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  1. pmac11

    TBT - N(O)RMD

    Throwback Thursday - New (old) Rack Mount Day! Alesis MIDIVERB III, a late 80s Multi FX (Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Reverb) rack mount unit. 100 presets, room for 100 custom ones of my own. For $125, it was a no brainer. Noodled around with it a bit after work. There are some usable presets...
  2. pmac11


    New knob day! The latest mod to my venerable 2017 G2420T. She's now kitted out with a stainless Compton, locking tuners, a Reverend soft spring, new pickups, and now these Could have bought an new Electromatic for slightly less, but it wouldn't play or sound any better. :cool:
  3. pmac11

    Roto Yellows!

    Having fallen deep into the Stringjoy rabbithole, I managed to climb halfway out today when I purchased a set of Roto Yellows and put them on my venerable and well modded G2420T. Nothing sounds as nice a fresh strings. Ok, so it's a slow news day at my house. Anyone else use these?
  4. pmac11

    Tech perspective

    Well, one tech's perspective, anyway. Does anyone tune into this guy on YouTube? He's calm and plainspoken, and reminds me a lot of Uncle Doug. Trigger warning though...he may say critical things about stuff you own. :cool:
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    Whoot whoot!
  6. pmac11

    New Cab Day!

    Sort of. This is the 2x12 cab kit from Implicit Audio in Toronto (no affiliation). Sides are 18 mm Baltic birch plywood, and the baffle is 12mm Baltic birch plywood. All the wood is cut in a CNC machine, and the cab just glues together. The kit also comes with a jack plate, two 1/4" jacks, a...
  7. pmac11

    The Cheeky Monkey

    Last month I had the good fortune of being in Branson Missouri for a few days of meetings. During a lunch break one of our party asked if I liked ribs, and suggested a nearby establishment. The Cheeky Monkey is a great little roadhouse with the smoker set up right in the parking lot. Friendly...
  8. pmac11

    SOLD Mesa Boogie F50 combo

    Local sale in the Greater Toronto Area. $100 discount for G-T members. Use your G-T moniker if responding to Kijiji ad, or msg me on G-T! Thanks!
  9. pmac11

    SOLD Vertex Effects Steel String MK II

    10% discount for G-T members. Local pickup for those in the Toronto area Will ship at buyers expense. Thanks for looking!
  10. pmac11

    NPD pending

    I need another preamp like I need rubber socks, but some things are too cool looking to pass up. On order!
  11. pmac11


    The great unveiling is at hand....drumroll please.... Mesa Boogie Mark V 25 head! Gently used, it came packaged with a 112 Mesa Slant cab. I know what I'm doing this weekend!
  12. pmac11

    NAD pending

    Barring any problems with the amp when I go to pick it up, Saturday will be the big day... my first 'Holy Grail' kind of amp. Stay tuned ;-)
  13. pmac11


    New Pedals Day! New additions to the pmac11 Sonic Laboratory - On the Left, a Vertex Effect Steel String Clean Drive Mk II. This is apparently a Dumble in A Box, and I do like John Mayers' fat tone, so let's see if I can cop that sound on the cheap. On the left, Wampler Faux Analog Echo...
  14. pmac11


    Now to set up a stereo rig! :cool:
  15. pmac11


    It finally arrived! Noodled with it for 15 minutes or so this aft, will give it longer test drive after dinner! Favourable impressions so far. Ordered Oct 1 2021, delivered Jan 25 2022. Nearly 4 months later. Here's to the joy of delayed gratification.
  16. pmac11

    Quilter SuperBlock US

    I ordered mine October 1....glad to see this, should be along soon enough!
  17. pmac11

    Mesa fans...Which and why?

    If you had to choose between the following three Mesa Boogie heads, which one would you pick and why? 1) Mark V 25; 2) Fillmore 25; 3) Rectoverb 25 I love big fat clean tones, edge of breakup chords, and liquid sizzle in the leads. Looking to replace and upgrade my F50 combo with a more...
  18. pmac11

    Pending NAD

    Ordered a new amp today, and it should ship within 10 days. I'm offering 15000 useless internet points for the first one to correctly guess what it I've got coming :-) It's a head. Let the games begin.
  19. pmac11

    Where do I put my Brain?

    So with a compressor, a couple of drive pedals, and a Mystery Brain - what order do you people place these in your signal chain? Curious to see what's working for others. chorus, reverb, trem will all go in the amps' FX loop, so can be left out of the discussion. Thanks!
  20. pmac11

    NAD sort of

    Finally finished my Trinity Triton project. This 10W amp, built from a kit, is now at home in a 112 cabinet I modified over the August long weekend. The cab itself is 3/4" pine board that was built in my father-in-law's woodshop a few years back. It ain't pretty in the conventional sense, but...
  21. pmac11

    Humidity and speakers

    I've got two ToneTubbys and a Jensen that have all developed strange, fizzy, sonic artifacts of late. Not consistent, some days present, other days not. Some days like today it starts out fizzy and clears up after 20 minutes. Doesn't make a difference which amp I use. Can humidity induce cone...
  22. pmac11

    Jensen Speakers

    What Jensen are you using and what's your opinion of it?
  23. pmac11

    Is anyone done buying amps?

    I'm not. At the moment I have a '56 Gibson GA40, a Mesa F50 combo, a Trinity Triton 10W, a Quilter Mini 101, a pedal sized Tiny Giant, and Korg's little Vox AC15 headphone amp. The Triton is the most recent addition. It was put together from a kit, and I found that process to be very...
  24. pmac11


    Yesterday was a holiday in Canada, and I used the day to put together this Tremolo pedal kit from Build Your Own Clone. Lots of stripping, snipping and soldering. The paint job and lettering are by me - all the rest comes in the kit, including a bare aluminum enclosure. These are fun little...
  25. pmac11


    Finished the Triton! 5W of Class A tubular glory, 10W with the optional 6L6. Shout out to the folks at Trinity Amps in Brighton Ontario! This was a fun kit, and my first tube amp build.