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  1. confuciuskickstand

    Anyones band on myspace/youtube?

    Yeah my band The Life and Death of John C. Calhoun is on myspace! Check out our video.
  2. confuciuskickstand

    would you really like to be a star ?

    I'd only wanna be like make a living level famous. I have modest ambitions, but wouldn't mind playin the fiddle for ma money...just not the whole rawkstar bs
  3. confuciuskickstand

    What Poor Quality Gretsch Feature Ticks You Off?

    My Freakin' Wiring in my Pro-Jet SUCKS, it has been finicky since day 1, but now, the volume is permanently gone, and if I tap the body it flickers louder. It sucks just sucks period. Does anyone know how to rewire one of these guys? TvJones doesn't make harnesses for them.
  4. confuciuskickstand

    Pedal boards

    Well, I may be a bit of a newbie, but I am also a violent sound geek. My opinion is, how you play guitar, or how much "tone" you have, or how pure your signal chain is really irrelevant. What matters is whether the sound that comes out is interesting, engaging, terrifying, or whatever. If...
  5. confuciuskickstand

    Live Performance of my band

    Actually, the drummer IS a bassist. We don't have a good video of the second song we played, but he jumped on bass and I drummed. It has been pretty irritating to not have a DRUMMER since NEITHER of us are great percussionists, and we would BOTH rather play our stringed instruments, however...
  6. confuciuskickstand

    Live Performance of my band

    . We lost, they did not like the fact that I adjusted my glasses, and that me and the drummer wore different clothes. It was like, all about image. But, who cares, the audience loved us.
  7. confuciuskickstand

    Live Performance of my band

    Hey, if you follow the link you can see a video of my band The Life and Death of John C. Calhoun playing live at my university's Battle of the Bands. The song's called Pulliser's Triangle, and as you can see, I am playing my trusty Pro-Jet. Enjoy Pulliser's Triangle @ VU Battle of the...
  8. confuciuskickstand

    Peavey Windsor Studio?

    Hey, I was curious about KT-77's, what are they like?
  9. confuciuskickstand

    I never run out of questions!!!

    Will I need new wire? Is the stock wire of an inferior quality? If so, does it even make a difference in sound?
  10. confuciuskickstand

    I never run out of questions!!!

    Hey, as usual I have a technical question for all you well-informed gentlemen. I recently wrote to Mr. TV Jones asking him if he had a wiring harness that could work for my Pro-Jet. He responded in the negative and recommended that I buy parts and rewire it myself. So, do any of you have any...
  11. confuciuskickstand

    Time for a New Delay (Dare I ask) - Opinions?

    My buddy has a Sub-Decay EchoBox and it sounds FANTASTIC! Sweet warbly pitch-bendy decay. The only negative is that it has NO tap tempo, which for me, is essential.
  12. confuciuskickstand

    Pro-Jet - so far

    Dude, that is a SHARP looking gee-tar.
  13. confuciuskickstand

    Time for a New Delay (Dare I ask) - Opinions?

    The Carbon Copy sounds AMAZING. However, it lacks tap-tempo which (for me at least) is a must. The ultimate echo machine of all time (in my opinion) is the Pigtronix Echolution. However, with a price tag weighing in at over $400, it is not really practical. I am quite happy with my Boss...
  14. confuciuskickstand

    My Morning Jacket - Jim James plays Gretsch for NYE

    Wow, they got quite a collection of interesting fiddles.
  15. confuciuskickstand

    Pedal Order What Order Should They Go In GEEZ!!!

    I know there is an official order that things are supposed to go, but a lot of times, experimenting with pedal order can yield exciting results. For example, my bass-playin' friend and me were goofing around with pedals one fine day, and found that by sandwiching his EHX Micro-POG (a small dual...
  16. confuciuskickstand

    Something Wicked this way comes

    I realize I wandering into the middle of a debate, but as regards not liking certain musics, I don't think its weird that people not like stuff that most people like. For example, the music that will, sadly, be considered "classic" by my generation will probably be Fall Out Boy, Nickleback, and...
  17. confuciuskickstand

    Your songwriting formula.

    . Funny you should ask, I think its probably even worse than your joke names, but then again, I love weird, meaningless band names. We (2) go by "The Life and Death of John C. Calhoun". That's him.
  18. confuciuskickstand

    I'm Back!

    God protect and defend our beloved box of Juke (whatever that is) and grant him a speedy recovery.
  19. confuciuskickstand

    String questions

    Hey ya'll I have yet another tech question. I am currently working with a very difficult tuning (low to high) lowA-A-D-B-B-E. It is very nice sounding but the low A is really hard to keep in tune without a .52 or higher. To further add to the problem, I sweat battery acid so using coated...
  20. confuciuskickstand

    Top Five Friday

    Sweet dude, yeah, I have only recently discovered the whole drone scene. I discovered it mostly through the Boris/Sunn 0)) album Altar and since then it has just really grown on me. Speaking of Vinyl, do you have Domkirke? I just found it in a Chicago record shop and it is super awesome, like...
  21. confuciuskickstand

    Top Five Friday

    . No, I have never heard of Grails at all, but I will have to check them out.
  22. confuciuskickstand

    Top Five Friday

    HOLY CEEE-RAP another Sunn 0))) fan. Cursed Realms... is a great song, personal fav off that album is Cry For The Weeper though.
  23. confuciuskickstand

    Anyone else addicted to cheap guitars?

    As regards too many amps, there really just isn't anything quite as enjoyable as playing real loud through way too many speakers!!! :D
  24. confuciuskickstand

    Top Five Friday

    1) Pilgrimage - Om - Pilgrimage 2) Wrists of Kings - Isis - In The Absence of Truth 3) Rays on Pinion - Baroness - Untitled (red album) 4) The Hawk - Melvins - A Senile Animal 5) Roadbull - Melvins - Stoner Witch
  25. confuciuskickstand

    Here she is...! Corvette content

    That's mighty fetchin'!