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  1. birddog

    Why do the fret markers stop at the 17th fret?

    Well...I couldn't see past that beautiful could have a marker on every fret and I would have missed it!
  2. birddog

    I think the time has come.

    I have a thing for sparkles. In box me with a number. I have folding money. ;)
  3. birddog

    Marshall VS Bassman!

    Had a few handwired Fenders and loved them all. My favorite was a '68 Twin Reverb- it was the real deal.....then I went to Marshall and never looked back. They cover all the bases for me and my style.
  4. birddog

    Should I buy this Dreadnought?

    Yeah, Radd...all your friends are doing it!
  5. birddog

    Upgrades or new Gretsch???

    If you love your G5655TG, do the upgrades. Then you will have one you REALLY REALLY Love. Sometimes it is hard to find the 'one'. If you have, give it what you want and make it what you want it to be. Just my unbiased opinion.
  6. birddog

    Always wanted one

    So glad to have you on the forum! 5420 is a great guitar...Mine is a 5420 Flame Maple FSR that I will never part with!
  7. birddog

    Current Wish List

    Darren is local to me. Straight up guy, runs a good business, honest and straight forward. A bit dry if you need to talk to him.
  8. birddog

    Annnndddd....I did it again.

    Posted on another thread here but what the ya go.
  9. birddog

    Annnndddd....I did it again.

    You should see my red sparkle LP Custom I just got a few weeks ago!
  10. birddog

    Annnndddd....I did it again.

    Thanks everyone...really appreciate everyone's comments!
  11. birddog

    Annnndddd....I did it again.

    I have a problem. I realize this. Certain I will not find a cure any time soon.... My wife says sparkles make everything better, though! 2019 Custom Shop Les Paul Standard Black Sparkle. This one is built based on a 60's reissue VOS platform. One piece back and slim 60's neck. Actually...
  12. birddog

    Birthday gretsch!

    Congrats and happy birthday! Nice!
  13. birddog

    Show me some amps...

    This is all I got.
  14. birddog

    New (to me) Custom Shop Les Paul Custom

    Most of you have seen part of my collection on several other threads on know I share the love! This one should give me some absolution....( I have a sparkle problem)
  15. birddog

    New (to me) Custom Shop Les Paul Custom

    Thanks for all of the kind words gang! Glad everyone has had positive feelings about it. As I said, it is not everyone's taste.
  16. birddog

    New (to me) Custom Shop Les Paul Custom

    It is all over 9 lbs.
  17. birddog

    New (to me) Custom Shop Les Paul Custom

    Okay, so here's how it all a wild hair to flip some of my collection for Custom Shop and higher end Custom guitars. I bumped into a listing the other day for a 2008 Custom Shop Les Paul Custom, believed to be a 1 of 1. My spidey senses tingled telling me to open the ad and take a...
  18. birddog

    Question: Reverb seller “offer rejection” protocol

    The relationship is transactional, not personal. I am not bothered if someone does not respond to an offer.
  19. birddog

    Storing guitars in or out of the case?

    All cases, regardless of the fact that my room is humidity and temperature controlled. Like a giant humidor, if you will.
  20. birddog

    NGD: G6128T-57 - My Dream Guitar

    Excellent! Congratulations! Happy Birthday too!
  21. birddog

    My jet's got its wings

    Awesome! Looks killer and very custom. Just not sure why you hadn't done it sooner!
  22. birddog

    Getting your amp up off the floor

    Nice rig there! I like the retro vibe.
  23. birddog

    Your White Whale Guitars

    However...the 5126 and 5128 really stand out in photos....

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