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  1. NWAttorney

    Just Guitar and Drums

    I want to find some tasty slow bluesy songs do do with just the drums and guitar. Any recommendations of any cool duos in that regard? Thanks,
  2. NWAttorney

    Roller Nuts

    Does anybody have any experience with roller nuts? I know Fender makes them as does Gibson on some of their new guitars. It seems like a good idea as the tuning instability seems to always go back to the nut micro-binding the strings in their retreat from bends/bigsbys to neutral. Even in minor...
  3. NWAttorney

    Go Seahawks!

    Go Seahawks! That's all. :)
  4. NWAttorney

    Favorite Free TAB software

    I write TAB notations for some thing but not that often. Not often enough for me to get serious about any real software. I only use if for short solo sections I want to keep straight. Any recommendations for free TAB software?
  5. NWAttorney

    Absolute favorite Song. Maybe top two...

    Ok all, What is your absolute favorite song to play...maybe the top two. I know favorites change with time (days, weeks, months). So right now, what are your top one or two songs to play (super tasty, amazing chord progressions, etc.) And they can be super simple too...
  6. NWAttorney

    New Year's guitar related goals

    So what are your New Year's guitar related goals? I'm hoping to continue to learn and polish songs to play (maybe 1 or 2 a month), but also spend some quality time going through some solid lesson books and be a significantly better player by next New Year's day. No new guitars or equipment...
  7. NWAttorney

    3-piece band set list

    Hey all, I've been playing with two guys and we keep having problems finding solid songs for 3-piece bands. Not too hard (shredding lead guitar stuff) but not too easy either. Any of you 3-piecers willing to publish your set lists? (I have a couple stray cats stuff, so this would be in...
  8. NWAttorney

    I'll be home for Christmas Sheet music

    Gentlemen and women, I'm looking for a beautiful finger-style rendition of "I'll be home for Christmas". Does anybody know of a really great version in TAB form? I'd sure appreciate it! Thanks,
  9. NWAttorney

    Gig pics Captions

    First an alien starts walking out of the kick drum, then a Gretsch appears in my hand? What?
  10. NWAttorney

    Is guitar anybody's 2ndary instrument?

    Is guitar anybody's 2ndary instrument? If so what is your primary (more often played) instrument?
  11. NWAttorney

    Les Misérables

    Ok, I know this is not probably the BEST place for this question, but I like playing all sorts of stuff. Cavatina (full version) from the Deer Hunter is currently my favorite piece to play. I'm now wanting to learn a few of the scores from LM, specifically: - On My Own - I dreamed a dream...
  12. NWAttorney

    Acceptible temperature swings

    Does anybody know an acceptable amount of temperature change in a room for a guitar (Gretsch hollow body)? Over the slow course of a day it seems like the variance could be quite a bit (and be ok). And if you take your guitar out of your house to a gig then certainly the chance for instant...
  13. NWAttorney

    What is your single favorite song to play (solo)?

    I've picked up a bunch of songs that I play instrumental and sometimes accompanied by my (poor) vocals. Since I'm not part of an active band, I'm always looking for great songs that are good for stand-alone guitar. I'm sure there are great picks from the universe of this Gretsch Forum. I'd...
  14. NWAttorney

    Normal string height at 12th fret

    I know this has been discussed before but I can't find the thread. What is the normal height/action for the high and low E strings at the 12th fret (or 22nd fret, where ever it is measured)? And is it done with the first fret pressed or left open? I've got a G6119 with open F holes. 25.5"...
  15. NWAttorney

    Line 6 Pod HD/ Pod HD 500

    Does anybody use a Line 6 Pod HD? If so, what are your thoughts?
  16. NWAttorney

    Spare tubes?

    My amp runs 4-EL 84s and 4-12AX7s. Just wondering what you all do for spare tubes? Do you keep full backup sets, or just get them when you need them?
  17. NWAttorney

    EL84 tubes

    Hey all, I want to get a set of back-up tubes for my amp, and am looking for the warmest (& cleanest) sounding EL84 tubes available. I know they are not as warm and clean as 6L6's, but that's not the point. There are so many makers/types of EL84 tubes out there, any recommendations...
  18. NWAttorney

    # of People today learning guitar vs. piano

    Does anybody have a good figure on how many people: Play guitar vs. piano? Take guitar lessons vs. piano lessons? Just wondering...
  19. NWAttorney

    Carvin V3M amp??

    Anybody play Carvin's V3M amp? Demo here:
  20. NWAttorney

    Is it worth it?

    Early in this past spring I bought my son's Schecter Solo 6, maple flame top because he couldn't sell it and I wanted to keep him liquid. I didn't have a solid body, and although I someday want to end up with a Duo Jet, I though this would be good in the interim ($500 for guitar and case). He...
  21. NWAttorney

    Chord based Piano lessons/theory for my Wife

    Friends, My wife is wanting to pick up piano. She's seen my son and me having so much fun with our guitars that she wants to join in. (She use to play the flute, but that was 30 years ago.) While I have a bunch of music books, I don't have any good beginner theory books that place an...
  22. NWAttorney

    Better Stool for practicing?

    Those of you who use stools to practice on, which stool below would you think is better? I find high stools uncomfortable, even though I'm 6'4", however lower stools with fool bars are very comfortable. The primary difference between the two stools below is that one is adjustable and has a...
  23. NWAttorney

    Inland Northwest Jam (Rut buster group)

    Spike Strider, The Undecided One and myself will be starting up the garage band effort once again to bust out of the practicing rut. Our play list was narrowed down to: Already Gone (Eagles) James Dean (Eagles) Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen) Hold on Loosely (38 Special) Sweet...
  24. NWAttorney

    Best way to break out of a playing/practice rut

    Ok all you advisers, I've been playing now since last March (14 months ago), and have fallen into a rut big time. Any good ideas on how to mix things up? Make it fresh? Maybe not playing at the end of the day when I'm dead tired would be a good start. I'm all ears.
  25. NWAttorney

    Anybody drive a Mesa/Boogie Express 5:50?

    Anybody drive a Mesa/Boogie Express 5:50? I'm seriously considering getting one. It seems to have the clean sound I like, as well as a great blues, burn and crunch.

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