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  1. GAMBLER1234

    Peavey. What's your perception of them?

    There was a time when if you were a poor boy from South of the Ohio river a Peavey was all that you needed. This poor mans Twin got me through my 80's chicken fried rock days in style.
  2. GAMBLER1234

    ‘65 Princeton Reverb

    As opposed to Guitar Center the Sweetwater edition is $200 less at $1300. I bought mine used and my guess is that some previous owner had refinished it in black lacquer. The fans of the 10" speaker version claim that the 12" doesn't sound like the original and to a degree I think they are right...
  3. GAMBLER1234

    Super strats

    80's Mexican neck, ebay body, EMG loaded pickguard. One of my favorite guitars.
  4. GAMBLER1234

    Boss katana 50

    If you hate to tweak there's no rule that says you have to. The Katana is an inexpensive and pretty darn good amp just using the panel mode. With an amp simulator pedal I'm getting some excellent Fender tones out of mine and for what I do that's all I need. As an added plus it's serving me well...
  5. GAMBLER1234

    Anyone using a Modelling Amp?

    I had a good couple of years with my Katana 100 and it was fun to play with but once I got my Princeton Reissue for electric guitar it's been pretty much put out to pasture. It's still got a purpose though. Run through a mini PA on the acoustic setting it sounds pretty darn good with my flat top.
  6. GAMBLER1234

    Does this Tennessee Rose look real?

    It looks legit to me but I wouldn't want to mislead. Best I can offer are some pics of mine for comparison.
  7. GAMBLER1234

    Any love for Princeton Reverb w/ Cannabis Rex 12"

    In addition to the C-Rex in my Princeton I have an Eminence Legend 1258 in an extension cab. The C-Rex gives it a sweet rounded tone that I like for Blues but for Country Chicken Pickin I go to the 1258 that seems to add head room and sounds more crisp.
  8. GAMBLER1234

    Any love for Princeton Reverb w/ Cannabis Rex 12"

    My favorite speaker. I've got one in my Princeton and in my Superchamp X2 as well.
  9. GAMBLER1234

    Your Last (Acquisition) guitar(s)

    Over the last couple of months I put together a Tele with American Performer body, American Standard neck, 52 Reissue pickups and got a 1X12 Princeton to keep her company.
  10. GAMBLER1234


    I've been looking closely at getting one of these. With five amps I don't need it but I've got a pair of Eminence Texas Heat speakers sitting around doing nothing so I've got my Katana head listed and when it sells I'm gonna get me a Champ 100 just to give them a home. At that price why not?
  11. GAMBLER1234

    Unintended NGD

    That's a beaut. I've always been a sunburst guy. Just got my first white Tele and it was about time. Classic as it gets.
  12. GAMBLER1234

    I sure like this Tele Fender just introduced

    That's over simplified. While it's true that your adjusted inflation figure is accurate it fails to account for the fact that inflation makes dollars worth less. In 1957 the average working man could afford $200 for a Tele because inflation was low and the average wage was in line with the cost...
  13. GAMBLER1234

    I sure like this Tele Fender just introduced

    It continuously amazes me. Production lines for $2250, Custom Shops for $4000. Leos genius was that he made a screw together guitar that played and sounded great at a price that allowed the average picker to own one.. But let's get real. They are never the less all just screw together guitars...
  14. GAMBLER1234

    Should I build a partscaster?

    American performer body, American Standard neck, Fender 52 Reissue pick ups, Gotoh six saddle bridge and Schaller tuners.
  15. GAMBLER1234

    Peavey. What's your perception of them?

    The Chinese have been making both electrical and electronic stuff for a very long time. I've heard that they're actually very good at it.
  16. GAMBLER1234

    Best necks of all in my opinion

    Yah, it happens once in awhile. I go away and come back later and it's OK. Yep, weird.
  17. GAMBLER1234

    Best necks of all in my opinion

    Don't know why but all of the controls are whited out and non funcional.
  18. GAMBLER1234

    Best necks of all in my opinion

    The best Fender neck I've ever played is my 83 Revised Edition Strat...
  19. GAMBLER1234

    PRRI vs DRRI vs Vibro Champ vs '57 Custom Champ

    Yep. I asked the guy I bought it from about that but he wasn't the original owner either and couldn't tell me anything about it. My good fortune though.
  20. GAMBLER1234

    PRRI vs DRRI vs Vibro Champ vs '57 Custom Champ

    I think a lot depends on your own ears and the sound you're looking for. I like the C-Rex because to my ears there's a fine line between Fender chime and Fender ice pick. The C-Rex tames that to my liking. I recently picked this one up used off of Craigs List and it being my first PR I don't...
  21. GAMBLER1234

    Best Amp for Gretsch-y Blues?

    You can get them used for right around the price of dinner for four.

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