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    What Does Your Guitar(s) Say About You?

    They are happy they were rescued (all off Craigslist) and they all say “play me! Play me!” 2 Fender and 2 Gretsch
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    Newbie (guitar player) with G2921

    Hello, sorry I’m late to your post but I picked up the exact same guitar last year! I had to reset the neck but it plays great and I love it. Did you ever figure out the dual switch configuration? Have you tried playing slide on it? I love to on mine and since the bridge is adjustable and the...
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    Which model Gretsch?

    Bolt-on neck, 4 bolts like a Fender.
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    Which model Gretsch?

    I wanted to include this pic also, Electromatic script is pretty unique! Thank you all for the input. Any ideas on year?
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    Which model Gretsch?

    I have this older Electromatic, but it is from a few years run which had stickers for SN# and now it is long gone. It’s an Electromatic as stated on the headstock, so I would call it an Electromatic Duo Jet, but I would love some help in identifying model and year, country of origin, etc...

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