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  1. Roy Clark

    BrianFay Wireless System LITE Rechargeable Can Last for 6 Hours UHF Band Transmitter Receive. Ordering them.

    Ok so my old set went out. So I'm trying these. Look cool I'm ordering them thoughts?
  2. Roy Clark

    I found about my new guitar online. Norms Rare guitars is selling one too. Korean made.

    OK remember I said I got a Gibson Birdland guitar style guitar used? Guess what I found one online. Norms Rare Guitars is selling one. The brand is Water Stone not Water Slide. And here is the pics. Mine is sunburst. But almost the same thing, brand, p90's etc.. everything Norms is selling...
  3. Roy Clark

    New acoustic. Cheap find.

    OK I found a cheap acoustic. So I own it. Look. I have never owned a Rouge anything. Under 40 dollars.
  4. Roy Clark

    New guitar. Gibson ES 225 T Birdland thin body style.

    OK so Yesterday I went and got Gamma amp and I found a Gibson ES 225 T Birdland thin body style guitar. The brand said on the headstock Water and something else I forgot. I had to put it on pawn clearance. And then it is mine. It had a China import Bigsby style trem. Fancy guitar like a...
  5. Roy Clark

    My teeth Update.

    OK I have been going to the dentist. And I have been out to eat etc... And no I still do not like the way I look. I go ever 2 weeks. And they are almost all fixed. I had them all the bad ones filled. And I look good. 1 more to fix and then pull one more wisdom. And then I get some parcels. I...
  6. Roy Clark

    Santana Zebop Wireless headphones to help the Milagro Foundation.

    OK I got a new set of wireless headphones. Santana Zebop to help the Milagro Foundation, originally established by Carlos Santana and his family in 1998, has granted more than eight million dollars to non-profit agencies supporting underserved children and youth around the world in the areas of...
  7. Roy Clark

    Pics from my new phone. Guitar related content.

    OK here is pictures from my new phone and new used guitar. The pictures come out a little dark. I need to take them during the day. They turned out ok. DeArmond M75 with roller bridge I love so much. And a trapeze tail piece. As you can see it needs a new back cover and new screws. The screws...
  8. Roy Clark

    Teeth pulled and stitches.

    OK I had 3 teeth pulled in my mouth. Wisdom, 1 in the top front and 2 in the bottoms. No choice. And that was a long time ago.:( So I went to get 3 of my teeth fixed. I have not eat on my right side in a very long time. The dentist said 2 top was very bad and could not be saved. And 2 bottom...
  9. Roy Clark

    Juke box Crosley 487 dollars at Walmart.

    OK so I do not drive anymore. So I told my father about a juke box for the house. Walmart has a Crosley juke box for 497 dollars. Lights up and everything. He said he would look at it and the get it. Some rag on Crosley stuff. I had in high school a juke box cassette player that sets on a table...
  10. Roy Clark

    So my DeArmond guitar is now in my possession.

    Ok so I got my Dearmond guitar. And it came with a used Fender dreadnaught acoustic case. It is trans purple. And has a nasty ding in the side of it. It was used. And the control knobs have been changed. It has a unique switch. The switch goes diagonal instead of the up and down movement. Class...
  11. Roy Clark

    Cheap bass guitar. Looks great. Vintage 1970's.

    OK here is a really nice looking bass guitar Global. I know but do not laugh. Yes the LP copies are really heavy and cheap. But look at the Fender P Bass copy. I love it. Cheap and sure is a looker. Case is old.
  12. Roy Clark

    New shoes Birthday gift. Strang brand.

    OK for my birthday I got a lot of things. Some guitar related. My family member died right before my birthday. We were setting at her house. She was in the bed almost out of it. We were making small talk. We all live in the same subdivision. My dad talked about his shoes he bought at the flea...
  13. Roy Clark

    New Pedal Line 6 POD X3 Live Floor Guitar Modeling Processor.

    OK so I found a Line 6 Pod X3 Live Floor Guitar Modeling Processer. I found it used for a great deal. Has anyone ever used one? Here is some info I found on a forum about the unit? I saw it can be hooked to my computer and used as a amplifier. But is outdated and cannot be updated. So this is...
  14. Roy Clark

    I almost got a Gretsch, Guild Starfire, but Got a DeArmond.

    I went to Guitar Center and found a Guild Starfire. White with Vibrato. My family will not go over a certain price point. It was over 500 dollars. But it was a scratch and dent. And it had 1 problem. First of all it was mint. I did not see 1 flaw. Family liked it. They no nothing about guitars...
  15. Roy Clark

    OK I found The Loar LH302 Hollow Body Electric Guitar P90 guitar.

    OK I found used for a smoking deal The Loar H302 hollow body P90 guitar. And I want it. I found it used. I love the shape. And the thin body. So have any of you all touched or played one? It is a nice guitar really. Would you buy it for cheap?
  16. Roy Clark

    Hagstrom Viking Deluxe Hollow body in natural.

    OK I found a Hagstrom Viking Deluxe Hollow body in natural for a great deal. Should I get it? I found some info from the web site. And I will post the info thoughts? It looks so nice. I also loved the fat that Elvis played a semi hollow from the brand. So should I get it? I already have a semi...
  17. Roy Clark

    Kay Speed Demon. Price info?

    Ok so I found a Kay Speed Demon with wiggle stick. They want over 500 dollars for it. A brick and mortar guitar store. So what would you pay for one? They might not haggle in price?
  18. Roy Clark

    He Man new toy today. He Man Pop Funko 10 inch.

    So when I was a kid I loved He Man. I had almost all of them. And the figures from Remco. Warlord, Conan, and a bunch of others that were He man style. I had almost all the knock off's. Thunder Cats too. I sold them at a yard sell because I was forced too. If I kept them I would get made fun of...
  19. Roy Clark

    Guild Newark ST. collection. Starfire I dc, & I SC.

    So tell me about Guild Newark ST Guild Starfire I DC & I SC. SC is walnut without trem 499. And the Starfire DC in green and blue with trem 599. I love them both. I'm leaning towards the Green or blue with trem or the Walnut SC. So any info or thoughts on all 3?
  20. Roy Clark

    My aunt bought me a Batman car.

    OK so yesterday I went to see my aunt. She lives up the street from me. And she has some catalogs. In one was a Batman car from the TV show. Diecast car with diecast Batman and Robin figures made of metal. So one day a while back I said I love the TV show and got first season on DVD and the...
  21. Roy Clark

    EART Telecaster. Amazing quality and specs for the money.

    OK so I found a EART Telecaster. Robert Baker YouTube channel let me know about brand. Made in China with amazing specs. And Korean parts. I loved the Super Strat style he demoed. Beautiful 5 piece neck. OK looking veneer. Quality for very little money. So on Amazon I found a EART Telecaster...
  22. Roy Clark

    DV Mark Gen15 15W Tube amplifier.

    OK so I know this is not the amplifier section. But I wanted everyone to see it and the post. I found out a long time ago about the brand and always wanted one of the amplifiers. I love DV Mark amplifiers . They are some of the best sleeper amplifiers on the market. ;) So I found a DV Mark Gen...
  23. Roy Clark

    Well what do we have here?

    OK so what do we have here? A nice semi hollow. But no info on the guitar look.
  24. Roy Clark

    Guitar Center has no Gretsch guitars.

    OK so at Guitar Center website I typed in Gretsch guitars. Guess what no guitars came up. Not even used ones. Any info? I assume it is due to Covid 19 and all the guitars was sold. Any answers?