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  1. Madnessbd

    Value of my 2008 125th Anniversary G6118T-JR???

    Help...can you please help me identity the fair market value of my 2008 125th Anniversary G6118T-Jr in Smoke Green. I haven't been able to find this year and model for sale recently to determine what the fair price should be. Based on similar Anni Jr's from other years that are listed between...
  2. Madnessbd

    Value of 1958 Duo Jet

    I need all you experts to give me some guidance on a late 1958 Duo Jet and an approximate value? I understand there are so many aspects that go into the value, but I will give the criteria I know and we can go from there. Serial Number is correct for period and the guitar body has been...
  3. Madnessbd

    Value of 1959 Gretsch 6124 Anniversry???

    Hey Gretsch Family, I have come across a 1959 Gretsch 6124 and I am trying to determine what a fair value for this guitar would be. All parts are said to be original, but the pick guard is missing. The body shows some aging with small chips and a bit of cracking in the wood. I will try to...
  4. Madnessbd

    Sizing Compton for 2009 G6129TAU Sparkle Jet???

    Hey Gretsch Family! I am planning to order a SS Compton Bridge for my 2009 G6129TAU sparkle jet. I have taken my measurements and want to run them by you guys/gals to see if they are on point before I order. Stud-to-Stud Spacing = 2.9" String Spacing @ Bridge = 2.0" Fretboard Radius =...
  5. Madnessbd

    Hello Gretsch Family - Newbie Trying To Decide Which Guitar?

    Hello Gretsch Family, I am a newbie to the forum because I just purchased my first two (2) Gretsch's this week...:D. I am from Raleigh, NC and the majority of my playing is for worship at my church. As I said, I actually just picked up a couple Gretsch guitars this week and for budgetary...