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  1. OldCowHand

    Hah! I told you I wasn't dead.

    Bandsaws have always seemed dangerous to me, and I remember feeling quite queasy when I read that Fender used to take the relief out of Strat bodies with a bandsaw. When I started using one, though, I found that your hands are quite a long way from the blade when doing most work. And the...
  2. OldCowHand

    Hah! I told you I wasn't dead.

    I haven't broken one yet, but I find the adjustments tricky to do properly, particularly the tension. Advice ranges from 2mm to ¼-½" play in the middle, but how hard you press when measuring is the big question. With the tension set to almost breaking point you can move it ¼" easily if you press...
  3. OldCowHand

    Hah! I told you I wasn't dead.

    Thanks for all those warm comments! I said I'd try to explain what I've been up to, and I'll kick off with this—one of this year's new additions to the workshop. It's part of a process known in Wales as keeping up with the Joneses, but in England as keeping up with the Gregorys. I can't say...
  4. OldCowHand

    Hah! I told you I wasn't dead.

    I'm here to apologize for my prolonged absence. I won't make any excuses because there is no excuse for neglecting your friends. I've been very busy, and I hope to be able to tell all about what I've been doing. I think every day about you all, and ... heck, it's getting near Christmas, so I'll...
  5. OldCowHand

    Did I miss anything!

    Hi Martine! I've been an absentee too for the last few days. Just been looking round and got overwhelmed by the number of unread threads.
  6. OldCowHand

    Quick clip from the first gig

    Good stuff Nick! Looking forward to more.
  7. OldCowHand

    Just a post to say how much I like my 5120

    Had mine almost a year now, and love it even more than the first day.
  8. OldCowHand

    "Bedroom" amp?

    Could I make that the 6120AM and one of the new Walnut 5422s? Nothing against the Tenny, but I do fancy one of those Walnut Stains.
  9. OldCowHand

    Modified Super Gretsch

    Nice sound. Thanks for sharing.
  10. OldCowHand

    Euro2016, anyone?

  11. OldCowHand

    When He's Sixty-Four ... Plus Ten

    I heard part of a radio drama about what might have happened if they had not been successful. It was awful and I switched off after ten minutes.
  12. OldCowHand

    Happy Fathers Day GT!!

    My dad's up there with yours.
  13. OldCowHand

    When He's Sixty-Four ... Plus Ten

    I was going to say that. Lucky I read to the end of the thread before doing so. I like, on the end of the clip, "Thank you Ringo, that was wonderful."
  14. OldCowHand


    The six-month barrier is a critical time in a marriage. If you get past that, you stand a good chance for the future.
  15. OldCowHand

    Duo Jet

    Crikey! If you can't have Cliff Gallup's or George Harrison's, that one makes a very good sub. And what a bonus the case-candy is!
  16. OldCowHand

    New member and Weird bridge question

    Pleased to meet you Txit—welcome to Gretsch-Talk!
  17. OldCowHand

    Vibramate String Spoiler?

    That goes between the string end and guitar body when the string has been slipped onto the post. I actually cut two of the them when I had the packing polystyrene and the Stanley knife in my hand, but I didn't include the spare in the picture. :)
  18. OldCowHand

    Euro2016, anyone?

    Sounds good to me. I'm trying to cut down on sugar in tea and coffee. My target is one less grain per day, but I keep losing count.
  19. OldCowHand

    Vibramate String Spoiler?

    That sounds like unnecessary acrobatics. This is the third time I've posted my changing kit. If I'm changing all six, as I usually am, I wouldn't dream of trying to put all six on the Bigsby at the same time. I do them one at a time and go 6, 1, 5, 2, 4, 3, but I guess that's arbitrary. It's so...
  20. OldCowHand

    "Bedroom" amp?

    That's a wonderful story, and I was trying to see how I could spin it to my advantage. It can't be done. We have a large orange 1970s rug on the floor in the sitting room and I have an orange Gretsch; the walls are white and I have two white guitars; the furniture is brown and beige stripes ...
  21. OldCowHand

    New Build: Ultimate Blue Guitar

    That's going to be great. When you start soldering don't forget—blue wire goes to blue and blue wire goes to blue. :-)
  22. OldCowHand


    Congrats! Lovely top.
  23. OldCowHand

    "Bedroom" amp?

    Is it a case of musical equipment to match furniture or furniture to match musical equipment?

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