    I would feel better with proper aftermarket strap locks, but until I get around to upgrading my G 5420, I simply used plenty of Teflon tape, from the plumbing dept at Lowes. I simply unscrewed the stock knob and wrapped several wraps of the Teflon tape and screwed it back on. I always check to...
  20. skynyrd

    Gretsch Electromatic

    As far as the 5420 humpblock inlays go: I was used to thumb nail inlays and I thought I liked them better, until I played the humpblock inlays. The humpblocks are so much easier for me to get around on. I always feei better immeasurably when I get back on my 5420 over my thumbnail.
  21. skynyrd

    Musician or artist that annoys the crap out of you!

    Lets see....... I never really like to hear Tiny Tim sing. And me....... I don't sing to well either.
  22. skynyrd

    Pics of My new 3140 Cats Eye etc...

    I'm glad you have that beautiful Cat Eye G3140 safe and sound. I still have her black sister G3141; and love to play it, I gave it some time just today.
  23. skynyrd

    Hey Boys, How's bout this beauty???

    I want one too.
  24. skynyrd

    What is your opinion of pinstriping?

    Kind of like stickers on a guitar, some look good and some don't. Brian Setzers Stray Cat 6120 was cool, really cool. I'm afraid I may not be able to pick out stickers as cool as Brian did. Same thing with stripes.
  25. skynyrd

    A Sad day :( ...

    I simply inform my wife that the songs I play, I play for you sweetie.

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