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    Dont know why people are afraid to refinish their own guitars.....

    To be brutally honest, I couldn't care less about my guitars' colours. Sure, I've gone out on the hunt for a guitar, and there'd be a 'preferable' colour, but I nearly always came away with a different colour, because I got the best player, and most times they didn't have the colour in stock...
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    Comparing Different Versions of Walk Don't Run

    This thread got me thinking... IMO, the last albums the Shadows did that were worth listening to were the ones they did with John Farrar in the '70s. Just wondering if any of the Aussies know what he's been up to since? I know he produced most of Olivia Newton John's stuff, but can't find any...
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    Comparing Different Versions of Walk Don't Run

    The Ventures one from the late '50s for me. Being a Brit and having grown up being force fed the Shadows by my Dad, I should lean that way, but they recorded it too late. It sounds very '70s disco, and at a time when they pretty much gave up writing original tunes.
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    String suggestions?

    As it happens, they fit what I use, anyway, but I reckon Elixirs would work well on there.
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    Talk me out of this??

    Don't do it. There, I tried. ;)
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    Ageing chrome knobs

    'Safe' is not a word I'd have used.
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    Ageing chrome knobs

    Chrome and gold are ALWAYS plated on top of nickel, and they're very thin coatings. Muriatic acid is 'consumer grade' hydrochloric acid. Dilute it down - acid in to water 50/50. Seal the open end of the knobs, so the acid doesn't get in and place the knob in a solution shallow enough that the...
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    New amp poll

    The Page thing... he's said in plenty of interviews that he used one on the first Zep album and Albert Lee has also said that he was using one, Page heard it and went out and got one. That said, JP is also known to have used Vox, Orange, Hiwatt etc etc in the studio... pretty much whatever gave...
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    Valve amp head to cab question

    That's groovy. No wiring or additional money spending required then? ;)
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    One man's trash...

    I had the opposite experience just under a year ago. A near pristine Dano DC59 with a lot of 'perceived problems' that turned out to be a combination of exaggeration and incompetence. Cost me half what it was worth.
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    NGD G5420 Limited Cadillac Green Electromatic

    I'm biassed...:) It's the best colour they've done them in. I got one of the 2012/13 ones. Congrats
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    Your pedalboard today.

    I'm pretty sure I posted a photo five years back. It hasn't changed.
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    Valve amp head to cab question

    Also doable, but you need to break in to different wires on the cab... essentially, you'd have to use two speakers in parallel plugged to the 4 ohm socket... from memory, you said it could run 4 or 8 ohms.
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    Spain: local advice please.

    Never been to Spain... I'm told a tour of The Nou Camp is worthwhile - Barcelona football stadium.
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    What's your "guilty pleasure" guitar?

    Nothing really... I remember the Gibson (Epipone) thing. It was going to be part of a beginner package, including amp and strap for about £100. At that time, the royalties 'the Hendrix estase' were demanding were extortionate, hence the reason Fender didn't do one for so long. FWIW, a brand...
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    What guitar polish do you like?

    Mine's an Electromatic, so it's poly, so anything other than a damp cloth is a waste of time and money. As far as nitro goes, just remember, every time you use polish on it, you're removing finish.
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    Valve amp head to cab question

    Well, I remember you posting about some amps you'd built, so I figured you know what you're doing. That jack socket did occur to me, but wasn't sure what they're called or how to wire one. You've actually helped me solve a quandry of how to wire an extenion speaker for my Dad's amp. Cheers
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    Valve amp head to cab question

    I expect your cab is wired thus - With the addition of a second jack and a switch, this would do the job, and youe 5 watt amp would only be having to drive one speaker. I'm hoping @markeebee will take a squint and confirm it'd be suitable. All you'd need to buy is a non-grounded jack...
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    Reverb problem - 12AX7 Tube help, please

    Saw an 'Uncle Doug' video on 'the 'tube' a couple of weeks ago where he diagnosed and fixed this kind of issue. If I find it, I'll post the link, but from memory, it involved a resistor replacement, not valves.
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    The first albums I ever purchased

    My Grandparents bought me 'Remember You're A Wonble' some time around '74. First one I paid for was probably 'Never Mind The Bollocks' or 'Scared To Dance'. Must see if I can find that Womble album - cheezy, kids songs, but the musicianship on there was exceptional.
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    Recommed A Chorus Pedal For Me

    I was a teenager in the '80s. If I never hear chorus again, it'll be too soon... The "classic" chorus sound on recordings was invariably a Roland JC120 amp - which had it built in - or a the Boss Chorus pedal, which was the same circuit in a stompbox, I think. So... Boss CH-1 would be my...
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    Valve amp head to cab question

    The output impedence isf any amp is dependant on it's output transformer, so just because the original blah, blah, blah was 4 ohms, does not mean the clone MUST be. If it says 8 on the back, assuming the builder knows what he's doing, it's 8. Okay, as 'Wabash' pointed out, YOUR cab is likely...
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    How Many Guitars Do You Need?

    I don't NEED any. I have many, because I can. If I was still gigging regularly, I'd NEED two identical ones.
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    Line 6 Helix

    Two years on, how's it working out? I'm curious... any regrets?
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    Are we in a golden era for guitars?

    Guitars these days have no personality, and they're all beginning to look the same. No one ever will say, "OH! Cool! An '04 Squier!" The powers that be are talking about mandatory decibel limits in bars. There go any and all stacks... It'll be even worse with flying cars. We can't really...

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