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    How’s your 2016 Streamliners going?

    Holding up ok? Frets wearing out or been replaced? Electrics still holding up? Has the sound improved with age? I’ve got a G2420, lots of corrosion on the metal, frets worn but still ok and electrics have been dismal since day 1. But it’s beautiful unplugged, sounding better all the time and...
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    NGD 5420 Aspen Green

    Not really new, I dug it out from back room, been unplayed for at least 3yrs. Bought it 4yrs ago and didn’t like it. Loved it’s look but I couldn’t bond with its sound or feel. Since I got an orange stain recently and put new strings and truss rod adjustment and it’s made it a different guitar...
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    NGD 5420 Orange Stain

    Not quite a ‘57 6120 but close enough for me. Didn’t like it at all till a string change. I don’t know what they were, some super budget brand but fishing line would’ve sounded better, they were awful. All sorted now and 100% happy.
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    No free postage???

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    Spot the differences

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    Scarf joints

    I’m guessing all Streamliners have scarf jointed necks, my 2420s do. What’s your thoughts? I’ve known guys to dismiss them as sign of a cheap guitar. Reckon they don’t sound as good due to the join. But Strats and Teles sound fine with bolt on necks. I reckon it’d be impossible to tell the...
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    Single Anniversary? Can anyone ID?

    I had this stolen 30yrs ago, unsure what it is, definitely spruce top, I remember the lines and I thought it had bound f holes but maybe not. Only pic I have, there was no headstock plate or screw holes where one had been. Also no model number but I found it’s serial number and my description of...
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    Why did you get a Streamliner?

    I was looking for either a natural or burst single cut hollowbody, mid 50s with block or humpblock inlays. I had a spruce top 58 Single Anniversary stolen 30yrs ago, and a sunburst Gibson ES 175 I sold when I didn’t need to. I always wanted to replace either, I was prepared to pay a lot more...
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    Who likes Greco?

    I’ve got this, early 70s. Some certainly aren’t cheap. It’s the basic model, the more you pay the nicer they look but this sounds and plays well enough for me. Google the 6120 copy they did. I’d gladly have one of those too.
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    Has Gretsch done a Gibson?

    That binding looks a bit dodgy to me. Not the best pic to advertise the new Streamliners.
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    New member from Australia

    G’day all, been looking here for some time and just joined up. Had some nice mid 50s Gretschs years ago but they were stolen. Now happy with the single cutaway Streamliners and Electromatics. Great forum with lots of good info.

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