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  1. Dirtymug666


    Thanks crunch! We're all really excited. This project is the end result of about 10 years of writing for me, all recorded, mixed, and mastered ourselves. I'm getting the vinyl test pressing in the mail this Friday and I'm super excited! Kinda feel like a dill hole for not posting anything here...
  2. Dirtymug666


    Hey everybody! Been a long time since I've posted. Hope you are all doing well! Anyway, I wanted to tell you folks about our pledge music campaign that's going on right now for our new album, "wildfire". It's soaked in all manner of gretsch tone. All my guitar parts were recorded with a 5120...
  3. Dirtymug666

    Any experience with a jensen c15n?

    Anybody every tried a c15n? Looking at speaker specs, it has frequency response at 7k, which is quite higher than most 15" speakers, even the popular eminence speakers. I'm thinking about putting one in a cab I have lying around, and thought I'd ask here first
  4. Dirtymug666

    Done with electrics, going back the accordion

    I'm sorry to hear that pops. My cousin, who is responsible for my playing guitar, passed away a few years ago and I think about him every time I play as well. The loss is painful, but it is nice to have music as a connection with passed love ones. In a way it keeps them with us
  5. Dirtymug666

    Done with electrics, going back the accordion

    Hahaha that's my kind of humor! You win! But still, Gretsch accordions are awesome. The songs on my bands RN page feature a Gretsch accordion if you wanna give a listen
  6. Dirtymug666

    Done with electrics, going back the accordion

    I love accordion. I've been playing with an accordion player in my band for the last 6 years and couldn't imagine playing without him. Do what you do friend. But it is a shame that you'll give up electric all together... But you still have my support :D
  7. Dirtymug666

    Another 5120 mod thread...

    Very cool! I've been wanting to bind the headstock and f holes on my 5120 for a while now, but am nervous about getting after it with a router. But you've got me thinking more about it
  8. Dirtymug666

    My album is out NOW! Gretsch White Falcon on every track!

    Beautiful stuff man. Congratulations 100 times over. I bet you feel on top of the world right now. Having 10 years of work finally manifest into a finished product is a wonderful thing. And I think you met your goal of having the falcon album. Not a 6120, not a gent, not a country club. Falcon...
  9. Dirtymug666


    That is fantastic!! You win!!!
  10. Dirtymug666

    Question About Strap Buttons??? Quick answers wanted :)

    Loctite makes them work fine. I tend to flail about wildly when playing live and the Gretsch buttons did come unscrewed a lot, but so do the strap locks I replaced them with. It's a slow and gradual thing, so I just have to make sure they are secure before each show.
  11. Dirtymug666

    Pickup blasphemy!

    Haha that would be funny! Hey, they already made a step in that direction with the new panthers they released this year
  12. Dirtymug666

    Pickup blasphemy!

    I like gretschbuckers a lot in a solid body. Makes sense to me to put them in a vette. And as far as blasphemy goes, do what works for you and forget about the nay-sayers. I have the most sacrilegious 5120 I've ever seen. I put a fender strat jack plate on top just under the bigsby :D
  13. Dirtymug666

    single coil tone?

    Compton is supreme rock-and-rollifier!
  14. Dirtymug666

    single coil tone?

    Hey buddy! Taking the pole screws out should be easy as cake! If there's nothing wrong with the pup, just unscrew them. And they will screw right back in when you want them to. I did a lot of experimenting with my g buckers before I swapped them out. I got a pretty nice sound in the neck...
  15. Dirtymug666

    I built me a new pedal!

    I actually like your pedal better than the big muff when they were set similarly. Your pedal sounded more lively or something. And the crazy lo fi sounds with the compression up high is pretty awesome!! Great job g!
  16. Dirtymug666

    Carl Martin boost

    I think you'll dig it. I've got a dyno and a Billy. The dyno is the one that stays on pretty much all the time, then the solo comes and it's dyno and Billy. And sometimes when I need a little more balls than the dyno has, the Billy goes on by itself. Loads of versatility with that set up, and...
  17. Dirtymug666

    Wyatt Maxwell representing on Letterman all week

    Dynas are so beautiful. That front man was a bit difficult to watch, but he sure did look like Elvis
  18. Dirtymug666

    TV Jones PowerTron or Classic?

    You will not be disappointed
  19. Dirtymug666

    TV Jones PowerTron or Classic?

    I have classics in my 5120 and I've played with a Billy brain into a CRANKED jca20h->212 cab. The bridge pup rock and rolls like no other. It does high gain very well for me. Although it does not sound like any other humbucker. It's a very unique high gain sound. I think you'll love it. But if...
  20. Dirtymug666

    Which PU for a jangly, riccy sound in a hollowbody ?

    My bands rhythm guitarist has dropped some dynas in his telecaster and it is jangle city. But given your original post, I'm not confident enough to say it's the jangle you want. I would have figured the hilos or 2000's would have done the trick. Perhaps using pots with higher values could help...
  21. Dirtymug666

    Modding a 5120

    I put tv classics in my 5120 and love the buh-jeezus out of them. For single coil tones, I stuck a dearmond 2000 in the middle position with it's own volume knob and ran it straight to the output jack from there.
  22. Dirtymug666

    Question about my Setup

    Big hollow bodies aren't for everybody. I love them dearly, but they do require a little extra love to keep them in shape. Good luck with the SG
  23. Dirtymug666

    Whats the one guitar

    My brutalized 5120 with copper Compton, tv classic neck and bridge, and dearmond 2000 middle with my own fancy wiring harness! (until Gretsch makes my signature model that is the same but with a maple fretboard) :D
  24. Dirtymug666

    Bigsby B3C Porn

    Not sure if it works the same for all, but a friend of mine has a vintage tennessee rose with v cut bigsby, an compared to the stock bigsby (b 12 I think) on my 2003 5120 model, it's very much like two completely different vibrato types. The v cut feels 100 times more responsive and alive, where...
  25. Dirtymug666

    Compton tru arc question?

    Compton is also made to match fretboard radius. As far as I can tell, both tru arc and Compton bridges achieve pretty much the same thing. The only difference is that tru-arcs are made to look more like the traditional rocking bar bridges found stock on some gretsches, so you can upgrade without...

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