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  1. J Bird


    I, too, love my Committee! I was just rocking out with her a few minutes ago.
  2. J Bird

    For Sale/Trade Early Mystery Brain $250

    One of the early builds here. It's in great condition and everything works perfectly. It features a dB cut mini toggle that's great for certain pickup/amp combinations. The other mini toggle engages the tape warble. Otherwise, there are no internal dips or trims, nor fx send. I'd consider...
  3. J Bird

    Show us your pedalboard

    My newest iteration most significantly moves the (always on, pushed) Atomic Brain from the end of the line to right after the wah. I was reminiscing about how nicely the Atomic Brain makes the drive pedals after it clearer, tighter and at the same time, dirtier. Now, there's a more even...
  4. J Bird

    NGD - 2009 G5122

    Lovely. I'm partial to '09s, I have a sunburst 5120 of the same vintage.
  5. J Bird

    SOLD Late 70s 135w Twin Reverb

    Yes, it might be priced a little low, but considering the condition, it's a good price. It may sell today. I'm motivated to sell. Beyond nostalgia, there's no reason for me to hang on to it. It would be better if someone put it to good use.
  6. J Bird

    SOLD 2015 MIM Telecaster FSR w/Bigsby B-5

    This lovely Special Edition Deluxe Ash is in excellent condition. I prefer it be a local to the Seattle area sale. $800 here on GT. Now $750
  7. J Bird

    SOLD Late 70s 135w Twin Reverb

    I'm reducing the price to $650. Played some this morning and she sounds great. Yes, someone is going to get a classic amp. I guess I'm just finally resolved to be OK with letting her go.
  8. J Bird

    Back in the fold

    I see it's being lab tested. Let us know what the lab results are.
  9. J Bird

    NPD after waiting 16 months

    Ooh! I prefer hi-cut and low-cut on delays way more than wow and flutter. Very dub.
  10. J Bird

    What Color Is Your Preamp?

    Blue flake Atomic Brain takes the cake. Set between 1 and 3 o'clock it adds so much. It's right before (on top) of my vintage Supro Thunderbolt. I, too, am a clean but rich player. I find your assessment of the Topanga spot on as well.
  11. J Bird

    Trying to name a movie

    I got really spooked in the 70s by a movie (on TV) that opens with a boy on a beach scooping sand and uncovers a skull. It was a very similar setting to the beach we would go to with grey skies, grey ocean and grey sand. It wasn't exactly horrifying, but that scene freaked me out. Anybody...
  12. J Bird

    SOLD Late 70s 135w Twin Reverb

    Thanks for the encouragement. This one weighs in at 89 pounds, ouch.
  13. J Bird

    SOLD Late 70s 135w Twin Reverb

    For sale local to the Seattle area is my Twin Reverb with orange JBL D-120F (reconed?) speakers. Cosmetically, it's poor, with torn tolex, grill cloth and various scrapes. Sonically, it's a powerhouse, with a new quad of power tubes (JJ 5881's). I'm asking $700. NOW $650
  14. J Bird

    I've created a gear nut!

    Here's a closer look.
  15. J Bird

    I've created a gear nut!

    I'm not sure. I imagine it's the striated grain pattern that shows when milled a certain way. His dad received a bunch of veneer in the 60s or 70s in trade for services rendered. He has held onto it hoping to put it to some good use.
  16. J Bird

    I've created a gear nut!

    My friend's passion for gear now exceeds mine. Ten years ago, when we met, he had a guitar and the desire to learn how to play. Here's a couple of his recent projects. A Roland Blues Cube 60. And a kit headless bass that he capped with some fiddleback mahogany veneer.
  17. J Bird

    Guitar Browsing in PDX

    I've never been to Strum. It looks like a cool shop and only a few blocks from Old Town Music. My friend, who's from the East Coast, loves Michael's Italian. It's right across 11th Avenue from Old Town Music.
  18. J Bird

    Guitar Browsing in PDX

    PDX is the airport code for Portland, OR. My two favorite shops are Centaur Guitar and Old Town Music, both are on Sandy Blvd about 25 blocks apart. Otherwise, there are Trade Up Music stores, Portland Music and Guitar Centers, which is your best chance to play Gretsch guitars.
  19. J Bird

    Favorite Defunct Guitar Brand

    I have a '95 Goya (Martin licensed) Korean made dreadnought. The Swedish made Goya brand guitars from the 60s are the ones to keep an eye out for. I don't see why Gretsch couldn't restart the Bacon and Day brand. Although B&D were best known for their banjos, there were some exquisite guitars...
  20. J Bird

    Which reverb

    I've got both the Topanga and HOF2. I greatly prefer the Topanga for a very good emulation that includes an always on preamp. The HOF2 seems to have a quakiness to them that doesn't sound natural.
  21. J Bird

    Your Favorite Movies Today

    I've always loved Bridge on the River Kwai. Re-watched Get Out yesterday, fantastic!
  22. J Bird

    Astounding: dude goes in search of what makes amp tones

    The biggest takeaway is at 11:45 where the amp topologies are considered. The order of eq and gain is what makes the most difference between the amps. Interestingly, he's recreated those orders with eq's and boost pedals, and done a fantastic job in my estimation.

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