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  1. NWAttorney

    My Twangy Guitar

    His lessons are awesome with crystal clear resolution.
  2. NWAttorney

    Gretsch NAMM 2018 And More New Guitars

    The new players look pretty nice to me.
  3. NWAttorney

    Bored with the band

    On this note, I've just been asked to be a rhythm guitarist & vocals for an existing 5-piece band (I'm the 5th). Can't wait! Local, for fun, low key. Should be fun. I've played with the bass player before, who is a phenomenal classical guitarist turned bass player. 63 years old. VERY proficient.
  4. NWAttorney

    Over or mis used guitar related terms

    That is hilarious!
  5. NWAttorney

    “Man makes plans and God laughs.” ― Michael Chabon

    Robert, I too am sorry for your loss. I don't think God ever intended us to lose a loved one (human or pet) to death. Tragic consequences of the garden...
  6. NWAttorney

    So what else do you collect

    Guitar lessons books and dvds. Just doing one with focus start to finish would have been much better...
  7. NWAttorney

    NGD: 6119 Tennessee Rose

    Very good price. Great guitar!
  8. NWAttorney

    Greatest opening riffs

    Highway to Hell is also up there. However I hate the lyrics...
  9. NWAttorney

    Greatest opening riffs

    Yep.. At the very top.
  10. NWAttorney

    Folsom Prison Gretsch

    Very nice!
  11. NWAttorney

    Best Present Ever

    What a thoughtful gift!
  12. NWAttorney

    Abba :)

    That is my favorite as well.
  13. NWAttorney

    Abba :)

    Love them still!
  14. NWAttorney

    Brian Setzer touring with George Thorogood

    I saw GT & the Destroyers a couple years ago in Spokane. He nailed the songs but he is to old for his shtick. Sort of embarrassing.
  15. NWAttorney

    Worst presents ever.

    + 10000
  16. NWAttorney

    What Type of Guitar Player Are You?

    woodshedder & sideman
  17. NWAttorney

    Non-Judgemental poll. Have you ever played out?

    Are we only talking guitar here... or any instrument? No for guitar but yes for piano.
  18. NWAttorney


    I've just spent a nice half hour listening to Nick's stuff. Very enjoyable. Great job Nick!
  19. NWAttorney

    When do Gretschers Gretsch?

    Evenings after work.
  20. NWAttorney

    questions re: flatwounds

    I tried flatwounds on my 6119 and it was very dull sounding. They didn't last a day. Felt nice though. If I could find a brighter sounding set I'd give them a try.
  21. NWAttorney

    Hi from Lake Arrowhead, CA

    What Street? I grew up in Lake Arrowhead! Moved away in 95 after living there since 73
  22. NWAttorney

    O.K. Who here had a VW

    69 bug. Beige. Dad bought it in 1974 for $1k. Sold it in 87 for $1k.

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