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  1. gretscher09

    "My Best Friend's Girl" The Cars - Guitar Cover

    Great you tube site. Thanks.
  2. gretscher09

    For The Love Of Tremolo

    I use the Tank most of the time, adjusting the mix and dwell to taste. I went quickly thru the other options in Neuro Editor and am using the two springs from the Ventris in their stock settings for Reverb and REVERB but can quickly adjust them with the knobs. I have had the True Spring for...
  3. gretscher09

    For The Love Of Tremolo

    Synchro, I share your affliction for reverb and tremolo. I have to have spring and trem in all flavors. The True Spring is one of the best spring reverbs I have heard. And with the Neuro Editor you can have access to more options, including the springs from the Ventris. I have my 3 presets for...
  4. gretscher09

    Can anyone help me decide between the G6120T-55 Vintage Select and G6120TG-DS Players Edition, please!

    Yes, that top looks similar to the one on my 6120-55VS. Kind of like a combination quilted+flame maple top. I had the dubious thought of selling it recently but every time I pull it out of the case, see the top and play it, I quickly realize it's not going anywhere. The pics on the Gretsch...
  5. gretscher09

    Can anyone help me decide between the G6120T-55 Vintage Select and G6120TG-DS Players Edition, please!

    Welcome! If you compare the specs closely there are quite a few differences between the guitars: bridge, nut, tuner, bigsby, etc. But if you played them side by side I am not sure you would hear a big difference when amplified. I would say cosmetics are the most noticeable. The tops are...
  6. gretscher09

    Neil Young Harvestime

    Haven't seen it. Hope he puts it on his website.
  7. gretscher09

    Gigged my Black Phoenix for the first time today….

    I recently bought some pickup rings from Quick Guards. He also does pickguards.
  8. gretscher09

    New Big Byrds Book

    Love that era of the Byrds. I can remember when Mr. Tambourine Man was released and I heard it for the first time. It made a huge impact on my interest in music and the guitar.
  9. gretscher09


    I couldn't resist the same guitar at a MF sale a while back. I put in TV Jones pickups, just because, and I play it all the time. Very nice quality for the money. In fact I bought a second one to keep stock but I don't really need it in case anyone is interested.
  10. gretscher09

    Thoughts on a 2005 G6120 DSW

    I had a 6120 DSW about that year. I now have a 6120T-55 Vintage Select, which is very similar. Both are great guitars. It is worth trying out Dynasonics for sure.
  11. gretscher09

    Strings jumping off saddles with Richard Fortus White Falcon

    Yeah, weird. He said it was the low E (52ga) that was popping off. He must wail on the low strings.
  12. gretscher09

    Any upgrades needed G6636T?

    I have both a white and a black G6636T. It is one of the few Gretsch that I like with HS Filtertrons. The other has Ray Butts. Both have a Tru-Arc, BiggsFix, Biggs spring and Chet handles. Great guitars.
  13. gretscher09

    Amazing Grace on a Falcon

    Joe Robinson is fantastic!
  14. gretscher09

    Who's Sorry Now

    Nice playing, nice sound! Thanks
  15. gretscher09

    New Reverb selling requirement
  16. gretscher09

    What is your favorite TV Jones Filtertron

    Ray Butts Ful-Fidelity are my favorite FilterTron.
  17. gretscher09

    Got the letter from Reverb....

    The link below is Reverb's explanation of the 1099K rule. It is a little misleading in that they give an example where someone sells a guitar for less than they paid for it so they have "no taxable income to report". While technically true, they do have to report the 1099K on their tax return...
  18. gretscher09

    Got the letter from Reverb....

    The 1099K reporting rule has been in affect for several years but the threshold was $20,000 and at least 200 transactions. Except for several states where the threshold was $600. As has been stated, this all changes starting 2022 when the threshold drops to $6oo, no matter how few transactions...
  19. gretscher09

    Got the letter from Reverb....

    Schedule D is an option that might work. But my accountant discouraged it, recommending using Schedule C. And the letter I got from the IRS referred to using Schedules C, E or F to account for the 1099K income. Either way it is now extra work and expense to report all this on your income tax...
  20. gretscher09

    Got the letter from Reverb....

    If you get a 1099K and you don't report the income the IRS computers will flag it and send you nasty letters about how much income tax you owe on the full amount. I know from first hand experience. They assume the amount on the 1099K is all income. The problem is there is no where on a tax...
  21. gretscher09

    Big tax changes will affect guitar sellers and parts resellers..

    I can’t believe this hasn’t come up before. For some states in the US the $600 threshold has been in effect for a couple of years. I have first-hand experience that the IRS considers the amounts on 1099Ks as reportable income. It is a complete mess and an accounting nightmare. For example, say...
  22. gretscher09

    17th to 20th fret access

    Check out this, pretty good upper fret access:

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