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  1. RobertusMaximus

    People are strange.

    @SneakyPete , I hope things go better for you. Life sucks sometimes, and a lot of people are jacka$$es. Fortunately, not everyone is. For every shmuck, there's somebody out there doing good. It just doesn't get the press. Stay strong, and decide the pain doesn't matter. Enjoy every minute of...
  2. RobertusMaximus

    Playing your electrics unplugged...

    Usually early in the morning when my wife is asleep.
  3. RobertusMaximus

    New 5420 mic

    Very nice guitar! I try to avoid buying anything made in China, but it's difficult. Last year I bought the Gretsch G5422G-12 Electromatic Classic Hollowbody Double-Cut 12-string - Single Barrel Burst (I wanted a Gretsch Electromatic 12 string) but found that model is only made in China. So I...
  4. RobertusMaximus

    Upgraded ??????

    "This guy is trying to polish jello." Awesome!
  5. RobertusMaximus

    Question for New Electromatic Buyers

    I purchase most of my Gretsch guitars from Sweetwater. So they came with the box, inspection card, Allen wrench, and of course, some candy from Sweetwater (including a sticker). I usually purchase a case at the same time, and they usually ship the guitar in the case. I've bought seven Gretsch...
  6. RobertusMaximus

    Upgraded ??????

    Sounds about right. The Reverb photos show some chips, the downgraded upgrades, the fretboard dirty/worn, and some overall wear. Maybe $500?
  7. RobertusMaximus

    Rat Rod case G6241FT?

    I did the same. Added some foam wrapped in a microfiber fabric. Congrats on the Rat Rod. They are awesome!
  8. RobertusMaximus

    New guy here and hooked on Gretsch!

    Awesome guitar! Welcome!
  9. RobertusMaximus

    Guitar of the day

    I have this guitar, bought it from Sweetwater. You are right; it is a "Sweet" guitar! The fit and finish are fantastic. It plays like a dream. The only issue I had with it (with Sweetwater) was that the "certified fit" case did not fit the guitar! I ended up swapping around another guitar that...
  10. RobertusMaximus

    Guitar hangar recommendations

    I bought mine from Amazon. I hung a couple of my wife's kid's electric guitars in their rooms, then mine as well. Thanks to the great advice on this forum, I bent the U-shape hanger a bit on one of the to make sure my new Fender Paranormal Baritone Cabronita Telecaster wouldn't slip through...
  11. RobertusMaximus

    Guitar hangar recommendations

    It turns out that I only had room for two more hangers!
  12. RobertusMaximus

    Guitar hangar recommendations

    I have a few of my guitars and an old bass hanging from the walls. The majority of everything else (guitars, basses, mandolins, guitar/sitar, steel) are in their respective cases. It makes me nervous about having everything just sitting out in the open. That said, there is always a guitar or two...
  13. RobertusMaximus

    Boss katana 50

    I have one; I use it almost daily. I don't gig with it, but then I don't gig. lol. When the wife isn't around, I crank it up. Believe me, its plenty loud. It also has some cool effects built into it. That said, does it compare to my Orange Super Crush 100? No, of course not. Everything has a...
  14. RobertusMaximus

    Best Gear You Got in 2022

    I bought the last of my year-end sale gear, and it is still coming in. Two guitars from Eastwood ( PB Fretless - Sunburst and MRG Baritone Guitar ) won't be here until March. However, the Fender Classic Vibe Starcaster came in last week, and I unboxed it this morning. A Fender Paranormal...
  15. RobertusMaximus

    Last 2022 buy

    Very nice!
  16. RobertusMaximus

    Any plans for 2023?

    My plans for 2023? Save, buy additional stock, work (do more of those damned certifications), and play guitar/bass/mandolin/drums/synth as much as I can. Complete my current science fiction book (seventh), start another book and do a couple of my electronic build projects. Keep losing weight...
  17. RobertusMaximus


    Happy New Year!
  18. RobertusMaximus

    How to get that great Gretsch rockabilly sound?

    Awesome! (Damn, I ordered one last thing this year.) I can't wait to give it a try!
  19. RobertusMaximus

    How to make 2023 a no NGD year?

    I've had GAS really bad this year—kind of like when I was getting divorced in 2014. I bought way more guns than I could possibly ever use. That said, I went from one guitar this year to twenty-seven. 2023 is a hiatus year for me. Nothing new that isn't bought by selling something else. It will...
  20. RobertusMaximus

    Happy Holidays ya’ll

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever floats your boat!
  21. RobertusMaximus

    Fender Gent-o-caster

    Very cool! On the slightly less expensive side, I picked up a Fender Starcaster that has been nothing but fun. From Fender's website (the sale is still going on), Normally $329.99, discounted down to $237.59. Excellent finish, and no neck sprout, the action is a little high, but I've yet to do a...
  22. RobertusMaximus

    Recording sub forum?

    Sounds great. I am definitely interested in learning. I've got a TASCAM Model 12 Mixer/Interface/Recorder/Controller I picked up at Sweetwater. I'm still learning how to use it. But it's definitely worth the time and effort. Compared to what I had in the 1980s, it might as well be magic! LOL.

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