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  1. Stefan87

    My “Stray Cat” Custom

    I want to give you full credit for taking a new top tier proline and modifying to your likings, i know nothing you have done is irreversible but it still takes a lot to do that to something that isn't a $200-$500 item. Especially when said item is such a praised instrument in stock form.
  2. Stefan87


    Totally agree too. Just recently i had a players edition duo jet with the lower set neck that i borrowed off a mate and my penguin at home, the players editions are great with the mods but id say they are just a different feel, not necessarily easier to play. I personally preferee the penguin.
  3. Stefan87


    Can't comment on the easiest playing gretsch but I will say that these particular jets look absolutely stunning in person, I am not a sparkle fan but really wanted to take one home badly. I guess I will say that most guitars can be easy to play when set up correctly.
  4. Stefan87

    NGD G5232T in Tahiti Red

    Congrats, love the colour of these, enjoy.
  5. Stefan87

    NGD: ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000

    Congrats, I had a EC1000 that I got in a trade, was a very good guitar.
  6. Stefan87

    NGD....Rick 610

    Congrats on getting a guitar you have wanted for yonks. Enhoy.
  7. Stefan87

    Falcon-ish Schecter model

    They do have an ebony fret board which is cool. lol, they do actually......but no case, don't look @thunder58 .
  8. Stefan87


    Congrats, always like blue fenders.
  9. Stefan87


    I love Squiers, so good for the price, congrats.
  10. Stefan87

    Outkast with G5427T

    Welcome and hello.
  11. Stefan87


    Very nice, as for the bodies, I think that has varied over the years but I'm no expert. I will say though that my double anniversary is a 2.5' body and I much prefer that over my 2.75' 6120 and 6119, so to me a 2.5 body is a big plus on these players editions. Congrats and enjoy.
  12. Stefan87

    Falcon-ish Schecter model

    Well schecter themself started as a repairer if I remember correctly and back in the 80's/90's they did make T and S style, LP style guitars so it's nothing new really, they still make all those shapes today as well as they do a double cut which would be their 335 I guess.
  13. Stefan87

    Falcon-ish Schecter model

    See now i actually like these and of i could find one down here to try i more then likely would consider buying one. Pretty sure they are 16 bodies bit can't confirm that but they are 24.6 scale so only assuming that, yes they are cleary a copy of a gretsch but at in between Electro and proline...
  14. Stefan87


    Congrats Lou, nice looking guitar you have there.
  15. Stefan87

    SOLD 2012 G6134B Black Penguin (Australia but will ship)

    If I knew how to surf I'd do that and come over too, would love to visit the West Coast one day.
  16. Stefan87

    NGD G5655TG Jr Centerblock

    Cograts, these are cool guitars, enjoy.
  17. Stefan87

    What's the best investment guitar?

    None, my opinion anyway. Crazy about the squier though lol.
  18. Stefan87

    Guitar Player: Vintage, Rare and Cool. This Gorgeous Cast of 1950s Gretsch White Falcons is a Collector’s Dream

    Man those pictures are fantastic, would love to make a framed poster out of one. I love how they have yellowed over the years, never even thought of owning a Falcon since I started with Gretsch all those years ago, now I have one I don't think I could be with out one.
  19. Stefan87

    Meet the new car, same as the old car

    Congrats, those things are awesome, I am a die hard toyota fan (mazda too) but would take one of those over a GR86 any day, especially the new ones.
  20. Stefan87

    Pictures of the Weeping Trees - one-man-band original

    Wow that was awesome, im jealous of the fact you can sing and play let alone do all the rest lol, absolutely loved the sound you got too. Really enjoyed that, thanks for posting.
  21. Stefan87

    125th Anniversary Power'Tron Pickup Covers

    Hey Caliban335, I purchased my Powertrons used and they came out of a Jag tan and gold side Annie as the original owner swapped the powertrons out for custom pick ups, so the ones I pictured were standard for your model. My anniversary came to me with no pick ups in it at all.
  22. Stefan87

    What’s your favourite guitar build?

    Hollowbodies, best of both worlds, can be electrified and acoustic.
  23. Stefan87

    TV Jones Blemished Pickup Sale

    Some good deals on popular pickups, was hopeful when I read this there were some RB's but alas not the case.
  24. Stefan87

    The HS Filtertron appreciation thread

    That was a nice gesture, especially sent overseas. IMO yes HS FT will get you more of what the black tops offer, yes TVJ are great pickups and are worth the money but the HS FT are definitely a viable option if you don't want to spend the money and well worth the time and effort to do the swap.
  25. Stefan87

    5422 vs. Rat Rod

    Man i love the white rat rods and would love one, but am running out of reasons for new gear lol. Congrats, i hope you can keep both but if not im sure you will make the right choice.