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    Help with an unleaded GAS problem re: Electromatic Jet

    So a little followup, another local store had a killer deal on a Boss Katana 100W head, and I decided to go give it a whirl. I ended up buying the Katana, but I was able to use both a Gretsch Electromatic Jet and one of those cool Kramer Baretta Specials while demoing it. In short, I am pretty...
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    Help with an unleaded GAS problem re: Electromatic Jet

    I think you might find they are too similar. They don't sound *exactly* alike, but they *do* sound very similar. I can imagine myself getting the LP Tribute at one point also, just for the LP feel, and because I want one damnit! I actually think the LP Tribute is borderline the perfect guitar...
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    The Guitar Purchase Years

    Oh, I like the idea of including pictures! I will have to investigate how do do so!
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    Help with an unleaded GAS problem re: Electromatic Jet

    Update: The Jet sold :( It's probably for the best, as the timing was *not* right. I can always get one another time when the stable has room! Also, i'm eyeing a Boss Katana as well... So the Tribute line is very interesting in general, but the SG even moreso, as the specs are *very* similar...
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    The Guitar Purchase Years

    This one is a YGL1, a 15W all tube combo. Lovely little thing, has the best clean tones I have ever heard. My 339 isn't from the IBG line, it's a 339 Pro; the line immediately prior to the IBG one. The differences are that the Pros have a D-shaped neck, Rosewood board, coil splitting, and the...
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    Help with an unleaded GAS problem re: Electromatic Jet

    When I saw "beater", I probably mean something different than you do. I baby *all* my guitars. By "beater", I mean a guitar I will probably leave on a stand next to my amp, as one I will grab for impromptu quick noodle sessions. The rest of my guitars live in their cases until I get one to play...
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    The Guitar Purchase Years

    Yeah, I agree. I do a lot of "window shopping". I started a spreadsheet over a year ago with a "wish list". It's 10-20 guitars that I might be interested in. I rank them based on how novel they are compared to my existing collection (IE, if I had a Tele, LP, and Strat, another LP would score...
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    Help with an unleaded GAS problem re: Electromatic Jet

    That was a concern. I was eyeing this as a bit of a "beater" that I could leave out on a stand by the amp for impromptu playing sessions. I had a little Ibanez RG in that role for around six months, and it definitely led to be playing more. I find sometimes that having a cheap guitar around that...
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    G5220 and G5222 Fretboard Wood?

    Yeah, Laurel is about the manufacturers bottom line, and is chosen because it's cheap and at least *resembles* rosewood from afar enough to make a particular guitar known for having rosewood recognizable. I have *pretty* much sworn off Laurel altogether, and thankfully don't own any guitars that...
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    The Guitar Purchase Years

    See, it's funny, because I roared from zero up to seven in just under two years, and all of these things above have moved into stronger focus as I have gotten rid of guitars, usually in favor of fewer higher end pieces. I find the "addition by subtraction" is the strongest force for me. When I...
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    Help with an unleaded GAS problem re: Electromatic Jet

    Hey guys, long time lurker, and aspiring Gretsch owner. I started playing electric guitar again in late 2020, after a decade plus layoff, and it's been a blast. Never really having gear, I went a little nuts out of the gate, and in two years, I have bought and sold at least ten guitars. I just...
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    When is a relic’ed guitar no longer in “mint” condition?

    When it has been damaged beyond the relic'ing done from the factory. IE, the same as any other guitar. If it's still in the same state as it was when it left the factory, it's mint. If it has any other wear or damage, it's not. One big factor as others have mentioned is the clearcoat. Even a...
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    The Guitar Purchase Years

    Whoa. With all due respect, and obviously, I am not in your shoes, I figure you are 65-70 guitars past that point! I am at *six*, and I can't imagine going higher than that. Only have two hands, and 24 hours in the day!
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    “They've proven to be incredibly stable on this tour” – Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus gives us the latest on his new Gretsch Falcons

    These would be US made ones tho, wouldn't they, and would have a ton of upgrades compared to the average Gretsch.
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    Watering down the product?

    I can both kindof agree, and see both sides of it. One the one hand, Gretch not having a "sub brand" like Squier or Epiphone means that a Gretsch is a Gretsch is a Gretsch. This has the benefit of building extreme brand loyalty, as among other things, buyers of the Streamliners and Electromatics...
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    Can you special order a Gretsch with out going Customer Shop?

    Fender's FSR is actually my favorite part of the company.
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    Upgrade from Streamliner to Electromatic?

    I am no Gretschpert, but with the major downgrades Fender did to the 2022 Electromatics, I don't think there is a huge difference between the Streamliners and the Electromatics anymore. The current EM's are Streamliners by another name, and another price IMHO. I would just upgrade the pickups...
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    Why no GreTsch Bass threads???

    ...or read! I kid. Personally, I find the Gretsch Basses to look *boring* in exactly the same way their guitars *don't*.
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    Blasphemy? Can't tell much difference between BTBTs, and Strat

    An amp is the primary aspect of your tone, I don't care what anyone says. That's why listening to guitar reviews on YT can get you into trouble, as most reviewers use top end amps/pedals to review guitars, making *everything* sound good! I might bring your Squier with you to the shop, and play...
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    New Gretsch G5220 Casino Gold owner

    That's a wonderful guitar!
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    5422 uneven frets and rattling

    It's such a bummer, I would repalce the guitar before you get too attached. I bought an Epiphone Les Paul Classic as my first "born again" guitar after a 15 year layoff, and I haven't played it much, as I got a couple of other guitars after that (you know how it is!). I picked it up two weeks...
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    It makes your playing 5x better is what it does! Get a MXR 90, or one of the clones, set that speed knob somewhere between 9-12 o'clock, and start playing! I got my Joyo Vintage Phaser for $25, and I use it *every* play session now! It's like a cheat code!
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    Gone back to a tube amp

    The bottom line is that *nothing* else sounds like a tube amp. The way they respond to your picking attack just can't be replicated by SS.
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    I am new to guitars and wondering for my first Gretsch. If to get the G2420T with BT-2S pickups or the G622T with P90s

    I believe the P90's are in Humbucker-sized mounting rings on the G2622-P90.
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    5622 vs 5422

    I find Vox and Gretsch are BFF's, particularly a tube combo. A nice little AC10 (if you live somewhere where you can turn it up) would do the trick!