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  1. aanstadt

    For Sale White Falcon Rancher acoustic pick guard for sale

    I bought an amazing white rancher and had custom pick guards made. Selling the original. It’s listed on reverb if anyone is looking for one...
  2. aanstadt

    Help, my tone is horrible. Not really a Gretsch question, But I am using a Gretsch.

    My Overdrive Guitar Tone STINKS ! Hey there. I should start off by saying I am very new to recording so forgive a lot of my ignorance. I believe I have a lot of really high quality equipment so it is mostly just me not knowing what I am doing. I am trying to learn how to record my guitar on...
  3. aanstadt

    What are these?

    Please forgive my ignorance. But what are these for? They came in my case for my new Gretsch. Looks like maybe the gold pieces are some sort of strap lock? Not sure what the silver wrench type thing is for. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  4. aanstadt

    Chet Atkins vibrato arm vs. regular bigsby arm

    Hey there. I’ve never played a Chet Atkins Gretsch before and it dawned on me that if I wanted to, I could switch out the stock vibrato arm on my White Falcon for the Chet Atkins one. I wanted to get some feedback on people’s preference between the two style arms. I personally think the Chet...
  5. aanstadt

    White Falcon G6636T Players Edition Worth It????

    I’ve been getting some much needed help here on this form, so first off I’d like to thank everyone. I am having a hard time finding one of these Players Edition G6636T White Falcon semi hallows to play locally, so I’d really love to get some advice. I really want a semi hallow because of the...
  6. aanstadt

    HELP PLEASE - G6139T-CBDC VS. G6636T

    Looking to get a white falcon semi hallow double cutaway. I cant seem to figure out the difference between the 2015 model of G6139T versus the newer model G6636T. Any of you that are much more knowledgeable have any input? Thanks.
  7. aanstadt

    G6636T Thoughts?

    I’m eyeing the new G6636T White Falcon. But can’t find one locally to play. What are everyone’s thoughts on the newer Semi Hallow White Falcons? Cheers.
  8. aanstadt

    What wood do I have on my fretboard?

    Hey everyone! I’m not very good at this and was hoping one might be able to help. I bought a G5420gt White and Gold hollow body Electromatic second hand. I want to clean it but am not 100% sure what wood I have on my fretboard. I am gonna guess rosewood but am not certain. I know you’re not...
  9. aanstadt

    Vintage Style Tuners?

    Does anyone know what vintage style tuners I could get for my white falcon rancher acoustic that are an easy plug in drop that don’t require a lot of work to put in? I also have a G5420 Electromatic hollow body that is the same white and gold. Id love to also put vintage style tuners on it . For...
  10. aanstadt

    G5622T Tuners

    I’ve read that the tuners on the G5622 are horrible. I just ordered one and am excited to play it. But wondering if anyone has any recommendations on replacement tuners? Thanks.
  11. aanstadt

    Anything Fishy about this listing?

    Can I get some experts advice? Got an offer on this that seems too good to be true. Do the pickups seem to be what is listed? Any experience with this seller? Appreciate everyone’s help. This site is so amazing...
  12. aanstadt

    I need help with Semi Hollow Models

    I need help. Looking at getting a semi hollow body. Not really in the budget to go above the Electromatics. I know there is the G5622 and understand it the double cut away (which I Prefer). Then there is the G5655T and TG which is a single cut away. But I’ve also noticed it called a Junior. What...
  13. aanstadt

    G5622 Colors

    Hey there. How often do they come out with new colors for the G5622? I never see them in the white gold like they do for the G5422. I also would love to see it in the Cadillac Green.
  14. aanstadt

    Attenuators HELP

    Hey there everyone. I’ve been getting some really helpful advice on this form. So I thought I’d ask here about Attenuators. I recently bought the Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb. It’s a 22w amp. I’d really love to be able to turn the volume an 8 - 10 to get some dirt from the speaker. But if I...
  15. aanstadt

    Hollow body through and acoustic amp??

    I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on a hollow body (specifically a G5420tg) through an acoustic amp?
  16. aanstadt

    Final decision.... Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb

    After literally TONS of back and forth between the Vox AC15C1 or a multitude of different Fender amps, I FINALLY landed on the Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb. I was going back and forth between the Vox AC15C1 Special edition with a Creamback, 65 reissues, the Princeton line, and the 68 Deluxe...
  17. aanstadt

    Vox AC15C1 Limited Black and Tan with JJ Tubes

    I have been looking for a VOX AC15 lately and was at Guitar Center this weekend and played an AC15C1 limited Black and Tan 1 12” Creamback and just tubes. I am not an amp pro so I dont know much. But I do know I loved the way this amp sounded. I went home and have been trying to research it...
  18. aanstadt

    Vox AC15 or Fender 65” Princeton Reverb?

    Hey everyone. I’m looking to upgrade my cheap amp to something I will want to keep forever. I’m relatively new to the guitar world compared to most. So be kind. I’m simply a bedroom guitar player and will likely not ever be anything more. I work from home so when the wife is at work and the kid...
  19. aanstadt

    Strings ?

    I just bought my first bigsby (G5420TG) and have a rookie question. I typically play Ernie Ball 10’s on my other electric guitars. Is there any reason I shouldn’t play those stings on a bigsby? Is there a “type” of guitar string that is best for a bigsby? Thanks in advance.
  20. aanstadt

    It’s finally mine! *giddy*

    I’ve always wanted a white and gold Falcon, but finally came to terms that it will always be too much guitar for me. So I decided to get the Electromatic instead. Which to be honest is still too much guitar for me. But hot damn, I’m in love.
  21. aanstadt

    G5420TG In Cadillac Green?

    I know this one came out a while ago as a limited edition. I really really was hoping to find one. I ended up going with the Snowcrest White limited edition that I was fortunate enough to find. But my question is, does anyone know how often this limited edition color (Cadillac Green on the...
  22. aanstadt


    Hi There. New to this form. Just bought my first Electromatic that is due to arrive Saturday. Just wanted to say hi. I am likely going to have a few questions. I'm about as new to Gretsch guitars as I am to this form. So please be nice and patient with me. Cheers everyone.